My Rich Wife

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Gutsy Su Yan

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He wore a black tuxedo and had a slightly bashful smile on his face. He actually appeared quite dashing and handsome.

Qin Yu had never been to such a grand occasion before and having lived at the bottom rungs of society, he had never been noticed in such a high profile manner like this before.

When faced with such an unfamiliar scenario, mere words could not describe how nervous he was.

But when Qin Yu met Yan Ruoxue’s gaze, he was filled with confidence and assurance.

Yan Ruoxue’s encouraging gaze became Qin Yu’s confidence and backbone.

He stepped forward and stood in front of Yan Ruoxue.

Under the stage, there was a momentary period of silence.

But soon, the crowd started buzzing with discussion.

”Qin Yu? How come I’ve never heard of this guy before?”

”Who the heck is he? There’s a Qin family in Jiangcheng?”

”Forget Jiangcheng, even Chuzhou doesn’t have such a family either!”

Zhao Gang’s face looked even paler than before. His lips quivered as he murmured, “This... How is this even possible... How can this be possible?”

”How can this loser qualify?” Su Yan clenched her fists while her face filled with resentment.

The tables have turned — the person whom she despised to the core had become a distinguished guest of the Yan family.

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To Su Yan, this was a huge blow.

The light that shone on Zhao Gang did not disappear, and at that moment, Zhao Gang seemed utterly pathetic.

Obviously, this was Yan Ruoxue’s intention. She wanted to publicly embarrass Zhao Gang.

”I’m finished. I’m finished...” Under the spotlight, Zhao Gang’s agonized and frightened expression was extremely comical.

As everyone was deep in discussion, an astounding moment happened.

Yan Ruoxue walked up to Qin Yu, stood on her tiptoes and caressed Qin Yu’s head.

”Dummy, your clothes aren’t even worn neatly. You’re really a pain in the *ss.” Yan Ruoxue said cheekily.

After saying that, she personally tidied up Qin Yu’s clothes in front of everyone.

That gesture was a stark contrast to her usual high and mighty appearance.

The crowd could not help but let out a unified gasp.

Qin Yu... What on earth is his background? How could he make the haughty daughter of the Yan family straighten his clothes?

”I’m doomed. I’m doomed...” Zhao Gang did not have the strength to even support himself anymore and fell on his butt.

Qin Yu, who was on the stage, looked sheepish as well.

He whispered, “We’re in public, isn’t this a little inappropriate...”

”What’s inappropriate about it?” Yan Ruoxue rolled her eyes and said softly, “Have some confidence. With me around, no one will look down on you, nor will anyone dare to look down on you.”

Although her voice was barely a whisper, everyone heard her.

Qin Yu took a deep breath as he nodded determinedly and said, “Alright, I understand!”

The venue was silent, but deep down, everyone was astonished.

They became increasingly curious about Qin Yu’s identity.

”Do you want to say a few words?” Yan Ruoxue whispered in Qin Yu’s ear.

Qin Yu’s expression stiffened and he seemed to be a little nervous.

”It’s alright. It’s fine if you don’t want to say anything,” comforted Yan Ruoxue with a smile.

”No.” However, Qin Yu took a deep breath and grabbed the microphone.

”I won’t ever disappoint you.” Qin Yu’s tone was firm and resolute.

Yan Ruoxue stared at Qin Yu with astonishment, and her big eyes were filled with surprise.

Qin Yu grabbed the microphone as he glanced down the stage.

Facing the distinguished guests, Qin Yu attempted to calm himself down.

He took a deep breath before saying carefully, “I understand that no one has any idea about who I am, and prior to this, I was a nobody. In fact, you might have even called me a loser.”

”But mark my words, the name Qin Yu will be known to everyone!”

”That’s all I have to say.”

Qin Yu gave the microphone back to Yan Ruoxue.

The venue was silent — deadly silent.

Some were skeptical, some were snickering, and some chose to have faith in him.

”Well said. I have faith in you!” In this awkward moment, Yan Ruoxue broke the silence.

”Right... Yes, well said! We have faith in you too!”

”That’s right! Mr. Qin will definitely achieve great things!”

The crowd followed suit and shouted. There was thunderous applause at the venue.

However, Qin Yu could only force himself to put on a bitter smile.

Deep down, he understood very clearly that it was not that these people believed in him, but rather, they did not have the guts to offend Yan Ruoxue.

”Hmph, you just know how to brag,” Su Yan sneered coldly.

The people around Su Yan became somewhat displeased with her.

”It seems that you have a great desire to show off, so why don’t you go on stage and say a few words?” This time, Yan Ruoxue glanced at Su Yan with a cold expression.

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