My Abilities Come with Special Effects

Chapter 590 - 590: Meeting and Discussion

Chapter 590: Meeting and Discussion

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A day and night passed.

In the meeting hall of the Fan Martial Club.

Old Song, Old Liu, and even the elegant woman Lin Yan had seen at Fanchao Plaza were all here with solemn expressions.

Other than the three of them, there were two other people sitting in the main seat. It was obvious that their status was higher. They were a man and a woman, who had their arms crossed.

They had rushed over from the capital overnight. They were two disciples of the chairman of the Fan Martial Club, and also upper echelons of the club. The man’s name was Qing Ke, and the woman’s name was Jiang Ruo.

At this moment, the two of them were staring intently at the red jade bayberry ball placed in front of their table.

“Qing Ke, did you see anything?”

Between the two of them, the woman, Jiang Ruo, asked.

The man, Qing Ke, shook his head slowly. “1 can’t recognize it. This kind of spiritual jade has never appeared on the market. It’s definitely not from the Liu Planet, nor is it from the areas near the Liu Planet.

“In fact… there’s no record of it in the Encyclopedia of Spirit Jade.”

Due to its special production method, spiritual jade would have unique characteristics and structures. Unless it was a new production place in recent years, all the spiritual jade forms in circulation on the market were clearly recorded.

Often, one could tell which planet and faction produced it.

Below, the woman, Consort Ming, bit her lip. She was the one who had collected the spiritual jade. No matter what, she could not escape her responsibility.

Qing Ke said helplessly, “I’m familiar with the Encyclopedia of Spirit Jade published by the Floly Fan Association. I’ve carefully checked it. This kind of spirit jade has never appeared in the Encyclopedia of Spirit Jade.”

Jiang Ruo’s eyes became even more serious. “The Encyclopedia of Spirit Jade records 10,000 known circulating Spirit Jades in the Holy Fan Association’s Astral World. They vary in quality. How about this Spirit Jade?”

“Judging from its color and shape, 1 can sense that it contains spirituality. This spiritual jade is of excellent quality. The spirituality contained in it is dense and pure. It’s considered top-notch among 10,000 spiritual jades. It’s a rare good thing.”

If that wasn’t the case, Consort Ming wouldn’t have been so enthusiastic about exchanging for it. This should have been a sure-win deal.

Jiang Ruo said helplessly, “It’s not even in the Encyclopedia of Spirit Jade. It can’t be that this Spirit Jade came from outside the Holy Fan Association’s Astral World?”

As soon as she said this, everyone fell silent.

Crossing Astral Worlds!

They suddenly heard impressive words!

The distance between the Astral Worlds was extremely far. Crossing them required an astronomical price and time!

Not to mention the difficulty of applying, that was even more unimaginable!

Even as the chairman of the Fan Martial Club, their master, who was once a registered disciple of the Holy Fan Association and a famous expert on the Gilt Planet, did not have the ability to cross the Astral Worlds. He did not even dare to think about it!

There might not be anyone on the entire Liu Planet who dared to think of crossing the Astral Worlds!

After all, the Liu Planet was only an insignificant planet in the Holy Fan Association’s Astral World.

There were at least 80,000 planets like Liu Planet in the entire Holy Fan Association.

How could a person traveling across the Astral Worlds appear on such an insignificant planet?

Therefore, after Jiang Ruo finished speaking, she laughed. “Let’s talk about something practical.

“I heard that some ancient families and sects have unique spiritual jades that are specially circulated and won’t flow into the market.

“This spiritual jade is crystal clear and of good quality. Considering such old fellows who care about their reputation, it’s most likely that he’s someone who came out from an ancient sect to train.”

Everyone nodded slowly. Crossing the Astral Worlds was too far away for them. It was more appropriate for them to think this way.

“Consort Ming, you’ve interacted with that person. What do you think?”

The woman whose name was called stood up respectfully.

“This person gives me the feeling that he is ignorant of the general knowledge of the Liu Planet and has tried his best to hide it. This means that he is very unfamiliar with everything on the Liu Planet.

“At the same time, he was rich and imposing. After taking out the three spiritual jades, he gave them to me without blinking. Either he disguised himself too well, or these three spiritual jades are nothing to him.”

The woman nodded slowly. “It seems like he’s from an old sect with deep financial resources. Also, he actually has a spiritual weapon that killed Cui Yanpeng with one strike.”

“It’s indeed the style of those old sects to give such a precious treasure to a disciple who hasn’t even broken through to the Treasure Realm.”

As for suspecting that Lin Yan was the one who killed Cui Yanpeng…


He had not even broken through to the Treasure Realm, but he could kill a Treasure Realm who had an innate Precious Technique?

Not to mention hearing about it, they had never even thought about it!

She looked at the man beside her. The man said helplessly, “That’s a foreign dragon!”

Cui Yanpeng was a local tyrant. This person was a foreign dragon!

As for the small Fan Martial Club, it was too difficult to be sandwiched in the middle!

“Then what should we do?”

The woman sighed. “Boss has already gone to smooth things over. He wants to find someone to mediate and try his best to exclude Fan Martial Club from the blame.

“But you also know Tiger Cui’s temper. His son is dead. How can he let it go?

“I wonder if the foreign dragon’s foundation is strong enough to withstand Tiger Cui.”

The ancient sects weren’t necessarily powerful, especially in the past few hundred years, when spiritual pattern technology kept developing.

There were countless ancient factions that clung to tradition and nested in their land. As soon as they left the mountain, they were slapped on the ground by new factions.

After all, in the Holy Fan Association’s Astral World, only the Holy Fan Association was heaven and eternal overlord.

Moreover, if he was really a genius from those extraordinary factions, why would he come to the remote Liu Planet to seek a breakthrough?

“In short, we have to stabilize that person first. We can’t let him leave… By the way, is that person’s breakthrough not over yet?”

“Not yet.”

“He’s been staying in the first-grade quiet room all this time?”

“That’s right.”

“A day and night’s supply of Spiritual Droplets. Have you seen anyone who can devour so much spirituality of the world when breaking through to the Treasure Realm?”

Everyone shook their heads. They had never seen anyone who did it for more than four hours, let alone a day and a night.

Consort Ming said, “It’s said that when one breaks through to the Earth Grade Noble Realm, the Spiritual Droplets they devour and absorb will multiply? Then could this person be at the Earth Grade Noble Realm?”

Everyone shook their heads.

“Earth-grade? Apart from the Holy Fan Association, who else can obtain an Earth-grade Unusual Item?”

“If he’s really a disciple of the Holy Fan Association, why would he come here to break through?”

“Didn’t you say that he also bought many things to increase the success rate of his breakthrough? If he’s at the Earth Grade Noble Realm, why would he be worried about the success rate?”

“It’s most likely some special breakthrough method.”

When breaking through to the Treasure Realm, there were some ancient and special secret techniques that could gather the Spiritual Droplets and spirituality of the world, construct special spiritual arrays and techniques, and help break through to the Treasure Realm.

The more Spiritual Droplets gathered, the longer it would take, and the higher the success rate of breaking through to the Treasure Realm.

However, this method often required brute force. At the price of destroying the foundation of the Treasure Image, even if one successfully advanced, there was no hope of advancing further in this life..

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