Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Wild Man?

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Gu Zhou’s expression darkened and the light in his eyes dimmed. The cold aura around him gradually intensified. The Qiao villa looked as if there was no cause for celebration in their family—as if their daughter had not been married.

Qiao Nian saw Gu Zhou’s expression darken. She looked at him in confusion, but said nothing. She had realized that Gu Zhou seemed to be wary of her, although she didn’t know what he was thinking.

As the two of them passed by the garden, the servants who saw them all hid away, whispering to each other. They were all very curious about the identity of the man beside Qiao Nian.

When they reached the door of the drawing room, Qiao Nian could hear Su Xue’s sarcastic voice from afar.

“Fortunately, that little b*tch has been married off. Our family will be peaceful from now on.”

“Mommy, it can’t be easy for Sister either.” Qiao Xin put on an innocent facade again, looking as pure as a white lotus.

“Xin Xin, I told you not to be so kind. Have you forgotten how she treated you?”

Su Xue’s words were full of heartache for her daughter. “She doesn’t treat you as her younger sister at all. You don’t have to think of her as your elder sister either.”

“That’s right.” Qiao Shan, who had been silent all this while, put down the contract in his hand. He looked up at Qiao Xin and said meaningfully, “She has nothing to do with our family. I just hope that the Gu family doesn’t find out about her dirty deeds in the past. Otherwise, our family won’t have a good life!”

“What dirty deeds? What would have made you hate your daughter so much?”

The sudden cold voice startled the three people in the room. They turned around and were stunned when they saw Gu Zhou.

Su Xue looked at the man standing beside Qiao Nian. That man was tall, broad, and handsome, not at all like someone ill.

Did Qiao Nian run away from the marriage?

Su Xue jumped to her feet and pointed a finger in Qiao Nian’s face, scolding angrily, “B*tch, how dare you run away from the marriage? Even worse, how dare you find a wild man? Let me tell you, if you don’t hurry back to the Gu family, the entire Qiao family will be single-handedly ruined by you!”

Wild man?

Qiao Nian sneered and turned to look at Gu Zhou, who was standing beside her. She was curious how Gu Zhou would react upon being called a wild man.

Qiao Xin, who had been sitting next to Su Xue, looked at the man at the door. This man seemed to have royalty in his blood and nobility in his bones. He was 1.85 meters tall, strapping, and handsome—practically perfect.

Whether in terms of temperament or looks, he was clearly a dragon among men.

Qiao Xin’s heart slowly blossomed and her lips curved up slightly. She stood up elegantly and looked toward Qiao Nian, who was standing by the door. In a gentle voice, she said, “Sister, you’re already married. How can you still be with other men like you were in the past? Brother-in-law will definitely be unhappy if he finds out!”

Qiao Nian’s eyes turned cold.

Look at how good the white lotus was with her words. With those few casual words, she told everyone that her sister was a loose woman.

Qiao Nian turned to look at Gu Zhou. Seeing the dangerous—bordering on destructive—look in his eyes, her lips curved up slightly.

“Second Young Master Gu has accompanied me to visit you today. How has he become the wild man whom you are all speculating about?” Qiao Nian said lightly. She was enjoying the show, and didn’t mind fanning the flames.

Qiao Xin’s pretty face suddenly changed and she looked at the man in shock.

Su Xue looked as if she was suffocating. She was so shocked that she couldn’t speak!

Qiao Xin and Su Xue had both imagined Second Young Master Gu to be extremely ugly. Even the doctors predicted that he would not live past twenty years old. How could he possibly look like this?

Gu Zhou glanced at the mother and daughter impassively. His eyes were filled with contempt and coldness, as if he was a god in the skies looking at ants on the ground.

Su Xue felt her scalp go numb under his glare. She didn’t believe for one moment that this man was Second Young Master Gu. Second Young Master Gu definitely didn’t look like this. Second Young Master Gu was surely paralyzed in bed, relying on others for help every second of the day. Second Young Master Gu was surely a useless person!

Qiao Xin bit her lip. This man should have been her husband!

Qiao Shan, who had been sitting at the side, did not have much of a reaction. In his view, Second Young Master Gu would have a short life. There was no difference whether he was good-looking or ugly.

Glancing at Su Xue and Qiao Xin’s shocked faces, he remembered what they had said to Gu Zhou. Qiao Shan snapped, “The two of you just can’t keep your mouths shut! Hurry up and apologize!”

Even if Second Young Master Gu had a short life, they could not afford to spout nonsense in front of him. It should be known that the Gu family had the power to destroy the Qiao family in mere seconds.

Su Xue came back to her senses. A bright smile appeared on her face. She hurriedly ushered Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian in. “Oh my, look at my broken mouth. I simply don’t know how to speak. Don’t mind me, dear son-in-law. Come in and sit!”

“You’re much better at speaking than my wife,” Gu Zhou said leisurely, his voice cold. Su Xue almost vomited blood.


This man called Qiao Nian his wife with such ease.

Although Qiao Nian didn’t like him calling her that, she was still very happy to hear Gu Zhou make a jab at Su Xue.

“No, no, I was just…” Su Xue’s face grew red.

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