My Rich Wife

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Daughter of the Yan Family

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That night, Yan Ruoxue indulged in three bowls of noodles before she left in satisfaction.

A black Maybach was parked downstairs of the villa.

After the meal, Qin Yu sent Yan Ruoxue off at the main door and saw her leave in the car.

Qin Yu remained on the spot for a long time while staring blankly in the direction where Yan Ruoxue’s car departed.

At that moment, an unexplainable feeling stirred up in his heart.

”Could it be that I’m infatuated with her?” Qin Yu thought.

However, Qin Yu shook his head vigorously at the thought.

He reckoned that a divorcee like him was unworthy of an extraordinary girl like Yan Ruoxue.


Yan Ruoxue reverted to her usual aloof manner in the car while listening to her secretary reporting his tasks.

”Miss, the invitation cards are ready. We will be distributing them tomorrow,” the secretary noted.

Yan Ruoxue nodded. Then she ordered, “Get some medicinal herbs tomorrow and send it to Qin Yu.”

The secretary’s expression turned glum upon hearing that.

”Miss, there is something in my mind. It is inappropriate, but I—”

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”If you know it is inappropriate, then keep your mouth shut!” Yan Ruoxue interjected before the secretary could finish his sentence.

The secretary forced a smile and remained silent after that.

”Remember. The herbs must be of high quality. The older the herbs, the better,” Yan Ruoxue urged.

”Yes, Miss.” The secretary heaved a deep sigh inwardly.

He could not comprehend how did a worthless vermin like Qin Yu could win the heart of Yan Ruoxue.


The news of Jingdu’s Yan family’s investment in Jiangcheng spread like wildfire within the city.

At the same time, the upcoming banquet had made the headlines of Jiangcheng News.

All of a sudden, everyone in Jiangcheng was talking about the banquet.

At the Su Residence, Zhao Gang was an esteemed guest who sat in the honored seat.

He flapped the red invitation card in his hand and said in a snobbish manner, “Do you know what is this?”

Su Yan grabbed the invitation card and stated in glee, “Babe, you are the best!”

Zhao Gang declared, “As long as we successfully sign the deal with the Yan family, our business will definitely expand beyond the borders of Jiangcheng!”

After opening the invitation card, Su Yan browsed through the content. Then she exclaimed, “Honey, why is my name on the invitation card as well?”

Zhao Gang immediately took the invitation card to run through the contents himself.

As expected, the invitation card was addressed to two people—Zhao Gang and Su Yan.

Zhao Gang furrowed his brows at the sight of it.

Why did the Yan family invite Su Yan? How could the Su family be qualified to attend the banquet?

”Honey, you were the one who made this happen, right?” Su Yan remarked in elation.

Although Zhao Gang could not understand the situation, he swallowed his doubts and answered, “Of course. I requested the Yan family to add your name to the invitation list.”

”Oh, honey, you are really awesome!” Su Yan planted a kiss on Zhao Gang’s face in happiness.

Sun Yumei snickered, “Zhao Gang is really something else! Unlike someone else who knew nothing other than doing chores and cooking.”

Naturally, that “someone else” was Qin Yu.

”Yikes! Stop mentioning him on such a great day worthy of celebration! He’s such a killjoy!” Su Yan complained, feeling upset.

Sun Yumei replied with a smile, “Oops, my bad. We’ll not talk about him anymore.”

Every citizen in Jiangcheng, be it elites or commoners, was discussing the event that was happening soon.

But there was an only exception — Qin Yu, who could not care less about it.

To him, it was far more essential to improve his strength first.

Sitting in the courtyard, he ran through the relevant memories.

Qin Yu thought, “If I could refine a Qi Gathering Pill, I might be able to enter the second level of the Qi Refining Stage faster than I thought.”

A Qi Gathering Pill was the most basic pill to refine among all cultivation methods. Furthermore, its requirements for medicinal herbs were relatively simple. Without a doubt, this pill was the most suitable one for Qin Yu at that point.

Even though the gap between the first and second levels of the Qi Refining Stage was tiny, the difference in strength was like day and night.

”Too bad I don’t have money left.” Qin Yu rummaged through his pockets and heaved a deep sigh.

On second thought, he decided to pick up the medicinal herbs he bought yesterday from the trash can.

With that in mind, he walked towards the main entrance of the residential area.

Right when Qin Yu was about to sift through the trash can, a black Bentley halted before him.

Following that, five men dressed in black suits got out of the car.

Yan Ruoxue’s secretary was the one who took the lead.

Since Qin Yu had seen the secretary before, the former turned around and greeted the latter courteously.

However, the secretary put on a solemn face and glared at Qin Yu with disdain.

”These are the medicinal herbs Miss Ruoxue ordered to be sent to you,” the secretary explained.

Following his words, the four bodyguards in black, each carrying a big bag of medicinal herbs, stood behind him.

Upon seeing that, Qin Yu was stoked and spoke up, “Please tell Miss Ruoxue that I’m extremely grateful I will definitely repay her kindness one day!”

”You will repay her?”

”How can an incompetent worm like you expect to repay it?” the secretary sneered.

Qin Yu furrowed his brows a little but maintained in a polite tone, “I might not have anything as of now, but it does not mean I will remain the same forever.”

”Bahaha!” The secretary could not hold back his laughter after hearing that.

”Hey dude, I don’t mean to deny your future possibilities, but even if you were given all the time in the world, what else could you achieve?” the secretary questioned mockingly.

”Will you become affluent? What do you aim to become — the richest in Jiangcheng or Chuzhou?”

Qin Yu frowned and asked, “What do you mean by that?”

The secretary snorted, “Do you even know the caliber of Miss Ruoxue’s status?”

”I don’t know,” Qin Yu responded.

”But I do know that she is a good-natured person,” he added frankly.

The secretary announced, “Well, allow me to grace you with her greatness, then.

”Miss Ruoxue is the daughter of the Yan family from Jingdu! She is the favored child in the family! On top of that, she is the most beloved granddaughter of Old Mister Yan!

”So, tell me. What gives you the right to get close to her?”

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