Multiverse of Marvel

Chapter 772: War (3)

Chapter 772: War (3)

Swamp-Thing that was peeping on them was stunned hearing these words. He had peeped because he heard and felt some people approaching the castle and they had appeared out of nowhere.

He didn't even know how these people had just sneaked in the country without his knowledge and he had never seen them before. They didn't belong to the deranged company of evil Batman and that's for sure.

This Straw Hat guy definitely had some screw loose but he could feel that these people who had just shown his face were actually good. He went to Diana who had just arrived from a general meeting with Batman who Laughs to inform her.

"Diana, there will be guests soon."

"Guests? Who?"

"I don't know but it seemed like they seemed to know me. They could feel me from the walls of the castle."

"Really? Another one of Batman's tricks?" Diana thought as she waited for her new 'guests'.

After a minute or two there was a knock at the door. Diana moved her hands and the door opened slowly. From the other side a man who looked kind of handsome and had a normal outfit walked in. But she could feel the power just from the position she sat. She could feel the sleeping giant inside this person.

Being a goddess herself she could feel the power. The power which could rival ancient beings of their own world. This terrified her. And behind them were other monsters. A guy who had blonde hair and he too seemed like he belonged to her lineage but she could also feel that the power has dimmed quite a lot.

But then again she could feel that this person could fight toe to toe with her. The other three were unique in their own ways. Especially the guy with spiky hair. This guy too had immense power.

"Welcome to Themyscira. To what do I owe the pleasure?" Diana said cautiously,

"Did you open a hotel service or something?" John asked as he smiled at her. Though it wasn't the same Diana of his world and his summon, it was still the same Diana to him. She looked like the one he had summoned and in fact this version of her with the golden crown looked more beautiful.

"No! Can you please tell me who you are and why are you here? I had a tough day so I don't have much time to entertain anybody." Diana said with a stern expression.

"Same old arrogance. Thor, why do your gods all have that attitude." John said as he still was humorous. Thor just shrugged his shoulders. Diana couldn't understand what these unknown guys were getting into. If she could, she would have thrown these people out.

"My name is Monkey D. Luffy. I am the person who will be the Pirate King." the moment he finished those words he was hit by Zoro.

"We are not in that world anymore idiot. Hello, I am Roronoa Zoro. I am striving to be the best swordsman in the multiverse."

Later everyone introduced themselves in order to elevate the mood but Diana didn't recognize anyone. She couldn't remember her past because Batman who laughs had already obliterated the Past and the Future and thus her memory had been altered. She could only remember glimpses because of her lasso of truth.

Only that thing made her feel that the world was wrong but even then she could feel that these people were totally new.

"We are from a different multiverse tasked with rescuing this one...." John finally gave away his humorous mood and talked about where they came from. At first Diana didn't understand but John was patient with her and explained where they came from and why they were here.

"You want to save this universe? How?"

"Of course by purging the world from Batman and also making sure Perpetua gets sent away forever." John said.

"Who is Perpetua?"

"Oh you sweet summer child, you have no idea what forces you are dealing with. Sigh!! Let me search for Batman? He will make it clear." John said as he put on the helmet. The world here was really wrong. He could already feel that some forces were trying to make him forget the past. But being a God himself he could protect himself and his friends too.

He needed to find the dead Batman!! And he did. John opened a portal and saw Batman standing on his own grave with his name written on it.

"Brooding about your own death Bruce?"

"Who?" Bruce turned around and threw a batarang at John only to be stopped by John with his hands.

"Calm down, dead guy. I am not your enemy." John said as he needed to take special care for this guy. He was a person who never trusted anyone and was skeptical about everything. He needed this guy on his team.


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