Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Taking Advantage

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Qiao Nian tidied up and walked towards the stairs. Just as she reached the stairs, she saw Lan flying towards Qiao Xin from Gu Zhou’s feet.

Qiao Nian stopped in her tracks and looked at Gu Zhou with interest. She was curious as to what Gu Zhou was going to do.


The moment Lan got close to Qiao Xin, Qiao Xin’s face turned pale and she screamed.

“Lan, come back!”

At Gu Zhou’s command, Lan slithered towards Gu Zhou smugly.

Qiao Nian gave Gu Zhou a significant look. So Gu Zhou was testing her and Qiao Xin on purpose. Qiao Nian was curious as to why Gu Zhou was testing them.

“Honey, did I disturb you?” Gu Zhou stood by the stairs and looked up at Qiao Nian, asking softly.

Qiao Nian had a sweet smile on her face. She walked slowly down the stairs in a beige dress, step by step. When she reached Gu Zhou, she said, “Good morning!”

“I got the servants to prepare breakfast.” Gu Zhou raised his arm slightly.

Qiao Nian gave Gu Zhou’s arm a strange look. She looked up and met his smiling eyes, then took his arm hesitantly.

What exactly did this man mean to do?

Was he putting on a show for Qiao Xin?

Gu Zhou ignored Qiao Xin altogether and walked towards the dining room with Qiao Nian on his arm.

Qiao Nian had never been on good terms with Qiao Xin to begin with, so she didn’t even think about inviting Qiao Xin to have breakfast with them.

Qiao Xin looked at the coiled snake resting on Gu Zhou’s leg and couldn’t help but tremble. However, remembering that she intended to get closer to Gu Zhou, she stood up and mustered her courage to follow the couple into the dining room.

In the dining hall, Qiao Xin sat down next to Qiao Nian. Looking at the snake from across the table, she quivered in fear. She turned to Qiao Nian and asked in a low voice, “Sister, aren’t you afraid?”

“Afraid of what?” Qiao Nian asked nonchalantly.

“That snake!” Qiao Xin found herself trembling uncontrollably. This morning, when she heard from her mother that someone from the Gu family had arrived to pick her up, she had been overjoyed. If she had known that there would be a python in the Gu family home, she would have refused to come.

“What’s there to be afraid of?” Qiao Nian stared unblinkingly at Qiao Xin, her expression calm. She spoke unhurriedly. “It’s just a snake. Don’t you think it’s cute?”

Qiao Xin: …

Qiao Nian added, “Lan’s net worth is much higher than yours. How dare you look down on it!”

Qiao Xin’s entire face darkened.

She was a human! How could she be put on par with a beast?


Qiao Nian seemed to imply that she was worth even less than a beast!

Qiao Xin looked down. Right now, she couldn’t wait to meet the owner of the jade pendant. If it was an old man, she would simply out Qiao Nian as the girl from years ago. If it was Gu Zhou, or a young, handsome and rich friend of Gu Zhou, she would just pretend to be the true owner of the jade pendant!

Qiao Xin was getting excited just thinking about it. No matter who the man turned out to be, she would benefit from the situation. If Qiao Nian wanted to step forward when Qiao Xin claimed that the pendant was hers, then Gu Zhou would definitely realize that Qiao Nian was not as pure or chaste as she seemed!

When that happened, Qiao Nian might even be fed to that snake!

Suppressing her laughter, Qiao Xin lowered her head further.

Gu Zhou, who was sitting directly across from Qiao Nian, had already glimpsed the smug look on Qiao Xin’s face. He frowned.

After breakfast, Qiao Xin wiped her mouth with a tissue. She looked up at Gu Zhou, putting on a gentle facade. “Brother-in-law, when will that person be arriving?”

Qiao Nian had been wiping her mouth as well. At Qiao Xin’s words, she paused slightly, then continued wiping her mouth as if nothing were the matter.

“He’d just arrived this morning by plane,” Gu Zhou said indifferently. Seeing a flash of disappointment in Qiao Xin’s eyes, he continued, “Wait here for a while!”

With that, Gu Zhou stood up and left. However, Lan didn’t leave. Instead, it slithered to Qiao Nian’s side and clung charmingly onto her wrist, acting like a spoiled child.

“Okay, Brother-in-law!” Qiao Xin answered obediently, looking as pure as a white lotus.

Qiao Nian rolled her eyes silently.

“Sister! Ah!” Just now, Qiao Xin’s attention had all been on Gu Zhou. She completely didn’t notice the snake climbing onto Qiao Nian’s wrist. Utterly terrified, she quickly stood up and took two steps back, but she tripped over the chair and fell to the ground.

“Ouch.” Qiao Nian stood up too, her gaze falling on Qiao Xin’s face. With an unconcerned expression, she asked, “Have you become paralyzed?”

Qiao Xin’s eyes were filled with tears because of the pain from the fall, but at Qiao Nian’s words, her expression turned to shock. She looked disbelievingly at her sister.

Her sister seemed to have become a different person altogether, compared to who she was in the past. Looking into Qiao Nian’s impassive eyes, Qiao Xin forcibly held back her resentment. She stood up and said coldly, “Sorry to disappoint you, sister. Unfortunately, I’m fine.”

“I’m indeed a little disappointed,” Qiao Nian said indifferently. Her gaze fell on the jade pendant around Qiao Xin’s neck.. “Since you’re willing to help me find that man from five years ago, I’ll give you some satisfaction. Want to guess what your life will become if I expose your disgusting acts to the public?”

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