My Rich Wife

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: It’s Actually Her!

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Du Yuan was so frightened that his face turned pale. It was unknown whether it was because of fear or anger, but his body trembled uncontrollably.

Zhao Gang was even more dumbfounded. His expression became nervous.

”Stop kidding around. How can she... How can she be Yan Ruoxue...” said Zhao Gang stiffly as he wiped his sweat.

”Yeah, how could Qin Yu know Miss Yan? You’re mistaken, aren’t you?” Su Yan said with even more confusion.

Du Yuan gave them a cold look and said, “I saw with my own eyes Jiangcheng City’s Mayor pouring her wine and Chuzhou War Zone’s chief talking to her with a smile! What do you think?”

When he heard this, Zhao Gang’s expression was instantly became ashen. His hand that was holding a wine glass also trembled a little.

”No way, absolutely no way!” said Su Yan with gritted teeth, “Qin Yu is a loser, so how could he know Miss Yan?”

Du Yuan said with a snicker, “I have no idea how they met each other, but I suggest you guys pray for yourselves.”

With that, Du Yuan turned and was about to leave.

At this moment, Zhao Gang rushed to grab Du Yuan’s wrist.

He said in a quivering voice, “Du... You have to help me... Or else... Otherwise, I’m dead meat...”

Du Yuan snickered coldly as he said, “Help you? Why would I want to help you? Moreover, how can I be in a position to help you? It’s not like you are unaware of the ways of people in Kyoto, right?”

”You have to help me! We’re friends!” Zhao Gang held onto Du Yuan’s arm for dear life.

”Friends?” Du Yuan, however, snickered coldly.

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”Who are you? Do I know you? Please stay away from me!” Du Yuan shrugged off Zhao Gang’s arm. He did not even spare them a glance when he left.

Zhao Gang fell limp on the sofa with sweat dripping from his forehead.

”Honey, don’t worry. Maybe... Maybe Du Yuan misidentified her...” Su Yan whispered to console him.

”That’s bullsh*t!” Zhao Gang gritted his teeth.

”It’s all your fault! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have offended Miss Yan!” Zhao Gang slapped Su Yan’s face.

Su Yan covered her face and did not dare to say a word.

Zhao Gang breathed in deeply and forced himself to calm down.

He contemplated it for a while, then he said in a cold tone of voice, “I didn’t offend Miss Yan. Later, go with me to apologize!”

”I’m telling you. Even if Miss Yan asks you to kowtow, you’re not allowed to refuse. Do you hear me?!” Zhao Gang shouted in rage.

Su Yan covered her face as she whispered, “I... I got it.”

However, despite this, Zhao Gang was still feeling uneasy.

He sucked in a deep breath and proceeded to say, “And Qin Yu! Hasn’t he always been head over heels in love with you? Find a way to beg him!”

When she heard this, Su Yan immediately said with reluctance, “Beg that loser? Why on earth should...”

”Go!” Zhao Gang slapped Su Yan’s face again.

”You better do whatever I tell you to do! Otherwise, if anything happens, I won’t take care of the mess!” Zhao Gang gritted his teeth.

Nonetheless, Su Yan still said with defiance, “What could possibly happen... I don’t believe for a second that she has the ability to do anything to me...”

When he heard Su Yan’s words, Zhao Gang was infuriated and frustrated at the same time. How could he have fallen for such a foolish person?

”Let me tell you.” Zhao Gang forcibly held back his rage and explained, “To the Yan family, just one word is all it takes to make you, me, and even the Su family and Zhao family vanish from this world!”

Su Yan said yes, but deep down, she did not take his words seriously.

How could someone like her, who had been raised with a silver spoon, stoop so low and apologize to someone?

Moreover, in Su Yan’s perspective, even if she was an heiress, so what? Worst case scenario, there would be no business cooperation opportunities. Zhao Gang was just being paranoid!

”Hmph, if given the chance, I won’t show that heiress any mercy. I’m also an heiress!” Su Yan mused to herself.

”Honey, don’t fret so much about it. The Yan family probably isn’t that narrow-minded...” Su Yan said. “And didn’t Du Yuan say that the young man that the Yan family will support might be you?”

Su Yan was still somewhat skeptical.

In her point of view, Qin Yu was a loser after all. How could a loser be with Miss Yan?

Zhao Gang was silent, but he still harbored hope.

Although Yan Ruoxue and Qin Yu appeared to have a good relationship, Zhao Gang knew Qin Yu very well and he was just a loser.

Even if their relationship was good, the Yan family would have to support a capable person. They would never support a useless person.

”I hope so,” Zhao Gang murmured in a low voice and let out a sigh.

He had guessed all the people he could think of in Jiangcheng, and no one was more qualified than himself.

Just then, the venue quieted down all of a sudden.

Several rays of light landed on the stage.

”Let’s welcome Miss Yan Ruoxue!”Along with the host’s loud cry, a young woman wearing a white dress with long hair slowly walked onto the stage.

All eyes were on her the moment she appeared — her appearance was just that breathtakingly beautiful.

”How beautiful ....” Someone murmured in a low voice. People could not help but exclaim in awe.

At this moment, Yan Ruoxue gave off a very different impression from the gentle Yan Ruoxue who stayed by Qin Yu’s side.

Even though she had a breezy smile on her face, she gave people the impression that she was aloof and that she was someone out of their reach.

Everyone was stunned by Yan Ruoxue’s beauty. For a moment, the venue was so silent that you could even hear people breathing.

”Humph, she’s just a b*tch.” A snarky voice sounded all of a sudden.

These words were spoken by none other than Su Yan.

Even though her voice was not that loud, almost everyone in the venue heard her.

The crowd of people all cast their eyes on Su Yan.

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