Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Scheming

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Qiao Xin stepped behind Su Xue, gently tugged on Su Xue’s sleeve and gave her a look.

Su Xue naturally understood what her daughter meant, but she didn’t expect that her daughter would want to be with Second Young Master Gu. But on second thought, she supposed that it was normal.

Second Young Master Gu was very handsome and did not seem to have a short life. This kind of man was very popular with women.

Su Xue thought for a while, then said with a smile, “Actually, it was Qiao Nian herself who wanted to replace…”

At Su Xue’s words, Qiao Shan’s expression suddenly changed. He hurriedly interrupted Su Xue and said, “How is that possible? Our Qiao Nian has been chaste and pure since she was young. Second Young Master, don’t think too much.”

After Qiao Shan spoke, he met Gu Zhou’s half-smiling eyes and quickly added, “There must be a lot of socialites who are jealous of our Qiao Nian, so they want to slander her!”

Gu Zhou narrowed his phoenix-like eyes and looked significantly at Qiao Shan, who clearly had a guilty conscience. His gaze finally fell on Su Xue’s face and he asked lightly, “Is that so?”

Although it was just a simple question, his tone was full of disbelief.

Qiao Nian turned to look at Gu Zhou. She really wanted to remind him not to grip her hand so tightly. Her hand wasn’t a toy for him to play with; what was he trying to do?!

Qiao Shan was not worried about Qiao Nian’s situation at all. The only thing he cared about was the Qiao family. If Second Young Master Gu was dissatisfied with the Qiao family and decided to attack them directly, the Qiao family’s legacy would instantly disappear.

“Second Young Master, our Qiao Nian is really a good child. She has remained pure all her life, and has never been in a relationship!” Qiao Shan said with sweat all over his face.

“If that’s the case, then you guys sent her to the mental hospital on purpose?” Gu Zhou raised his eyebrows slightly and crossed his legs, exuding a bone-chilling coldness.

In an instant, the temperature of the entire drawing room dropped by several degrees. It was frighteningly, dangerously silent.

Cold sweat dripped from Qiao Shan’s forehead onto the ground. He could tell that no matter what he said, Gu Zhou would always have something to say in rebuke.

Qiao Shan’s gaze fell on Su Xue and Qiao Xin, who were standing at the side, and displeasure flashed in his eyes. It was all the fault of these two women for not shutting up. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so publicly despised by Gu Zhou.

Su Xue’s eyes were fixed on Gu Zhou’s hand, which was holding Qiao Nian’s. She suddenly had a realization.

Gu Zhou definitely liked Qiao Nian, that wretched girl. If not, Gu Zhou wouldn’t have come to the Qiao family villa to make things difficult for them.

At this realization, Su Xue was so frightened that she broke out in a cold sweat. It was a stroke of luck that she didn’t suggest for Qiao Xin to marry Gu Zhou instead, just now. If she said that, Gu Zhou would definitely target the Qiao family.

Su Xue pursed her lips. Hurriedly, she explained, “Second Young Master, you misunderstood. We had no choice but to send Qiao Nian there. She had been plagued by nightmares and her health was deteriorating by the day. We sought many doctors, but none of them could help her. Later on, I had no choice but to visit the temple to pray to the deities. An eminent monk in the temple told me that Qiao Nian’s spirit was unstable and she needed to recuperate in a mental hospital.”

“As her parents, we had no choice but to send her there.” Su Xue tried hard to squeeze out a tear and said, “Every year, I have to go to the temple to pray to the deities. I would willingly lose decades of my life if it meant that Qiao Nian could recover sooner. When the time came, we took her out of the mental hospital immediately.”

“Mm?” Gu Zhou raised an eyebrow, his face full of suspicion.

Qiao Shan’s eyes lit up. He felt that his wife was finally being smart for once. He hurriedly nodded his head and said, “Yes, yes, that’s right. The monk even said that her spirit was vulnerable. Even if it’s a joyous occasion, we can’t have a grand ceremony. The more low-profile it is, the better. Only then can she live longer!”

Hearing Su Xue and Qiao Shan singing the same tune, Qiao Nian felt a wave of disdain for her parents, but she didn’t let it show on her face.

“You don’t have good health. Come with me to see the doctor later.” Gu Zhou turned to look at Qiao Nian and spoke seriously.

As their gazes met, Qiao Nian looked into his eyes, which held a complicated expression. She had a bad feeling about this, but she nodded in agreement.

On the surface, Gu Zhou was reproaching the Qiao family, but in reality, he was also wary of her.

Qiao Nian wanted to retract her hand, but she didn’t. In a voice so low that only the two of them would hear, she said, “Let go of me!”

However, Gu Zhou tightened his grip. This little kitten sure got riled up a lot.

There was a hint of a smile in his gaze. It was as if there was a sea of stars in those glittering eyes. For a moment, Qiao Nian lost herself in them.

Qiao Xin, who was standing not far away, saw Gu Zhou gazing lovingly at Qiao Nian, and turned green with envy. Her gaze inadvertently fell on the jade ring adorning Gu Zhou’s hand and a bold thought appeared in her mind.

Could that jade pendant be Gu Zhou’s?

If the jade pendant really belonged to Gu Zhou, Gu Zhou might think that Qiao Xin was the girl from five years ago. Then, wouldn’t she become the Second Young Madam of the Gu family instead?

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