Monster Integration

Chapter 3764 Working On Disc

"O.. origin soil," the leader stuttered as she saw it.

It is cloud tar soil; the highest grade one. The one on the surface, closest to the material, that was floating above.

I didn't have much of it and never gave it to anyone, aside from sending some to family, along with that material.

"Correct. It is only half of the payment, the other half you will receive in one evening when I am done." I said with a smile, which was quite hard, seeing all of them looking at me hungrily.

I didn't say anything and sent the few pinches of worth of soil toward them.

She took it and looked at others; it took them a while before they turned to me, and their eyes were hungry. They are looking at my storage, with hunger and greed, that they were barely able to hold back.

"I assume the payment is to your satisfaction?" I asked with a smile.

I didn't fear them. If they tried something unsavory, I would destroy them. I showed that through my eyes.

"If you don't mind me asking. What do you plan to use the disc for?" the dean asked after the silence of several seconds.

"It is personal," I replied with a smile. It made one angry, and he glared but didn't say anything.

"Fine, you are free to do what you want," said the dean.

"Thank you, Dean," I said and walked toward the control panel of the disk. I opened it, and it tapped several buttons, and soon, mist covered the whole disk, even Sky-Sovereigns wouldn't be able to see what was going on.

They do not need to see even a hint of what I am planning to do. If they did, it would be terrible; they wouldn't hesitate to kill me to get those things.

Once that was done; I took out the things. There are many things, but most important among all is the one drop that didn't have any shape or color. Every moment, it would change thousands of times.

It is a creation material, some also called it origin material or primal drop. There are many names for it; it was my great luck, that I could get my hand on it.

It is so powerful, that I couldn't use it, but I will need it future and for it, I am preparing beforehand.

What I want to do is simple, with the left of the disk. I want to transfer the origin element into the basic elements of fire, wind, metal, and others.

Most people won't do that, seeing this is the state, they want this material in, but it is far too powerful for me. I won't be able to use it before I reach Prime, which will take me a long time.

I had tried to do the same thing from the cloud tar soul before I found the materials I needed.

I had spent most of them, and what I have isn't enough. I need more and this disk is capable is providing me more, a lot more.

I placed the things and opened the control panel and looked at the data in front of me before I put the parameters. I need to be right; the slightest mistake and I will end up wasting one of the most precious materials in the world.

Thankfully, I have done enough research that I have a very good idea of what I am going to do.

I double-checked things and activated the disc.


Immediately, the disc buzzed and came to life powerfully. I looked at the disc for a few seconds, before turning my focus on the data in front of me, which showed every little change that was happening.

Minutes passed and things were going well. Better than well.

I had underestimated the power of this disc. It is working such that greed couldn't help, but rise in my heart for it.

I shook those thoughts away as they came into my heart. I desire it, but it will help me a lot, but it is not mine, and unless these people antagonize me.

I will not do anything.

Soon, an hour passed and then another. Those people remained sitting, unmoving, but their eyes were focused on the disk, and some even used the methods to see what was happening inside.

It took seven hours, and thirteen minutes before it finished, and the result was quite shocking.

'It is far more than I thought,' I said as the goods revealed.


'Thankfully, I prepared enough boxes,' I said to myself and stored it all into the boxes, before putting cloud tar soil and a few other things into disk and activating it again.

While the process was happening. I took out other things, mainly the teleportation formation. I had opened the space, thanks to the disk, that even formations wouldn't be able to stop it.

Though it was a pleasant surprise. Before that, I had another plan to send the goods away.


I activated the formation and sent the goods through it. A moment later, they reached the other side where my real body picked them up quickly; it all happened without the sky sovereign noticing.

Nineteen minutes later, the disk is finished with the cloud tar soil. It is a much lower level than the origin drops.


With that done, I added other things and sent the processed things via teleportation formation.

I am now relieved. Even if these people turned on me now, I wouldn't have much regret.

Earlier, I had thought, I overspent offering them cloud tar soul. Now, I didn't think so; the disk is amazing; the payment to them was worth it.

A few hours passed, and I took out thing after thing. It took me a while before I was finally finished and made the mist disappear.

"Thank you, Dean, for letting me use the disk. You will receive half of the payment by morning," I said to her, to which she nodded before her expression became serious.

"We have no control over you and, given your abilities, we couldn't find you, but I hope you will keep the news about the disk secret. The fate of my organization and all its members depends upon it," she said.

"You do not have to worry about it, Dean. My lips will be sealed," I replied.

"What about Hriren?" she asked, to which I smiled. "I am leaving him here; I hope you will take of him," I said, and a moment later, the body fell down.

Immediately, they appeared beside the body, while the dean checked his condition. The old man and others went for the storage.

The moment their soul sense touched the ring. The other half of the payment appeared in front of them, while the storage ring melted away.

"Where is the other stuff?" asked the old man and scanned every inch of Hriren, but found none.

I didn't take the risks and destroyed the seed a few seconds later. Wiping every trace of it from Hriren. I had even shifted my location; in case they were able to track my location through spatial single produced by teleportation formation.

I am pretty sure they could not, but I rather not take a risk.

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