My Hubby Can’t Stop Pampering Me

Chapter 87 - 87: Truth Comes Out After Drinking (3)

Chapter 87: Chapter 87: Truth Comes Out After Drinking (3)

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The two women drank one glass after another, quickly finishing a bottle of wine. Xue Feifei ordered another bottle. Lu Weixi sat there, cradling her glass, lost in thought.

She clearly knew that when she saw Qin Zhiyou and Liu Yiyi together that afternoon, she wasn’t jealous, nor disappointed or angry. She just found it amusing how a man could be thoroughly engaged with you one moment, then be tender and caring towards another woman the next. Even though she had no expectations of him, it was funny that such a man was her husband. And she couldn’t easily divorce him, she likely still had a long, shared journey ahead with him.

The same goes for work. Her mother’s medical expenses were substantial every month, and in a few months, whether she liked it or not, she would have to grovel before Qin Zhiyou. Unless she could seize an opportunity and rise to the top, she would be under his thumb for the rest of her life.

Of course, she had to admit, a little annoyance still lingered. Just like when a toy she didn’t particularly care for was taken away without her permission.

Upon finishing her glass, she didn’t wait for Xue Feifei to pour her another, she filled it herself. With the music continuously playing on the stage, she squinted her eyes, swirled the wine in the glass with her slender fingers and quickly drank it down. Without noticing, they had amassed quite the collection of empty wine bottles.

Just as they finished another bottle and were about to order another, laughter echoed from a nearby table. It was Yu Sixing and He Weiyou. Without Qin Zhiyou around, they had to find their own amusement and stumbled upon the two sorrowful drinking companions.

Xue Feifei, already brimming with anger, saw the root cause of her frustration and stormed over to Yu Sixing, swaying slightly.

Yu Sixing greeted her, grin on his face, “Well, if it isn’t the failed, third-rate actress who was trashed? Drowning your sorrows in alcohol now, are you?”

Xue Feifei didn’t respond, just lifted her head and smiled.

Her naturally radiant and seductive beauty, which usually landed her the roles of the sultry temptress, seemed even more enchanting under STAR’S neon lights. Her devastatingly captivating smile nearly blinded Yu Sixing.

Then, in the next second, Yu Sixing felt a sharp pain in his groin as Xue Feifei violently kicked him.

When Qin Zhiyou arrived at STAR, Yu Sixing was still clutching his stomach. When he tried to stand up upon seeing Qin Zhiyou, the pain made him grimace, and he crouched back down, gasping for air.

Qin Zhiyou surveyed the chaotic scene, paying no heed to the agonised Yu Sixing or the fuming Xue Feifei, and his eyes fell on Lu Weixi, in a corner.

Lu Weixi rarely drank after their marriage, let alone get drunk. The last time he saw her drunk was before their wedding. She sat quietly at the bar, amid several empty bottles. When Qin Zhiyou approached, he was hit by the strong scent of alcohol.

Yu Sixing tried to keep his poise as he looked up at Qin Zhiyou, but before he could utter a complaint, he found himself being accused. “How could you let her drink so much?”

Yu Sixing was just about to retort, when Qin Zhiyou frowned and nudged Lu Weixi, “Let’s go home.”

Lu Weixi opened her eyes slightly and looked up. Recognising Qin Zhiyou, she snickered but ignored him,”Another bottle for me, please.”

Then, before she knew it, she felt weightless as Qin Zhiyou swept her off in a bridal lift!

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