Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Darling Child

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Matriarch Gu was well aware that Zhao Qian was romantically interested in Gu Zhou. However, Matriarch Gu had never approved of it. Furthermore, she felt that Zhao Qian was a little immature, and was not a suitable match for Gu Zhou.

Matriarch Gu never expected Zhao Qian to badmouth Qiao Nian behind her back just so she could have a higher chance with Gu Zhou.

Qiao Nian was her granddaughter-in-law—she wasn’t someone to be trifled with.

Hearing Matriarch Gu sigh, Auntie Li spoke up in a consoling tone, her head lowered slightly. “Miss Zhao will think it through.”

“Let’s hope so!” Matriarch Gu took a deep breath and picked up her teacup, sipping slowly. She seemed to have suddenly thought of something, and asked, “Have they slept together yet?”

Auntie Li looked at Matriarch Gu and remained quiet. Suddenly, she recalled what Butler Zhao had told her. Awkwardly, Auntie Li shook her head and began to explain on behalf of Gu Zhou. “Second Young Master seems to be very busy lately. He hasn’t returned to the villa much!”

Matriarch Gu stopped sipping her tea and gave a helpless sigh. “How can that be? How can they have a child if they’re not sleeping together? I’ll go back to the villa now to keep an eye on them!”

Auntie Li lowered her head and remained quiet. After all, Matriarch Gu could do whatever she wanted. It was better for her to keep a low profile.

Matriarch Gu glanced at Little Qi and said to Auntie Li, “You stay here and take care of Little Qi. I’ll go back to the villa!”

“Yes, madam.” Auntie Li was well aware of Matriarch Gu’s temperament, and said nothing more.

Matriarch Gu swiftly instructed the other servants to pack up their luggage. In a flurry of excitement, she rushed to the Gu family villa.

When Matriarch Gu arrived at the villa, she saw an unfamiliar girl sitting in a pavilion in the garden. She turned to look at Butler Zhao, who was standing next to her. “Who is she?”

“That lady is Second Young Madam’s younger sister. She was specially invited over to the villa by the Second Young Master,” Butler Zhao replied.

“What?” When Matriarch Gu heard this, her expression momentarily turned ugly. She frowned and said, “What is this nonsense? What about Second Young Madam?”

“Second Young Madam seems to be resting in her room!” After Butler Zhao spoke, he seemed to remember something and added, “Second Young Madam seems to dislike Third Young Mistress Qiao greatly!”

Matriarch Gu gave Third Young Mistress Qiao a disdainful look and pursed her lips. “That girl looks so delicate and helpless. I don’t like her much either!”

Butler Zhao: “…”

However, Matriarch Gu would still treat guests with politeness and grace. She stepped towards the pavilion. Seeing Qiao Xin stand up, Matriarch Gu said with a smile, “Third Young Mistress Qiao, I’m Gu Zhou’s grandmother. If you have no urgent matters to handle in the Gu residence, could I offer you a ride home?”

“How do you do, Madam Gu,” Qiao Xin greeted politely. Hearing Matriarch Gu’s thinly veiled invitation to leave, she lowered her head uncomfortably and said in a low voice, “Brother-in-law said he would help me find someone. I’ll leave immediately after I meet that person!”

Upon hearing Qiao Xin’s words, Matriarch Gu felt a little uncomfortable. The Third Young Mistress Qiao was indeed an ignorant young lady. It simply wouldn’t do for someone of the younger generation to reject their elders so directly. Indeed, it was fortunate that Third Young Mistress Qiao had not married into the Gu family. Otherwise, Matriarch Gu would have gone to great lengths to convince Gu Zhou to get a divorce.

Matriarch Gu turned to smile at the butler standing next to her. She said, “Ask the servants to take good care of Third Young Mistress Qiao. Don’t neglect her. Otherwise, outsiders will blame our Gu family for being ungracious.”

Qiao Xin stood rooted to the ground in shock. She could tell that Matriarch Gu was displeased with her, but she couldn’t understand why.

Before Qiao Xin could react, Matriarch Gu had already left, taking Butler Zhao with her. Qiao Xin was left standing alone in the pavilion, still gaping.

Butler Zhao followed behind Matriarch Gu. She found herself worrying that Matriarch Gu would directly seek trouble with the Second Young Madam.

However, Butler Zhao had been over-thinking.

When Matriarch Gu glimpsed Qiao Nian, who was holding a book on medicine, she smiled brightly and tugged at Qiao Nian’s arm affectionately, looking at her with a loving expression.

Qiao Nian was stunned. A faint smile appeared on her face as she glanced toward Butler Zhao in confusion.

Butler Zhao explained dutifully, “Second Young Madam, this is Madam Gu!”

Madam Gu. Wasn’t this lady Gu Zhou’s grandmother?


As soon as Qiao Nian’s words fell, she saw Matriarch Gu’s face move even closer to hers.

“Oh, my darling child!” Matriarch Gu looked at Qiao Nian, full of affection and warmth. With Qiao Nian standing in front of her in the flesh, Matriarch Gu thought privately that Qiao Nian looked even prettier than she had in the video. She grasped Qiao Nian’s delicate hand and said worriedly, “Why are you so thin? Butler Zhao, you must prepare more delicious food for my darling child!”

With confusion written all over her face, Butler Zhao gave assent. This was the first time she had seen the matriarch of the Gu family treat an outsider with such warmth.

That’s right. Previously, in Butler Zhao’s eyes, Qiao Nian had always been an outsider.

But now, Butler Zhao felt that she should take good care of Qiao Nian. After all, she was clearly in favor with Matriarch Gu.. It seemed that Qiao Nian had secured her position as the Second Young Madam of the Gu family.

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