My Rich Wife

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: She’s the Yan Family’s Oldest Daughter!

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Hearing these words, Zhao Gang and Su Yan laughed out loud.

”Kid, you have the guts to threaten me? It seems that Lei Hu didn’t tame you last time.” Zhao Gang said with a cold sneer.

It was obvious that Zhao Gang didn’t understand what Qin Yu meant.

Qin Yu did not bother to explain any further. He just laughed and said, “Zhao Gang, I hope you won’t regret it.”

”Regret it? Like hell I’ll regret it!” Zhao Gang cursed with rage.

Qin Yu did not speak to him anymore and turned to leave.

The banquet had a lot of delicious food, almost all of which Qin Yu had never seen before.

In the past few days, Qin Yu had eaten almost nothing but noodles.

With such delicious food present, he could care less about his image. He let loose and gorged on the feast at the banquet.

”What a damn loser.” When Su Yan saw Qin Yu’s behavior, the aversion in her eyes intensified.

A young man suddenly came over to Zhao Gang’s side.

This young man was no other than Du Yuan, the son of Jiangcheng’s richest man Du Jing.

”Zhao Gang, you are also here?” Du Yuan walked over and greeted Zhao Gang with a smile.

Zhao Gang looked at Du Yuan and said, “Mr. Du, you’re here too.”

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Du Yuan said in jest, “Yes, I came here brazenly.”

Zhao Gang laughed and said, “Mr. Du, don’t be ridiculous. Your dad is the richest man in Jiangcheng.”

Du Yuan snickered and said, “The Du family is nothing in front of the Yan family.”

When they heard this, Su Yan and Zhao Gang became even cockier because the Yan family had invited them after all.

”Mr. Du, I was told that you guys attended the Yan family’s banquet a while back. How was it? Is there any insider information that you can reveal to your buddy?” Zhao Gang asked coaxingly.

Du Yuan did not hide anything and immediately said, “It’s not really insider information, but the person who came this time is the beloved granddaughter of Old Mister Yan.”

”It’s a woman?” Zhao Gang frowned a little.

Du Yuan nodded and said, “I heard one more piece of news. Miss Yan is planning to sponsor a young man in Jiangcheng.”

”A young man?” Zhao Gang’s eyes lit up and he asked in a hurry, “Who is it?”

Du Yuan shook his head as he said, “I have no idea because he didn’t show up at the banquet either.”

Su Yan said with some excitement, “Could it be us?”

Encouraged by Su Yan’s words, Zhao Gang also felt that it was a possibility.

In these few years, the Zhao family was flourishing in Jiangcheng. And most of the credit went to Zhao Gang.

In addition, Su Yan received an invitation from the Yan family for some reason, so could it be because of the Zhao family’s prestige?

Furthermore, there were only a handful of up-and-coming young people in Jiangcheng these past few years.

If it was not Du Yuan, then it was most likely himself.

With this train of thought, Zhao Gang became even more exhilarated.

”Maybe it’s really you,” Du Yuan joined in on the fun.

”When that happens, don’t forget to give your buddy a hand.” Du Yuan reached out and patted Zhao Gang’s shoulder.

Zhao Gang patted his chest and said, “Don’t worry, when the time comes, we will join forces and work together to achieve glory!”

”Great, my golden opportunity has finally come!” Su Yan covered her mouth and was excited beyond words.

Su Yan felt increasingly fortunate for her decision.

If she had stayed with that loser Qin Yu, wouldn’t her entire life be doomed?

”Bitch, let’s see what you’ll do then!” Yan Ruoxue’s cocky demeanor replayed in Zhao Gang’s mind.

He had even thought of how to humiliate Yan Ruoxue!

”What’s wrong? Your expression is so unpleasant,” Du Yuan asked in an offhand manner.

Zhao Gang grunted coldly as he leaned over Du Yuan’s ear and said, “Just now, a bitch, on account of her good looks, played hard to get with me.”

”Oh really?” Du Yuan raised an eyebrow as he said in jest, “Who was it?”

”I have no idea. If it wasn’t for the fact that she’s from the provincial capital, I would have settled the score!” Zhao Gang said with a sneer.

Du Yuan laughed and said, “With the Yan family backing you up, what’s there to be afraid of about the provincial capital?”

”Indeed.” Zhao Gang said with a smug smirk.

”The provincial city is nothing compared to the Yan family.” Zhao Gang said with an aloof smile.

As the two were speaking, Zhao Gang’s eyes suddenly stared off towards the distance.

He saw Yan Ruoxue standing by Qin Cheng’s side while discussing something.

Zhao Gang stared at Yan Ruoxue’s back and his eyes glinted wickedly.

”The woman I’m talking about is her.” Zhao Gang pointed in the direction of Yan Ruoxue.

Du Yuan looked over in the direction of Zhao Gang’s finger.

But when he got a good look at Yan Ruoxue’s face, his expression changed abruptly.

In a flash, he stood up.

”You... Are you certain that it was her?” Du Yuan’s expression was ugly, and a drop of sweat trickled down his forehead.

”That’s right.” Zhao Gang didn’t think anything of it and even joked, “Mr. Du, are you also interested in her?”

”I don’t have the slightest interest in her! She’s the Yan family’s oldest daughter, Yan Ruoxue! If you want to get killed, you can do it yourself. Don’t f**king drag me into it!” Mr. Du Yuan rebuked with fury.

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