Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: You Won’t Die!

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“B-Brother Gu Zhou, how are you?” With tears swirling in her eyes, Zhao Qian looked pitifully at Gu Zhou. She didn’t understand why Brother Gu Zhou didn’t reject that woman’s touch, but avoided her instead.

The more Zhao Qian thought about it, the more she wondered if something was wrong. But with Lan acting as a barrier, she could only stand aside reluctantly.

Gu Zhou sat up elegantly, his back straight. He gave Qiao Nian a complicated look, then stood up and walked upstairs. Lan nimbly climbed onto Gu Zhou’s wrist and quietly looped itself around his wrist, forming a bracelet.

Gu Zhou returned to his room and looked at himself in the mirror. His shirt was half open. Swiftly, he took off his shirt and walked towards the bathroom.

In the past, it would take him more than two hours to recover from his relapses. He had never thought it possible that he could recover within ten minutes.

Qiao Nian.

Her medical skills were not bad.

“You won’t die!”

He suddenly recalled Qiao Nian’s words. Gu Zhou’s eyes dimmed. Pursing his lips, he walked out of the bathroom while drying his hair.

The ringing of the phone interrupted Gu Zhou’s thoughts. He picked up the phone and glanced at the caller ID, then held the phone to his ear.

“I’ve already called you more than ten times. Why did you only pick up now?”

Matriarch Gu’s dissatisfied voice rang from the other end of the line. Gu Zhou moved his phone slightly aside and waited for her to finish her sentence before he placed the phone to his ear again. “What’s the matter?” He asked nonchalantly.

“Little Qi’s had an accident. We’re at the Gu hospital now…”

“I’ll head there right now!” Gu Zhou dried his hair with a towel, changed his clothes, and immediately headed out.

Lan was lying lazily on the bed. Seeing that Gu Zhou was about to leave, it immediately tried to tag along.

“Stay in the house. You are not to go anywhere else!”

Under Gu Zhou’s cold glare, Lan shrank back in fear. It sat obediently on the bed, its little tail hitting the bed in dissatisfaction. In the end, it lay down unwillingly on the bed.

Gu Zhou walked back to the living room and saw Qiao Nian sitting on the sofa, tapping on her mobile phone. Seeing that the butler had just brought tea over for her, he ordered, “Prepare a guest room for Miss Qiao!”

The butler quickly agreed, and politely saw Gu Zhou out.

Gu Zhou stepped out of the house. Zhao Qian, who had been treated as invisible thus far, quickly chased after him. She turned to look at Gu Zhou and, in a low voice, tried to comfort him. “Brother Gu Zhou, don’t worry. It’s just low blood sugar. Little Qi will be fine.”

Gu Zhou slowed down and turned to look at Zhao Qian, who was smiling at him. His brow furrowed imperceptibly, and he said coldly, “Just low blood sugar?”

Zhao Qian noticed Gu Zhou’s irritation. She could sense a cold aura emanating from Gu Zhou, and she felt a strange sensation. Looking up at Gu Zhou, she said tearfully, “Brother Gu Zhou, I’m in the wrong. I just didn’t want you to worry about him.”

“Is that so?” Gu Zhou raised his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes dangerously. His voice was chilling; it made one want to shiver.

Zhao Qian’s face had turned pale in fright. By the time she came back to her senses, Gu Zhou had already walked to the entrance of the courtyard. A gust of wind blew past, and she felt a chill run down her spine. Only then did she realize that she was covered in cold sweat.

Gu Zhou arrived at the VIP ward of the hospital. At this moment, Matriarch Gu was sitting by the bed. A four-year-old child was lying on the bed.

“Grandmother.” Gu Zhou strode over to the bed and studied the child, who looked extraordinarily like him. Worry flashed in his eyes and he lowered his voice to ask, “What did the doctor say?”

Matriarch Gu looked at the little boy lying on the bed with a complicated expression. She glanced up at Gu Zhou and said in a low voice, “This child knew that you were getting married today and wanted to go with you, so he hid in the back seat of the car. As a result, he fainted from hypoglycemia.”

“The servants are so useless. They actually let Little Qi run off!” Gu Zhou sat down by the bed. Stiffly, he began to straighten the bedding. “Looks like we won’t need them at the Gu residence anymore.”

“You can’t blame them for this.” Quickly, Matriarch Gu began to explain. “The servants were all busy today, and I was the one who wanted to take care of him. He told me that he wanted to go to the bathroom, then he ran away without me knowing.”

Gu Zhou nodded his head, acknowledging her words.

“By the way, this is Little Qi’s life savior. You have to thank her properly later!” Matriarch Gu said. She switched on her phone and showed Gu Zhou a video.

The woman in the video was wearing a wedding dress, and was slowly feeding little Qi some sugar solution. Looking at the woman, Gu Zhou froze for a moment, then nodded. “I understand.”

He had never expected Little Qi’s savior to be Qiao Nian.

This woman clearly possessed medical skills. Why exactly had she come to the Gu residence?

The light in Gu Zhou’s eyes gradually dimmed. The only reason she could help him suppress the toxins in his body was either because of her superb medical skills, or because she was somehow connected with the person who had poisoned him!

Gu Zhou was more willing to believe the latter.

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