Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Favoritism

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Qiao Nian gave Qiao Xin a displeased look. Silently, she brought up her hands to cover her ears, her expression filled with disdain. “Can you stop screaming? You sound like a pig!”

Qiao Xin covered her mouth in panic. Horrified, she looked at the snake on Qiao Nian’s shoulder. She staggered two steps back, attempting to distance herself from Qiao Nian. Her voice trembled as she said, “Sister, why are you sleeping with the snake?”

“If not the snake, then who? Would you rather I slept with you?” Qiao Nian gave Qiao Xin a look of dislike. She had always had a bad temper upon waking up, and now she was getting more and more irritated. She said angrily, “Get lost, I want to continue sleeping!”

Seeing that Qiao Nian was about to shut the door, Qiao Xin hurriedly moved forward to stop the door from closing. She said anxiously, “Sister, Madam Gu and Brother-in-law are waiting for you downstairs!”

Qiao Nian rolled her eyes at Qiao Xin and went into the room to wash up. When she came out again, she was already wearing a white t-shirt and denim skirt.

When Qiao Nian appeared in the dining room, she saw Matriarch Gu talking to Gu Zhou.

“You usually know how to take care of people, don’t you? Your wife is younger than you. Why don’t you take care of her? You’ve been using so much strength. Those who don’t know might think that you’re abusive!”

Gu Zhou was looking at his phone impassively. Evidently, he didn’t take Matriarch Gu’s words to heart at all.

Qiao Xin listened to Matriarch Gu speaking, and her face turned pale. She looked toward Qiao Nian with jealousy.

Qiao Nian lowered her gaze silently. So Matriarch Gu had fallen for their act. She had even been pinched by Gu Zhou yesterday night.

“Oh, my darling girl, you’re up. Come and sit down!” Matriarch Gu gazed dotingly at Qiao Nian and waved her over. She said happily, “If you’re not feeling well, sleep more. You don’t have to be up so early!”

Qiao Nian obediently greeted, “Grandma.” She took a seat next to Matriarch Gu.

As for Qiao Xin, she looked at Matriarch Gu in disbelief. It should be known that she had gotten up at six o’clock. When Matriarch Gu saw her in the morning, she said with disdain that she had woken up late.

It was already half past nine and Qiao Nian had just gotten up. Not only did Matriarch Gu not blame her sister for waking up late, she even told her sister to rest more.

Qiao Xin frowned as she looked at Qiao Nian, her expression brimming with jealousy. Vaguely, she sensed a dangerous gaze on her. She looked up and saw Gu Zhou looking at her.

Qiao Xin’s heart flew into in her mouth. She quickly looked down to hide her anger.

Gu Zhou’s weighty gaze lingered on Qiao Xin. Looking up, he saw that Lin Nan had arrived. He gave Lin Nan a look, then followed Lin Nan to the study on the second floor.

In the study.

Lin Nan handed the information he had found to Gu Zhou and said with a serious expression, “This is the information I’ve gathered on Second Young Madam and her younger sister, from the past five years. It’s all written here clearly. Take a look!”

The documents stated that Qiao Nian had been sent to live in the countryside when she was one year old. She was only brought back to the city when she was nineteen, and became a top student in S University’s medical field. Four years ago, she gave birth to a baby and was sent to a mental hospital soon after. She was now Second Young Master Gu’s wife.

Qiao Xin was the beloved and pampered daughter of the Qiao family. She had never liked her sister and her biggest wish was to marry into a rich family. She was a student from a third-tier university.

Gu Zhou lowered his gaze and said impassively, “She really did have a child.”

“Yes.” Lin Nan nodded. He could feel the coldness radiating from Second Young Master Gu. Sensing that misfortune was about to befall Qiao Nian, Lin Nan silently lit a row of prayer candles for Qiao Nian in his heart.

“The Qiao family must be really bold!” Gu Zhou frowned slightly. He wasn’t angry at Qiao Nian, but he felt that Qiao Nian’s parents were truly eccentric.

If Qiao Nian had the ability to resist, Gu Zhou guessed that she would not have been forcibly sent to the mental hospital by the Qiao family.

It seemed that Qiao Nian being sent to the mental hospital had a lot to do with her having a child.

Qiao Nian, having a child?

Four years ago, giving birth?

A trace of surprise flashed in Gu Zhou’s eyes. At this moment, there came a knock on the study door.

Before Gu Zhou could say anything, the door opened and he saw Qiao Nian standing at the door with a cup of tea.

The sunlight from the corridor scattered over her, painting her in a layer of gold. She looked like an otherworldly fairy.

Qiao Nian gave a small smile. “Did I come at the wrong time?”

“No.” Casually, Gu Zhou placed a file of papers on the pile of documents he had been reading. He looked at Qiao Nian intently and said, “Let the servants do this kind of work in the future.”

Smiling, Qiao Nian brought the tea in and placed it on the desk. She pursed her lips slightly and said, “Grandma asked me to send it over.”

Gu Zhou looked at Qiao Nian’s small face, barely bigger than his palm. For a brief moment, a trace of heartache appeared in his eyes.

He finally understood why Qiao Nian was no longer afraid of snakes. He guessed that living under the Qiao family, she had no choice but to evolve from a docile little rabbit to a poisonous beast.

Qiao Nian put down the tea and turned to leave, not forgetting to close the door.

In a low voice, Lin Nan spoke. “Second Young Master, should we send Second Young Madam back to the Qiao family?”

“There’s no need..” Gu Zhou frowned and took out the documents again. “Help me find someone!”

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