Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Jealousy

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Gu Zhou’s gaze fell on the last line of words on the document.

“Qiao Nian and Su Yan used to date. Because Qiao Xin stepped in, Qiao Xin got together with Su Yan instead.”

Gu Zhou closed the file and stuffed it into Lin Nan’s hands. Calmly, he said, “Go and investigate the reasons behind Qiao Nian and Su Yan’s breakup. Investigate Su Yan as well, and find Mr. W.”

“Yes.” Lin Nan committed everything Gu Zhou said to memory.

When Qiao Nian went downstairs, she saw Gu Zhou and Lin Nan following her downstairs as well. She was surprised but did not show it on her face.

Gu Zhou caught up with Qiao Nian in two or three steps. He walked closer to her and said into her ear, “Mr. W has left again. Something cropped up.”

Qiao Nian froze for a moment and looked at Gu Zhou in confusion. She didn’t know any Mr. W.

“The owner of the jade pendant.” Gu Zhou said, standing on the stairs. He looked down and saw Qiao Xin standing in the living room. He frowned unhappily. A little girl who had stolen her sister’s boyfriend must have some ulterior motive. “Ask your sister to return home first!”

Qiao Nian agreed and followed Gu Zhou down the stairs. She was curious why Gu Zhou had even brought Qiao Xin here in the first place. Was it really because of the owner of the jade pendant?

Gu Zhou went downstairs and politely exchanged a few words with Matriarch Gu before leaving.

“Sister!” Qiao Xin quickly went up to Qiao Nian and looked at her ingratiatingly. In a stark contrast to the disdain that Qiao Nian was used to, Qiao Xin stepped forward and grasped Qiao Nian’s arm affectionately.

Who didn’t know how to act?

Sisterly love?

Qiao Nian looked at Qiao Xin with a smile and slipped her arm out of Qiao Xin’s grasp in a smooth motion. She said languidly, “Xin Xin, your brother-in-law told me that the owner of the jade pendant, Mr. W, is busy and will only come over after some time. Why don’t you go back home for a while?”

Qiao Xin naturally understood that Qiao Nian wouldn’t dare to give her the wrong information under Gu Zhou’s name. She lowered her gaze slightly, the corners of her lips still raised, hiding the disdain in her eyes. Sweetly, she replied. “Alright, I will.”

Qiao Nian glanced toward the door. Seeing that Qiao Xin was still standing there, unmoving, Qiao Nian raised her eyebrows and said, “I have other things to do, so I won’t accompany you!”

Qiao Nian then walked towards Matriarch Gu.

Qiao Xin stood there coldly, her hands clenched into fists. She turned back and saw Matriarch Gu gazing at Qiao Nian dotingly.

How was this fair?!

How could Qiao Nian be loved by Matriarch Gu?

She was clearly much better than Qiao Nian in every way. Her academics were much better than Qiao Nian as well. Qiao Nian was just a lunatic!

Qiao Xin hid the coldness and loathing in her eyes. She couldn’t give away her true emotions so early in the game. She had to protect herself first.

At this thought, Qiao Xin took a deep breath and walked in front of Matriarch Gu, saying politely, “Grandma, I’ll…”

“Any Tom, Dick or Harry dares to call me ‘Grandma’. Surely the threshold to enter the Gu family isn’t this low?” Matriarch Gu cut in sarcastically. She gave Qiao Xin an indifferent glance, lips curving up coldly.

Qiao Xin felt as if someone had emptied a bucket of cold water onto her head in the dead of winter. She stood rooted to the spot, clenching her fists involuntarily.

“Madam Gu, Qiao Xin still has work to do. I’ll leave first!” Qiao Xin said in reply, smiling sweetly.

Sitting at the side, Qiao Nian suddenly felt that Qiao Xin’s shamelessness was truly unrivaled. Qiao Xin was obviously livid, but she could still put on a sweet and charming mask with ease.

“Hurry up and leave. After you leave, it’ll be easier for the servants clean the villa thoroughly. Otherwise, I keep thinking that there’s some strange smell around here!” Matriarch Gu said rudely, completely disregarding etiquette. She turned her head to the side and took no notice of Qiao Xin’s pitiful expression.

Qiao Xin bit her lip and turned away, beginning to walk towards the door. Her hands were clenched tightly into fists and her nails dug into her palms.

Seeing that Qiao Xin had left, Matriarch Gu turned to look worriedly at Qiao Nian, who was sitting beside her. She said anxiously, “My darling child, your younger sister is a little scary. If she bullies you again, don’t be afraid. Tell Grandma, and Grandma will help you chase her away!”

Qiao Nian felt warmth touch her heart. Although she knew that Matriarch Gu only doted on her so much because of Gu Zhou, she was still touched. Smiling, she replied, “I understand. Thank you, Grandma!”

“Oh, my darling girl, why are you so polite?” The more Matriarch Gu spent time with Qiao Nian, the more she felt that Qiao Nian was an obedient and sensible girl. She was a perfectly suitable granddaughter-in-law. Matriarch Gu continued, “Oh right, I have something to give you. Use this to buy some clothes!”

As she spoke, Matriarch Gu took out a black card and handed it to Qiao Nian. Without waiting for Qiao Nian to decline, she continued, “This is what you deserve. This black credit card doesn’t require a password, nor fingerprint authentication. You can use it to pay for anything without hassle. Take it. When you have your wedding with Gu Zhou, Grandma will have more gifts for you!”

Hearing Matriarch Gu’s words, Qiao Nian quickly lowered her gaze. She did not speak.

She knew that Gu Zhou would refuse to marry her.. Of course, she would not marry Gu Zhou either.

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