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Chapter 2037: Reunited

Chapter 2037: Reunited

From the moment he first witnessed the Heavenly Peng’s strength, Zu An had already known that it would be hard to win without using a divine weapon. Furthermore, against this kind of bird, the most suitable weapon was none other than the Sun Slaying Bow. However, the Heavenly Peng was way too fast, so locking onto it was almost impossible.

That was why Zu An had used the Rune Weapon Chart to create the famous Strike Freedom Gundam to act as his own incarnation. He had even entered the gundam’s cockpit in front of the opponent's face. In the Little Golden Peng King’s eyes, that was the same as becoming one with the gundam, so he hadn’t suspected anything at all.

Meanwhile, Zu An had secretly used his exchange skill that allowed him to swap positions with any tangible thing within the range of his divine sense. He had hidden in the dark and used the Strike Freedom Gundam to draw the Heavenly Peng’s attention, then finally found an opening and took him down.

The Sun Slaying Bow’s power went without saying. Even though the Heavenly Peng’s massive size made it look as if it could even cover the sun itself, it had died instantly after having its head blown apart. Then, the incarnation disappeared. The Little Golden Peng King fell heavily to the ground. Perhaps it was because the incarnation took most of the damage, but his head was still fine. Even so, blood was flowing out from every orifice, and all of his bones were broken. It was obvious that he wouldn’t survive.

Zu An flew above him and stared at him coldly.

“The Sun Slaying Bow lives up to its name, as expected,” the Little Golden Peng King said while coughing out several mouthfuls of blood.

“Little Golden Peng King, why did you have to do all of this?” Suolun Shi asked as she rushed over as well. When she saw her former good friend end up in such a state, she couldn't help but sigh deeply.

“Are you pitying me? It’s hard to say which one of us needs to be pitied,” the Little Golden Peng King said angrily. “Are you not confused as to why none of the Demon race’s reinforcements have arrived, even though it has been so long?”

“What do you mean?” Suolun Shi asked as her expression changed.

“Pitiful.” The Little Golden Peng King gave her a look and said mockingly, “Those reinforcements aren’t coming. They were used as chess pieces without even knowing it.”

Suolun Shi’s entire body trembled, her face extremely pale. That was something she had suspected, but she hadn't felt as if it made sense. That was why such thoughts had disappeared as soon as they came up. Now that he was saying such a thing, though, could it be...

“Where are the Second Empress and the others?” Zu An asked gravely.

“Do you think I’ll tell you?” the Little Golden Peng King replied, his expression surprisingly calm. His life was already over anyway, so what did he have left to fear?

“I have many ways to make you speak, but I still want you to tell me yourself,” Zu An said, giving him a look. “Do you not want revenge? If I try to save the Second Empress, her situation should be the most dangerous, so there's a high chance that I’ll die there.”

The Little Golden Peng King was briefly stunned, but then he laughed bitterly and said, “The regent really is a talent after all. I have to admit that what you say carries reason. I guess it’s fine to tell you. The Second Empress should be around four thousand kilometers out, by Qielu Snowfield. As for whether they’ve managed to bring their troops into the nearby city to protect themselves, that, I do not know.”

“Your respected self does have a lofty spirit,” Zu An said with a nod. “May I ask how many people have awakened their ancestral bloodline power like you have?”

The Heavenly Peng was indeed a bit tricky. If many people had awakened such an ability, that would really be a bit hard to defeat.

The Little Golden Peng King looked at him with an ambiguous smile, replying, “How many cultivators do you think can resist the temptation to become stronger?”

Zu An’s mood sank. The situation didn’t look optimistic.

The Little Golden Peng King raised his head to the sky, and the expression in his eyes slackened. He said, “How hateful it is that I wasn’t able to achieve my magnificent aspiration, and I can’t get revenge myself either...” His voice became quieter and quieter, and his eyes remained wide open as he breathed his last.

Zu An’s expression turned cold.

This guy is brave for trying to get revenge for his father, but the fact that he was the cause for so many deaths in the Fiend races makes him not worth pitying.

The Little Golden Peng King’s troops had been utterly defeated by the bombers. Now that they saw their war god of a leader defeated as well, they completely collapsed. The remaining troops dispersed in confusion. Zu An knew that these people merely followed orders, so he didn’t hunt them down.

Suolun Shi, however, stared at one of them. She screamed and her mace flew over, blasting the soldier into a meat pancake. He was none other than the scout Wang Gu, who had drawn them here.

After that strike, Suolun Shi seemed to have vented out a bit of her frustrations. She moved over to Zu An’s side and said apologetically, “I fear I cannot accompany you to the Second Empress’ side.”

“Are you going to return to the Demon race?” Zu An asked. He had an idea of what she wanted to do.

Suolun Shi voiced her agreement. “After hearing what the Little Golden Peng King said, I need to go back and take a look, to warn my clan’s people not to fall for their tricks.”

Zu An thought to himself, It might already be a bit late to go back now. However, if she wasn’t at least allowed to try, perhaps she wouldn't be able to resign herself. He said seriously, “Then you need to be careful. The Demon race might have already completely changed.”

Suolun Shi smiled in distress, saying, “After everything I’ve already gone through, if I could still afford to be so ignorant, I would really deserve to just die. Thank you for saving me, big brother Zu; I will repay this favor in the future.”

Zu An smiled and said, “If you can really prevent the Demon race from acting up, that might be the best repayment.”

“I will do my best!” Suolun Shi replied and bit her lip, seemingly setting her resolve.

Zu An was startled and said, “Please don’t act too rashly! If the situation calls for it, try to withdraw and find me as quickly as possible.”

Suolun Shi smiled and said, “Thank you for your concern, big brother Zu!”

Zu An thought for a bit, then gave her a flying sword talisman. He then taught her how to use it before bidding her goodbye.

Suolun Shi quietly stood in the wind and snow as she watched Zu An shoot into the sky and quickly vanish. A reluctant expression appeared on her charming face. Even so, that expression soon turned to decisiveness. She wrapped her coat closer around herself and resolutely turned around toward the exit of the sealed land. She had to contact her companions from the Demon race as quickly as possible, so the Little Golden Peng King’s tragedy wouldn’t repeat itself.


Meanwhile, Zu An continued to fly into the depths. He had some impression of Qielu Snowfield. That was an area that was at a bit of a higher elevation. That had once been a place the Fiend races defended, but it had been taken over by monsters thousands of years ago. He had never expected the Second Empress’ group to have actually already gotten in so far.

“Could it be that the monsters didn’t attack them, to deliberately bait them deeper in...” He was a bit confused, but he suddenly realized something. Even someone like the Little Golden Peng King had changed sides and become so powerful without anyone knowing, so it made sense for the Second Empress’ group to have been duped without any knowledge of it.

After flying for a long time, he noticed something. He noticed a wave of ki rippling from up ahead, and there was a mysteriously familiar feeling to it. He didn’t dare to be too slow and quickly flew in that direction. Soon, he could vaguely hear some strange laughter that was especially ear-piercing. It made one’s blood run cold and felt extremely uncomfortable.

Finally, countless figures appeared in the distance. Countless monsters were surrounding and attacking a few people in the midst of a snow valley.

A white-clad young lady attacked the surrounding monsters while saying urgently, “Clan leader, we will protect you! Hurry and run!” She was extremely beautiful, but compared to the pink-clad woman next to her, she couldn't help but pale a bit in comparison.

The pink-clad woman had a charm and temperament that was hard for a young lady to match. Her gaze was ice-cold as she replied, “How could you possibly cover for me? It would be better for me to I protect you two, and for the two of you to find the regent as quickly as possible to tell him what happened.”

All kinds of long painting scrolls flew out as she spoke, trapping many monsters within. However, there were just too many monsters, and she had already used as many painting scrolls as she could. It was clear that many were about to break out.

A miserable scream suddenly filled the air. It turned out several thin-skinned monsters had broken out of their range of encirclement, and one latched onto an elder. He screamed, and his flesh shriveled up at a visible rate. Meanwhile, the monster's body became completely red, and it swelled in size.

“Elder Zhu!” the blue-clad young lady screamed.

The pink-clad woman was shocked and furious. Her hair spread out in all directions, each end turning into a thin, hissing snake. Soon after, wherever the snakes' eyes went, the thin-skinned monsters were petrified. In the end, the one that clung onto Elder Zhu couldn't hold on and fell to the ground, shattering to pieces. Unfortunately, Elder Zhu had already become a shriveled corpse. All of his life force had already been sucked dry.

The pink-clad woman suddenly coughed out a mouthful of blood. She staggered unsteadily, and her head of thin snakes also became dispirited. In her moment of weakness, the monsters pounced. Countless thin-skinned monsters flew over to surround the three women.

While the three women were in despair, a resplendent streak of sword ki appeared from the horizon. The thin-skinned monsters were like candles before a flame, screaming as they disappeared into nothing.

“Ah Zu!” the pink-clad woman exclaimed, shocked and overjoyed. The sword was just too familiar. However, she had already used up all of her strength. She could no longer stand steadily and fell to one side.

Just then, a figure appeared at her side and took her waist into his arms. His other hand held a longsword, erasing all of the approaching monsters from existence.

The white and blue-clad young ladies saw who had arrived. Both of them were surprised and extremely happy.

“Big brother Zu!”

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