Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Exposed

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Not only that, she even wanted to use his pet to make Chinese medicine!

Gu Zhou still found it hard to believe that someone who looked so gentle and harmless could actually be so capable.

Gu Zhou sensed that the little snake was unwilling to submit, and was still rearing for a fight. He frowned. In a low voice, he commanded,?“Lan1!”

The blue-green python rubbed its head against Gu Zhou’s chin in a charming manner, attempting to please its master. It seemed extremely obedient. Those who didn’t know better would think that it was a puppet!

Gu Zhou reached out and touched the snake’s head. The snake swiftly wrapped around Gu Zhou’s wrist like a bracelet. He walked over to the sofa and looked at Qiao Nian’s wedding dress, his expression indifferent. “The Qiao family has got some nerve. They actually dared to send over a replacement bride.”

Although it was just a casual sentence, Qiao Nian could feel a strong sense of oppressiveness radiating from Gu Zhou. He was constantly giving off a cold aura.

If she wasn’t wrong, the snake must have been ordered by Gu Zhou to attack her in the first place. At this thought, Qiao Nian smiled.

“Snake soup is very nutritious. Mr Gu, would you like any?” Qiao Nian looked at Gu Zhou fearlessly. She could tell from his cool gaze that he was displeased with her.

Qiao Nian watched as Gu Zhou walked over and glared at her. For some reason, she suddenly recalled that night five years ago. That strange man looked somewhat similar to the man in front of her.

While Qiao Nian was still in a daze, Gu Zhou grabbed Qiao Nian’s chin with one hand and forced her to look at him. In a deep and magnetic voice, he mocked her, “The Qiao family forced their own daughter to be a living widow just for that little betrothal gift?”

“My apologies, I’m not going to be a widow.” Although Qiao Nian’s mind was in a mess, she still projected a calm facade. Fearlessly, she met Gu Zhou’s unfathomable eyes and said, “Mr Gu, you don’t have to curse yourself. You won’t die, and I won’t be a widow!”

You won’t die!

These words left Gu Zhou stunned for a moment. For as long as he could remember, everyone in his life had been telling him that he wouldn’t live past the age of twenty. While he had relied on various medicinal ingredients to live for five more years, he could feel his life-force constantly trickling away. He was already nearing the end of his life.

This young lass actually had the guts to say that he wouldn’t die!

She was indeed a naive and bold young woman.

Gu Zhou’s lips curved slightly and his eyes lit up. He gently tucked Qiao Nian’s hair behind her ear and asked with interest, “Why, do you think you can save me?”

The Gu family was well-known all over the world. Everyone in the Gu family had searched for famous doctors but none of them could save him. All the doctors concluded with certainty that he would not live past twenty years old.

Qiao Nian could tell that the man no longer bore hostility towards her. She said with a serious expression, “Your face has already shown me your health condition.”

Observing, listening, questioning, and feeling the patient’s pulse were the four basic methods used in traditional Chinese medicine to diagnose illnesses.

Gu Zhou’s eyes darkened. The snake around his hand wound itself around Qiao Nian’s neck. He retracted his hand, looking at her like he would a corpse.

Once again, Qiao Nian calmly grabbed the seven-inch snake, which went weak under her grasp. Turning her head to glance at Lan, she brought Lan to eye level and said softly, “Lan, isn’t staying alive a good thing? Do you really want to force me to turn you into a medicinal ingredient? You might be worth five to six million yuan if you live. After you die, you won’t be worth so much anymore. Do you really want to die?”

With that, Qiao Nian casually flicked Lan onto the sofa at the side. She leaned forward slightly and stepped closer to Gu Zhou, smiling. “I can help you!”

“You’re going to help me?” Gu Zhou looked at Qiao Nian with an indecipherable smile on his face. Gazing into her clear eyes, he found himself oddly touched for some reason. If he could live on, he would definitely be willing to do so. But this young woman was clearly too naive.

Doctors were not gods. They could not save everyone.

Moreover, there existed countless rare illnesses around the world that were simply incurable. Gu Zhou had been ill for a long time, and he knew in his heart that there was no hope left for him. “Are you helping me in order to help the Qiao family?”

“No.” Qiao Nian shook her head and grabbed Gu Zhou’s hand. His hand was extraordinarily cool to the touch. Seeing that he was about to retract his hand, she immediately held on tight and said, “If I can’t stay here, I’ll be sent back to the hospital by my family and stay in confinement.”

Her hands were very warm, as if they had been basking in the winter sun. It was an intoxicating warmth.

This warmth gradually spread from his hands to his entire body. Gu Zhou found himself yearning for more of this warmth. He made sure his expression was cool before he looked up at Qiao Nian and teased, “This patient from the mental hospital is turning out to be quite interesting!”

Qiao Nian was startled for a moment—she had not been expecting this man to know who she was. She lifted her gaze to look at Gu Zhou, but he was already looking off to the side coldly.

She lowered her gaze and smiled to herself. It seemed that the Second Young Master Gu, rumored to be ruthless, was actually quite kind.

However, his body seemed to have really run out of fuel…

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