Leveling Up through Eating

Chapter 899

The Sword God was a symbolic figure in Athenae. The Sword God was the one that appeared suddenly when the entrance to the Demon World opened. He swept away the rampant demons, closed the entrance, and promptly disappeared. And because of this feat, the Sword God became Athenae’s symbol of peace. Almost 50% of the players in Athenae used the sword to follow the Sword God’s example.

Valen was fully aware of this fact. He looked at Conir, who descended from the massive fortress, and asked, “What will you say when you appear in front of Minhyuk?”

“I am Conir! Let’s eat ramyeon!”


Valen looked like he wanted to cry. This was the spectacular appearance of the new generation Sword God, but would he shout, “Let’s eat ramyeon!” to announce his presence? This could not happen at all.

Then, at that moment, Valen looked up at the broad walls of the fortress before him.

‘He’s quite amazing,’ Valen thought in admiration.

Valen was looking at the Fortress of the Transcendental’s Fantasy, which housed a monstrous man. Valen could only meet this man after a series of fortunate events while he was still wandering around the world. However, the most shocking part was this.

‘I never expected that I would lose against him.’

Valen lost against that monstrous man by a minimal margin back then. However, it must be known that the Sword God was the strongest god among all of the Continental Gods. As for this fortress, if one successfully cleared its gates, the transcendentals living inside would help them gain whatever they wanted.

‘I did not expect that he would be able to clear the Second Gate,’ Valen admired Conir. ‘I don’t have the power to let you grow.’

The power that Valen used to get the position of the Sword God was a power that he nurtured and grew with the help of this very same fortress. Although only a day had passed in the outside world, for Conir, who stayed inside the fortress, five years had already passed.

And that brought Valen back to his problem. How could someone who gained the qualifications to become the Sword God return handsomely yet say, ‘Let’s eat ramyeon!’?

So, Valen tried his hardest to explain calmly, “Conir. Why do you want to become stronger?”

“Conir! Because Conir wants to help hyung!”

“That’s right.”– Valen smiled at the boy’s pure and noble heart. –“Right now, your hyung might desperately need your strength. However, listen to me carefully; people would only believe what they see.”

“What they see?”

“That’s right, Conir. If you can make a cool and outstanding show when you appear, it would be a great help for your hyung. Now, follow me. ‘I am the Sword God.’

“Conir! Conir will do it! I- I am the Sword God!”

The only person in Conir’s mind, while doing his best training inside the fortress, was his hyung, Minhyuk. Conir looked very excited that he would be of help to his beloved hyung.

“When Conir meets hyung, Conir will make hyung his favorite dish from Gimbap Heaven!”

Why was Conir mentioning Gimbap Heaven? It was because he heard Minhyuk mumbling to himself before he left.

Kghhhk. I want to go to Gimbap Heaven. Jjolmyeon, ramyeon, tteokbokki, tuna gimbap, tonkatsu. I want to order several servings at the same time!

Conir had always remembered those words that Minhyuk uttered to himself. He initially only liked to cook ramyeon. But before leaving, he tried to learn how to cook these dishes. And he practiced making these dishes in the five years he trained inside the fortress.

“Let’s go. It’s time to go back. I have a feeling that your hyung needs you.”

“Conir! Conir will help hyung!”


“I am the Sword God.” As Conir finished uttering these words, the notifications that Minhyuk could not hear before began to ring one after another.

[You have several unread notifications from your vassal Conir. You couldn’t hear the notifications because Conir stepped inside the ‘Unknown Land’!]

Minhyuk had absolutely no idea where Valen took Conir. Vassals at Conir’s level would usually be linked to Minhyuk. This meant that Minhyuk would hear notifications whenever they grew or leveled up.

[Conir has leveled up!]

[Conir has leveled up!]

[Conir has leveled up!]

[Conir has leveled up!]



[Conir has gone beyond his limits and has exceeded the ‘number listed in his potential’!]

[Conir has gone beyond his limits and has exceeded the ‘number listed in his potential’!]



[Conir has taken over the position of the Sword God!]

[Sword God Conir. He is the Sword God that has received the respect and admiration of many and will cut down the world with a single swing of his sword!]

Minhyuk smiled faintly when he saw Conir sporting a similar smile, looking back at him through the gaps of his long, dark hair.

Meanwhile, the Sword of the Gods were all left flustered.

[Your HP has dropped below 60%!]

This notification rang in the ears of God of Archery Miao. However, considering her HP was initially 72% before the attack, the damage was considerably huge. Even though her HP was lower than close-combat class players at her level, she wore many high-leveled and high-quality artifacts. So, this amount of damage was unreasonable.

And she wasn’t the only one panicking. God of Shields Valentino and the number one summoner, Bastien, were also panicking. However, Valentino gritted his teeth and slammed his square shield down.

“Bastard! What the hell is this again?! Get behind me! Bentino’s Final Shield!”

The Swords of the Gods were also very tired now. And that was not all; most of their skills were still in cooldown. And Valentino’s Bentino’s Final Shield was a shield skill that could ignore the skill cooldown. However, it would use 50% of his current MP to be cast.

[Final Shield.]

[You have consumed 50% of your current MP to cast the Final Shield!]

[Your current MP is around 62% of your total MP volume.]

[The Final Shield will have an additional 4,100% defensive power and can protect you from attacks by dragging it to the shield!]

The most significant advantage of this skill was that it could draw all of the attacks in the area toward it. In other words, if the enemy’s attack was aimed at Valentino’s waist, it would swerve and hit his shield.

However, there was one thing that the Swords of the Gods were not aware of. And that was the fact that the Transcendental Being’s Fragment that appeared in front of them had inherited the position of the Sword God and had also thoroughly learned the skills of the said god. That was not all. Conir had also received the training of the unknown man inside the Fortress of the Transcendental’s Fantasy. These were some snippets of what happened during Conir’s training.

Conir, you will not be able to fully digest all of the skills of the Sword God yet. Even if you can learn it now, they will be sealed, and you cannot use them.

–I am Conir! Conir needs to become stronger!

–However, there is always a way. All you need to do is make it your own. I will help you with that.

Conir was taught how to turn the skills of the Sword God into his own.

The Transcendental Being’s Fragment, with his long black hair, raised his sword and cast his skill.

[Hundred Swords.]

[Enemies within a three-meter radius will receive a hundred sword strikes with an additional 10% attack power when you swing your sword. The strikes will cover a hundred meters and wreak havoc upon your enemies.]

Although it only had 10% additional attack power, the hundred strikes more than made up for it. It was already a very overpowered skill.

At that moment, a white light flashed from Conir’s sword as he swung it toward the Final Shield.


Then, a hundred consecutive strikes began to rain down upon the shield.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang–!

“Heok! Wh- what the hell?!” Valentino shouted in shock as he watched the durability of his Final Shield drop rapidly.

Ultimately, the Final Shield broke down, and its aftermath wreaked havoc and attacked everyone within a hundred-meter radius.

The Luvien Imperial Army had gathered behind Valentino. This formation was easy enough for the Conir-style Hundred Swords to deal with. Just like that, the troops were torn and ripped apart.

Slash, slash, slash, slash, slash–!





Screams rang rampant among the Swords of the Gods and the troops of the Luvien Imperial Army.

[Sword of the Gods Miao has been forced to log out!]

[Sword of the Gods Alex has been forced to log out!]

At that moment, Miao and Alex, the ones with the lowest HP, were hit and forced to log out. This made the faces of the surviving Swords of the Gods grow ugly.

“It’s already within our reach…”

“We were just about to succeed in killing the Transcendental Being!”

However, they remembered that they still had Duke Ruffiso on their side. They believed that Duke Ruffiso would have already taken the head of the Transcendental Being by now. But when they turned their heads, they were all left in shock. The Transcendental Being, who had recovered from his injuries, fought on equal foot with Duke Ruffiso.

‘Wasn’t the Transcendental Being inferior to Duke Ruffiso?’

However, as they thought about it, they realized that the Transcendental Being was only in a disadvantageous position earlier because he had to deal with his enemies alone. But now? He was dealing with Duke Ruffiso alone. The problem was Duke Ruffiso was also very exhausted since he had to deal with the joint attacks of the fragments Brood and Effis earlier.


At that moment, Duke Ruffiso made a careless mistake and was pushed back by the Transcendental Being’s attack. When Minhyuk looked at Duke Ruffiso, he realized he no longer had to hide his identity.

‘There will be repercussions if I reveal my identity here after killing them.’

Minhyuk was fully aware of this fact. However, he was determined to kill the most excellent and most brilliant.

‘The longer this drags on, the more disadvantages I will have.’

The Operator’s Voice, or the Battle God’s Voice, was triggered.

[Many had been trampled on.]

A scene appeared on the ceiling of the dungeon. The expression that flashed on the face of Duke Ruffiso, who was wiping the blood from his chin, grew increasingly ugly. And the same was true for the Swords of the Gods.

“Damn it!”

“Where’s the bastard that said that he’s not Minhyuk?!”

“It’s Alex. He’s dead.”

The effects of the Battle God’s Voice were something that everyone was very familiar with. This was the power that only the Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor and Battle God Minhyuk could use. Because of this, the entire world realized that the Beyond the Heavens Empire had played them. However, no one pointed their fingers at him. In fact, instead of pointing their fingers, they were just watching him in awe.

The scene above them showed a family sitting together and eating happily. The scene showed how lively and happy the family was.

[A happy family.]

Not long after, the middle-aged man heard a disturbance outside. He stopped eating and went out of the house with his family. However, the moment they went out, they were greeted with the scene of the mountains of corpses left by the Luvien Empire. When the father hurriedly turned around to urge his family to run, a spear stabbed straight through his heart. The family was helpless and could only watch the father die with their pupils shaking.

[...was destroyed by your hands.]

[The friends who laughed with each other.]

This time, another scene appeared above them. The scene showed someone who seemed to be a player, drinking with NPCs all night. The man’s time with the NPCs flashed and turned into screenshots spread over the ceiling.

The screenshots showed scenes from the first meeting between the NPC and the player, to even when they went on a battlefield together. Then, it showed how the NPC waved goodbye to his friend who was logging out of the game. And the player? He smiled happily and waved his hand vigorously before disappearing.

The next day, the player, who logged back inside the game with a happy smile, found the corpse of his NPC friend. The player embraced the NPC and cried sadly and bitterly, frustration marring his face deeply.

All of these could happen to someone, to anyone, at any given moment. Someone had already gone through it.

[They died at your hands.]

[You took away their laughter and killed them without mercy.]

The scene showed hundreds of nobles from the Luvien Empire watching the cavalry in front of them kill and slaughter the masses. The nobles, who watched the commoners die, covered their noses with their handkerchiefs, only showing their brows twitching as if they found this manslaughter fun.

At the same time, tens of thousands of gold and silver treasures fell from the sky. Some knelt, their eyes glowing green from greed as they smiled at the falling treasures. Some fell crying, their arms hugging the bodies of their loved ones tightly.

And among those that wept bitterly, someone grabbed the spear and slowly stood up. With the old spear in hand, he trudged forward. As he took one step after another, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of people stood up and held old weapons until they formed a coalition. The man holding the old spear lifted it to the sky.



[However, keep this in mind.]

[They will never back down.]

A deafening roar resounded inside the Transcendentals’ Holy Land. Then, the scene changed in an instant. It showed the man with his rusty and old spear standing at the forefront and charging toward the walls of the Luvien Empire. And right behind him? Millions of people with their old weapons in hand ran with him.

[Even if they fall, they will continue to stand and rise.]

The scene above them showed how the Luvien Empire swept them away and forced them to fall. However, no matter how often they fell, they stood and advanced.

[They will continue to move forward even if it means they would have to use the bloody weapon their comrades left behind.]

Many ran forward with the bloody weapons that their dead comrades once used.

[They will do so until they finally slit your throats.]

Amidst the countless people being swept away, some were finally able to cut the heads off of their enemies. Then, the scene changed. It showed the Luvien Imperial Army running away from them in fear.

[I, Minhyuk, the Emperor of the Beyond the Heavens Empire, solemnly declare that…]



The roars of the millions of the allied forces’ shabby and rugged troops that fought against the Luvien Empire echoed. Flashes of light appeared among them.

With his white cape fluttering behind him, the emperor rode atop his white warhorse and raised his sword.

Standing beside him was a gray-haired older man who slammed his sword on the ground, glaring at the enemies.

Two men of huge stature stood on the emperor’s other side and stared coldly at the Luvien Imperial Army.

A three-headed beast roared loudly as it stood menacingly at the forefront of the allied troops.

In the sky, a Bone Dragon could be seen flying.

There was also the Dragon Lord descending swiftly to the ground, followed by hundreds of dragons.

The people of the Beyond the Heavens Empire appeared among the allied forces' bare, shabby, and weak troops.

[...I will stand at the forefront of this battle.]



The Swords of the Gods could not help the shiver that ran down their spines. At the same time, they finally realized why Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor Minhyuk lured them here. He wanted to crush his enemies and show this to everyone. He wanted to gather the scattered forces worldwide and gather them by his side.

They knew that they had to stop him. They had to stop the Battle God’s Voice. However, the scene above them had already changed. The Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor, standing in front of the millions of allied troops that went against the Luvien Empire, was already flying through the sky with his sword, roaring.


A sword that was tens of meters long appeared and split the great wall of the Luvien Empire in half.


As the walls crumbled apart, the scene above them slowly scattered into nothingness. Then, the Transcendental Being, the Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor, appeared and said, “To those that wish to tear apart and bring down the Luvien Empire, come to the Beyond the Heavens Empire.”

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