My Rich Wife

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: What If I Hurt You

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When he heard the secretary’s words, Qin Yu’s expression changed dramatically.

He was aware that Yan Ruoxue was no ordinary person, but he never imagined that Miss Ruoxue was the Yan family’s sponsor!

”Ruoxue... Yan Ruoxue...” Qin Yu instantly understood everything.

No wonder Yan Ruoxue had such a powerful air. No wonder his father said Yan family would look after him, and no wonder Lei Hu was so afraid of Yan Ruoxue...

”Now, do you understand the gap between you and Miss Ruoxue?” The secretary seemed to be satisfied with Qin Yu’s reaction.

Qin Yu was silent for quite a while.

At that moment, he suddenly exclaimed, “So what?! Someday, I will be on par with the Yan family!”

”Moreover, Miss Ruoxue has never snubbed anyone because of their status!”

The secretary’s expression gradually turned cold.

”You’re really gutsy.” the secretary said in an icy tone.

”If you have some sense, you should stay away from Miss Yan!”

After saying this, the secretary turned around and entered the car. The secretary no longer paid any attention to Qin Yu.

It was true that the Yan family was high and mighty, but the legacy left behind by his father filled Qin Yu with confidence.

The batch of herbs was delivered to the yard.

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After he was informed of Yan Ruoxue’s identity, the pressure Qin Yu felt inside had increased immensely.

”If I enter the Foundation Establishment stage, I would have the qualifications to talk to the Yan family, right?” Qin Yu thought to himself.

Qin Yu no longer procrastinated and promptly proceeded to boil the Qi Gathering Pill based on the refining method in his mind.

The refinement of the Qi Gathering Pill was extremely straightforward, and it could be refined with a regular metal pot.

However, because he was not familiar enough with the technique, Qin Yu failed seven to eight times before he managed to produce one pill.

By evening time, Qin Yu had five Qi Gathering Pills ready.

”These five Qi Gathering Pills are sufficient for me to enter the second level of Qi Refining Phase,” Qin Yu assured himself.

He did not hesitate and promptly ingested the five Qi Gathering Pills.

In that very instance when the Qi Gathering Pill entered his belly, Qin Yu immediately felt a hot current burst through his body.

After that, this current swam through his entire body and eventually slowly settled into his dantian.

Qin Yu’s eyes were slightly closed, and the acupuncture points in various parts of his body flickered with an eerie gleam.

After an hour, there was a crackling sound from Qin Yu’s body.

Qin Yu’s eyes burst open.

In that moment, the timidity in his eyes vanished and was replaced with confidence.

”The power of the second level of the Qi Refining stage is actually this powerful.” Qin Yu clenched his fists slightly as he experienced the never-before-seen amount of strength within his body.

His body also became incredibly light. This power gave Qin Yu back his confidence.

Before he could fully experience this power, there was a sudden knock at the door.

Qin Yu hurriedly got up and walked towards the door.

Opening the door, he saw Yan Ruoxue standing outside.

Beside her, there was a tall and sturdy man.

Yan Ruoxue blinked as she said, “Did you receive the herbs?”

Qin Yu said with gratitude, “Miss Yan, thank you very much.”

Yan Ruoxue was stunned as she said, “Miss Yan? How did you find out that my last name is Yan?”

Qin Yu grimaced and said, “I’m too dumb. I should have figured it out sooner.”

”Idiot, so what if you figured it out or not?” Yan Ruoxue stood on her tiptoes and gave Qin Yu a gentle pat on the head.

If someone else had seen this affectionate gesture, they would have been astonished.

Qin Yu ushered Yan Ruoxue into the house and the few of them sat at the table in the courtyard.

”Let me introduce him to you.” Yan Ruoxue pointed to the burly man who stood behind her.

”He is my bodyguard. To prevent people from messing with you, let him accompany you from now on,” Yan Ruoxue said with a smile.

Qin Yu smiled and quickly shook his head as he said, “Miss Yan, thank you for your kind offer, but... I don’t need someone to protect me anymore.”

Yan Ruoxue rolled her eyes and said, “Lei Hu wouldn’t have the guts to mess with you, but who’s to say there won’t be others who try?”

”This bodyguard is a retired bodyguard from Chuzhou Region, so handling seven or eight people shouldn’t be an issue for him.”

Qin Yu looked at the bodyguard for a moment before he shook his head and said, “My current strength might not be inferior to his.”

A flash of surprise appeared on Yan Ruoxue’s face.

To Yan Ruoxue’s understanding, Qin Yu had always been quite modest, so what was the matter with him today?

”Are you snubbing me?” The bodyguard’s expression was cold.

Qin Yu hurriedly waved his hand and said, “You misunderstand me. I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just that... I don’t really need you to protect me right now.”

What was originally a modest statement sounded incredibly cocky to the bodyguard.

The bodyguard said with fury, “Miss, I beg you to let me teach him a lesson!”

”No way!” Yan Ruoxue did not even consider it and rejected the challenge outright.

The bodyguard seemed to understand Yan Ruoxue’s worries, and he immediately implored, “Miss, don’t worry. I will be careful not to hurt him!”

Before Yan Ruoxue could say anything, Qin Yu hurriedly waved his hand and said, “I don’t want to do it. I don’t have a good grip of my strength yet, so I might hurt you...”

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