My Ferocious Tigress Wife

Chapter 510 - 510: The Best

Chapter 510: The Best

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Not letting him go to war would be heartache for him, but it was better than letting him go to war to earn fame.

This meant that she had him in her heart.

Sikong Xiao was also 70 – 80% full and replied in a good mood,””Most of the rebellions have been quelled, and only a few minor disturbances are still being dealt with. I don’t think there will be any major battles in the short term.”

“As for whether we should go to the battlefield or not, how can we say anything? If the emperor wants us to go, we have to go. Is your salary for nothing?”

“You’re not the only one who’s getting paid.”Madam Xie snorted.” Now, our son has gone through life and death.””

“That’s because our Baoshu is promising.” Xi Shao laughed. If it wasn’t for this, he would have been scared back even if he said that he was going to the battlefield.”

Madam Xie liked hearing this.” That’s true. But you’re a Langjun and don’t understand my heart…Rather than making contributions, it was better to be safe and peaceful.”

Xiao Baoxin thought to himself, Baoshu was not considered ordinary in Jiankang City and did not cause trouble.

This was promising, and his mother was nagging about not being by his side again.

Imperial Censor Xiao glanced at his second son-in-law and found him quite pleasing to the eye. He was knowledgeable and filial. He treated the Xiao family’s affairs as his own. He could do practical things and speak well.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but sigh. Yang Shao didn’t even have the heart to come and see the Second Lady when she was alive, let alone when she was dead. Other than welcoming her outside the city with Emperor Yong Ping, he didn’t say anything else.

–Right, Second Lady can’t come here even if she’s alive. Brother said that Second Lady won’t be allowed to enter Sikong Mansion in the future.

Thinking about it, he really thought that no one would think of Second Lady’s good deeds anymore, and that his own family would not even take a fancy to her.

Sigh, it was all his father’s fault for not educating him well.

“The two of you, be good.” Censor Xiao said whatever he thought of.” Third Aunt is straightforward. Sometimes, she is too straightforward and won’t turn back. However, her temperament is good. Son-in-law…Live well.”

Otherwise, no matter how good you are, I won’t be able to kill you!

His words were nice, but his gaze was too sharp, making Xi Shao shudder silently. Ever since his father-in-law fell ill, he always felt that his thoughts were good and his words were good. He always felt like he was being hammered in the east and hammered in the west, making people confused.

However, he did not dare to disobey his father-in-law.”Third Aunt is indeed very good. In fact, it’s the best.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he felt a cold gaze drift over from the opposite side.

Without a doubt, it was Xie Xian.

Xi Shaomo, why can’t I say that my wife is the best? I said that your wife is the best, but you have to do it.

It was probably not a gaze that floated over, but an eight-meter-long machete.

No one paid attention to the eyebrows of the younger generation. However, Sikong Xiao had eaten and drunk enough. He was in the mood to talk about Xiao Baoshu. He poured wine and talked for half an hour. Although he had to say something insulting every two and a half sentences, anyone could hear that he was proud.

Her eyes were about to fly to the horizon, and she was dancing with joy.

It greatly satisfied Madam Xie’s motherly heart.

Then, he remembered that his daughter was pregnant.”.. It was already late, and Baoxin was still pregnant and couldn’t sit for too long. Let’s just go our separate ways today. The Left and Right Sikong had returned, so we could see each other again in the future. It didn’t matter if it was just for a short while.”

Only then did everyone stand up and bid farewell.

“Abba, rest early. Tomorrow is Celestial Empress ‘wedding and Abba still has to attend. At that time, I will be busy for another day and will be very tired.”Xiao Baoxin reminded.

Sikong Xiao’s heart was warm. After all, his daughter had him in her heart. She even knew how to care about him. Her voice was like a great bell…She said what was on her mind.

The night sky was quiet.

Imperial Censor Xiao apologized and left with his family.

When Sikong Xiao and his wife were sleeping, Madam Xie said,””.. I keep feeling that Uncle is sick this time. Not only is his mouth crooked, but his eyes are also slanted. Is there something wrong with his brain? Didn’t the Imperial Academy of Medicine tell?”

“When Second Lady was alive, she was not like this. After she died, her eyes and heart were filled with Second Lady, making Sister-in-law mad.”

“Now, she is still quarreling with her sister-in-law because of Second Lady’s death…Look at Second Niangzi’s character, even if she was my biological daughter, I wouldn’t like her, let alone not being my biological daughter.”

“That kind of thing is clean when it dies.” Sikong Xiao said unhappily.

He turned over and wanted to sleep, but he couldn’t sleep. He had a terrible headache.

“Why aren’t you sleeping yet?” Madam Xie also got up after realizing what was going on.” Is your head wind acting up again?”She sat by the bed and massaged him.

“Tell the Emperor that we have this disease and can’t go to the battlefield. Can’t we just stop fighting?'”‘

“When have I not been so lucky? If I lose my life, what’s the use of glory and wealth?”

Sikong Xiao smiled.

When he was young, because of a few concubines, his wife was estranged from him and even nagged less. Over the years, he had been restraining his heart, and his wife had slowly let go and started to yell at him.

He had also thought it through. This kind of day was more suitable for him. He really didn’t have the fortune to treat each other with respect.

She couldn’t stand the two of them talking like scholars and hiding anything.

” You didn’t say that when you were young. You said that you were a real man, that you would make contributions, that you would bring glory to your family, that you would bring glory to your ancestors…”

“Alright, alright, go ahead. I’m sick all over. Don’t say that I’m not waiting on you when I’m old! You still have to say that you’re still alive-is it interesting for you to swallow my words? Could he be the same as he was now when he was young?”

“Our family can be considered to have brought glory to our family and ancestors. Moreover, there are the two brothers Baoshan and Baoshu, and our son-in-law of the Xie family.”

Sikong Xiao sighed. Let’s forget about the matter of bringing glory to Xie Xian’s family. He is the Xie family’s family. It’s not our turn to bask in that glory. Even if we want to, we can’t bask in it. Mutton can’t stick to dog meat.

However, what Madam Xie said was actually the same as what he had thought. He had really had enough of being in the military for half his life and had no more heart.

This battle had lasted for more than half a year, and his stroke had been tormenting him for more than half a year. The pain was simply fatal. It was better to take his life. The other party went into battle lightly, and he was still wrapped in a hat in the middle of the summer, afraid that he would blow his head.

After the emperor got married, he would find a time to resign from his military post.

He didn’t have a plan, but that didn’t mean he was stupid. He also knew that if he didn’t look for the emperor before the wedding, he would be unhappy.

The couple nagged for half a day and didn’t even mention Second Lady Xiao. They started talking about Xiao Baoshu’s marriage again.

Sikong Xiao was fighting outside, so he naturally wouldn’t tell him what he was thinking. He only knew about the royal family’s intention to marry Xiao Baoshu after hearing Madam Xie mention it.

He was so happy that he pulled out a few strands of his beard.

“This is fate!” Sikong Xiao smiled. No matter how many twists and turns there were, wouldn’t he still have a good thing with Princess Xuancheng in the end?

Xie Furen chuckled. How was this a fated marriage? It was clearly a marriage arranged by the royal family..

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