Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Banquet

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“Nian Nian, S University is holding a banquet tonight. Doctor Wang from the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be attending too. Aren’t you interested in this field? You could speak to him.”

Qiao Nian’s smile widened. After thanking Teacher Liu and asking for the address, she took out a dress and dried it in the dryer, then put it on and headed out.

Butler Zhao, who was carrying a platter of fruits, saw that Qiao Nian was about to leave the house. She looked at Qiao Nian in surprise and asked, “Second Young Madam, it’s already so late. Where are you going?”

“There’s a banquet I’m planning to attend. I might be back quite late tonight.” Qiao Nian stepped out in her high heels, no longer paying Butler Zhao any attention.

Butler Zhao’s face clouded over as she watched Qiao Nian leave. A thought seemed to strike her, and she took out her cell phone to call Gu Zhou.

Qiao Nian drove to the university, parked her car outside and walked in.

When she arrived at the banquet hall, Qiao Nian saw that Teacher Liu had not yet arrived. She started eating dessert alone.

Qiao Xin and her boyfriend, Su Yan, appeared at the entrance of the banquet hall. Su Yan studied medicine, and Qiao Xin was invited as his date.

Qiao Xin held Su Yan’s arm affectionately. She could tell that he was a little nervous, and spoke comfortingly. “Brother Yan, don’t worry. You will definitely be chosen by Dr. Wang!”

On the surface, this banquet was just a networking event for the big shots in the medical field, but in fact, it was for Dr. Wang to select a few young doctors to participate in his cancer research project.

Su Yan was one of the most handsome gentlemen in An City. He had a good family background, a good education, and good looks. For countless girls, Su Yan represented the ideal boyfriend.

Su Yan was quite different from the other rich young heirs in An City. He was obsessed with the field of medicine and had a straightforward nature. Many medical professors praised him for his talent and intelligence, saying that would definitely achieve great things within the field of medicine in the future.

Back then, Qiao Xin had seen how close Qiao Nian was with Su Yan. She had always liked to steal what Qiao Nian had, so she confessed to Su Yan in public and made him her boyfriend.

Qiao Xin and Su Yan were casually having a bite in the banquet hall when her gaze landed on her sister not far away. She whispered, “Brother Yan, I see my sister. I’ll go greet her!”

Qiao Xin had only been with Su Yan for such a long time because she hadn’t found a better man yet.

Su Yan was momentarily stunned when he heard Qiao Xin’s words. He followed her gaze and saw Qiao Nian wearing a white evening gown, casually eating some refreshments. He felt a wave of disgust, and averted his gaze in displeasure.

Qiao Xin naturally sensed Su Yan’s change in attitude and she hurriedly consoled him. “Brother Yan, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to tell Sister that you will be attending tonight.”

In other words, Qiao Nian was here for Su Yan.

Su Yan’s eyebrows knit tightly together, his frown growing deeper. He didn’t think that being missed by a lunatic was anything to be proud of. He turned away and replied lowly, “Go ahead!”

Five years ago, Su Yan was discussing medicine with Qiao Nian. He felt that Qiao Nian wasn’t too bad a person. Later on, he heard from other people that there was something wrong with her character.

Not only did Qiao Nian announce to everyone that she was his girlfriend, but she also bullied her weaker classmates. Because of this incident, the value of Su Yan’s scholarship was deducted.

He had spoken to Qiao Nian about this and explained the situation to her, asking her to stop spreading rumors.

But Qiao Nian pretended to be ignorant and even argued that she didn’t do anything. Her innocent look made Su Yan want to throw up.

However, two days later, Qiao Nian wrote him a letter and booked a room for the two of them.

When Qiao Nian returned to school, she went around frantically looking for Li Chun, and even set fire to his desk.

After that, Qiao Nian was diagnosed with a mental illness and sent to the hospital.

Su Yan had thought that Qiao Nian would have a clearer mind after recuperating in the hospital for five years. He didn’t expect her to continue pestering him, almost akin to a ghost haunting its murderer.

Su Yan walked to the door in frustration. He was about to light a cigarette when his gaze landed on the man not far away from him. He immediately put on a polite smile.

It was Gu Zhou!

He was the most famous man in An City!

Even though Su Yan didn’t care about his family’s affairs, his parents had always told him to be polite to Gu Zhou even when Su Yan was a child. That man wasn’t someone the Su family could afford to offend.

“Second Young Master Gu.” He strode towards Gu Zhou. Seeing the other man stop, Su Yan smiled. “I’m Su Yan.”

Gu Zhou stared coldly at the man in front of him for a while, then recalled that this man was indeed Su Yan. He gave an impassive grunt, then seemed to have thought of something, asking in a hoarse voice, “What time does the banquet start?”

Su Yan saw Gu Zhou’s brief glance toward the banquet hall, and instantly understood. “It starts at 8 p.m. Second Young Master Gu can come back later!”

Gu Zhou didn’t reply. With his hands in his pockets, he turned and left with Chen Qing.

Su Yan gazed at Gu Zhou’s retreating back as he left.. His eyes sparkled with admiration.

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