Leveling Up through Eating

Chapter 900

When Athenae’s Second Era began and the strongest empire, the Luvien Empire, emerged, all players harbored the same dream. They believed that they had the power to protect what was precious to them and that they could win against them.

However, that was their miscalculation. The Luvien Empire quickly devoured Athenae. Since that day, the players had been playing the Athenae controlled by the Luvien Empire. Many high-rankers associated themselves with the Luvien Empire to enjoy wealth and honor.

However, many players wanted to stay in the game, where they had memories with their precious someone. They fought against the world, but they eventually collapsed. They realized that they could not compare with the Luvien Empire’s power. Ultimately, they were forced to hide like rats and avoid the Luvien Empire.

However, the most important part here was this.

[The Transcendental Being is none other than Minhyuk!]

[Minhyuk is recruiting the players openly.]

[The thing that we need to pay attention to here is the fact that Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor Minhyuk has ‘betted everything on the line.’]

That was right. Minhyuk had put everything on the line. This was an undeniable fact.

Before, the Beyond the Heavens Empire had not shown any hostility or openly antagonized the Luvien Empire. They had always defended against them and waited for them to attack first. Either that, or they would just feed them shit whenever possible. But now? They had openly declared war against them and were trying to do something that no one had ever done, something everyone feared.

“It’s time for us to take that step forward instead of running away.”

The main reason why they played Athena was because they wanted to enjoy their time. How long would they remain victims?

“It’s time to rally our forces and gather our strength. We must fight back, take down the Luvien Empire, and open a new era.”

Everyone turned their attention to Minhyuk, who was in the form of the Transcendental Being, as he uttered sharp words directed towards the Luvien Empire.

“Our viewership ratings have gone beyond 50%!”

ATV Broadcasting Station’s PD Kim Daeguk’s sweat started to pool in his hands.

‘Don’t tell me… Is this what I think it is? If this is truly the case, then there’s no turning back. But why do I wish for him to make it happen?’

“The ratings went beyond 54%!”

“The viewer’s comment board is going crazy!”

“Countless comments about joining the Beyond the Heavens Empire started to pop out from community sites worldwide.”

“Our commenting rate has increased by around 130 times more than usual!”

“Our servers are paralyzed with all the overseas players trying to access it!”

And Minhyuk? He said, “The Third Era.”

A powerful force erupted from Minhyuk’s sword as hundreds of swords rose to the sky. This was a power that he had never used before to check the enemies. These swords, which contained the power of the Intangible Sword, shot straight towards the Swords of the Gods fighting against Conir and extended towards the Luvien Imperial Army behind them.

Stab, stab, stab, stab, stab, stab, stab–!

The outstanding Swords of the Gods were helpless, falling one after the other from the swords. Duke Ruffiso ran and leaped up to stop Minhyuk. However, the dozens of swords pierced through his body and prevented him from going any further.

After swinging his sword and cutting down countless men, Minhyuk said, “The Players’ Era.”

He looked at the hundreds of cameras floating above him.

“We are the masters of this land.”

That was right. It was because they were the masters of this land.

“I, Minhyuk, the Emperor of the Beyond the Heavens Empire, solemnly declare that…”

No one had dared say these words, but someone had to say it.

[The Beyond the Heavens Empire’s Emperor swears under his name.]

“I will tear down the Luvien Empire.”

[The Emperor of the Beyond the Heavens Empire has declared war against the Luvien Empire!]

[Only if one of the two nations surrenders or collapses will this war end!]

[Players that belong to the Beyond the Heavens Empire and the Luvien Empire will not get Chaotic or receive penalties even if they PK each other!]

Valentino, hit directly by the Thousand Swords, fell to the ground, his HP dipping below 5%. Even though he was in a precarious situation, he still looked at Minhyuk and shouted, “Are you nuts…?!”

Declaring a war against the Luvien Empire was suicidal. However, Valentino felt envious.

‘To have the guts to stand up to an empire like that?’

In fact, the Swords of the Gods acknowledged that Minhyuk did not lack any qualities that an emperor should possess. It was quite a strange thing. Although they did not realize it, their heart had already supported him.

By now, the Beyond the Heavens’ declaration of war would have been spread worldwide through a world message. People would either say that they were stupid or admire them. But that was not all. Those who wanted to fight the Luvien Empire but had nowhere else to go would come knocking on the doors of the Beyond the Heavens Empire.

“Ke- kehehehehehehehehe! Keuhahahahahahaha!” Duke Ruffiso laughed loudly and wildly as he stood up from the ground. He laughed like a madman. “Do you think we’re the only ones the Beyond the Heavens Empire has to deal with?”

Far too many people and places wanted to get in the Luvien Empire’s good graces.

[The Peiro Allied Nations has declared war against the Beyond the Heavens Empire!]

The Peiro Allied Nations was an alliance made by gathering several small kingdoms that fawned over the Luvien Empire and promised to help them. This was just the beginning. And this would continue to happen with the Beyond the Heavens Empire showing their fangs to the Luvien Empire.

“Your people will blame and resent you.”

[The Azmant Empire has declared war against the Beyond the Heavens Empire!]

“Your people will lose their homes.”

[The Farrod Kingdom has declared war against the Beyond the Heavens Empire!]

“They will die on the road, not knowing the reason why.”

[The Affar Kingdom has declared war against the Beyond the Heavens Empire!]

“Those vassals and retainers that praise and fawn over the Luvien Empire will slaughter you all.”

[The Cairun Empire has declared war against the Beyond the Heavens Empire!]

[The Ardei Allied Nations has declared war against the Beyond the Heavens Empire!]

[The Corrin Empire has declared war against the Beyond the Heavens Empire!]

[...declared war…!]

[...declared war…!]

[...declared war…!]

The entire world grew chaotic as countless world messages rang in their ears non-stop. The players that were given a small hope shook their heads when they heard the dozens of empires and kingdoms declaring war against the Beyond the Heavens Empire.

At that moment, the players who chose to side with the Beyond the Heavens Empire all regretted their choices.

“Ke- kehehehehehehehehe! Keuhahahahahahaha!”

Sword of the God Bastien shook his head when he heard the notifications that rang constantly in his ears.

“You’re just one single empire. There’s nothing that you can do.”

This era was Luvien’s era. The entire world would turn its back on whoever turned their back on Luvien.

“Now, the Beyond the Heavens Empire will have nowhere to go.” Duke Ruffiso guffawed. He looked like a complete madman. He laughed and jeered at Minhyuk as if he did not expect such a pie in the sky.

“That’s where you’re wrong.”

“...Kiki? Keek?”

“I am not alone.”

Once again, Minhyuk triggered the Battle God’s Voice.

[He has someone by his side who can rally the emperors and kings all over the continent.]

A picture appeared in the air showing the image of a woman sitting on her throne with her long hair fluttering behind her as she held her sword in hand. And right in front of her? Millions of troops stood at attention.

[The Eivelis Empire has declared war against the Luvien Empire!]

The picture immediately disappeared in the air, only to be replaced by another image.

[He is close friends with the one that leads the smallest yet the strongest nation.]

A man with considerable stature jumped in the middle of the Luvien Empire’s army and slaughtered tens of thousands of their troops with his sword, spewing out black blazing flames.

[The Lumae Kingdom has declared war against the Luvien Empire!]

[He has the king of all mercenaries by his side.]

[Mercenary King Venteio and the millions of mercenaries by his side have declared war against the Luvien Empire!]

[He has the purest and most genuine race, the race that could create the most significant weapon and armor by his side.]

[The Black Hammer Dwarves have declared war against the Luvien Empire!]

[The Elves have declared war against the Luvien Empire!]

[The Dragon King has declared war against the Luvien Empire!]

After the notifications from the empires and kingdoms that wanted to buy the favor of the Luvien Empire rang, a new set of world messages resonated worldwide, one after the other.

[Great Demon Gremory has declared war… Luvien Empire!]

[Lu Bai, the leader of the Saviors, has declared war… Luvien Empire!]

[Saintess Loyna has declared that the Athenae Religion will cease all interactions with the Luvien Empire after witnessing their tyranny!]

Duke Ruffiso’s face grew uglier the more the notifications rang in his ears. Finally, after a bit of thought, some of the emperors made their decisions.

[The Ardo Empire has declared war against the Luvien Empire!]

The Ardo Empire was the empire that Hound Amacar nurtured and was the second strongest after the Luvien Empire. The fact that this empire stood by the side of the Beyond the Heavens Empire has given them an enormous boost.

[Bard Erwell has started to sing about the bravery of the Beyond the Heavens Empire!]

[His song resonates worldwide and shakes the hearts of many!]

Erwell was the most famous bard in Athenae. Although he started singing for their sake, Minhyuk did not know him. However, it could also be seen as an act of revolt against the Luvien Empire.


Duke Ruffiso felt a sense of urgency. He knew that he had to kill Minhyuk right here and now. He feared Minhyuk’s rising status would damage the Luvien Empire’s reputation and prestige. And if he did not trample on him, more empires and kingdoms would join the Beyond the Heavens Empire.


Divine power, which belonged only to the gods, could exert a much stronger force than sword lights. Duke Ruffiso, whose one eye had turned black along with half of his body, could release a power equivalent to or perhaps even greater than the divine power. This ultimate power that Duke Ruffiso had just used was why rumors about him being a transcendent started circulating. Duke Ruffiso used all of his power in hopes of erasing the man in front of him.


A power that could easily wipe out a 200,000-strong army without leaving any trace erupted inside the dungeon. Everyone turned their attention to the power that extended like a sea of black.

Minhyuk stared at that power and said coldly, “You did not expect that, huh? That I will lure you in here?”

None of Minhyuk’s skills could offset the power stretching towards them. However, the power that he acquired recently was different. Using the title God Above Gods, Minhyuk created a new skill. And it has to be known that the title God Above Gods could only combine God-rank skills. And the skills that he combined?

[Thousand Swords.]

[Supreme Overlord Technique.]

[Lightning. Crazy.]

Minhyuk was highly delighted when he combined these three skills successfully.

[The combination is successful.]

[The Active Skill: Calamity has been created.]

[The power of this skill cannot be measured!]

[The power of this skill cannot be measured!]

[...cannot be measured!]

[...cannot be measured!]

[You cannot completely use the entirety of this power right now!]

[Calamity has been weakened!]

[Calamity has been weakened!]

[Calamity has been weakened!]

[You can now use the weakened Calamity!]

[The rank of the weakened Calamity is now being measured!]

[The rank of the weakened Calamity…!]

[Using Calamity will be accompanied by a considerable penalty. The higher the level and the skill proficiency, the less penalty you will receive!]

[As your level and skill proficiency increase, you can regain Calamity’s original power!]

And this was the very same power that Minhyuk had just used.


[All of your stats have decreased by 15.]

[Your level will go down by one.]

[Your total HP and MP volume will decrease by 1% permanently.]


The sky cracked open. And in that crack, a sword engulfed in fierce and blazing flames fell upon the power that Duke Ruffiso released.


Slash, slash, slash, slash, slash, slash–!

That single sword instantly weakened the power that Duke Ruffiso released. But that was not all. Nine hundred ninety-nine swords engulfed in flames fell upon the Luvien Imperial Army.


Flames shot out from the swords, engulfing the area around them. They tore and burned everything that was in their way apart. The rank of the skill Calamity was then revealed.

[The skill Calamity has power that can overcome an Absolute God’s Secret!]

[The Eight Pillars possess a skill that could represent themselves. These skills are called the Eight Disasters!]

[You are an Eight Pillar’s Candidate!]

[The skill Calamity can become the ‘Ninth Disaster’!]

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