Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 3127 Liu Kang Looks For Ye Chen To Kill Him

"It seems like the heavens support what that person did, this is very bad" The city lord saw that the heavens sided with Liu Kang.

"This person is so stupid" Ye Chen cursed, why is this person so stupid?

"Even though Ye Chen had good intentions to help, this person didn't know and instead cursed Ye Chen.

"Puchi. . ." Long Luxie smiled when she saw this, what she saw now was very funny.

They didn't seem to know what Ye Chen was doing, even though Ye Chen had such good intentions but they misinterpreted them.

The most important thing was that Ye Chen did good and Long Luxie liked that.

"Damn it, who did this?" Liu Kang was so angry.

His plan should have quickly succeeded, but someone messed up his plan.

"I'm sure that person did it too." Liu Kang was sure that this person was the one who made his troops flee.

"I'd better take care of this person first, otherwise I won't be able to attack the city" Liu Kang realized that he had to take care of Ye Chen first.

If he couldn't care for Ye Chen, he wouldn't be able to attack and control the city.

"Forest wall" Liu Kang made a wall, he intended to hide in the dense forest.

A very dense forest appeared, the forest was very dense and so high, it would be very difficult to penetrate it.

"This is enough, it's time to solve other problems." After hiding, Liu Kang immediately looked for Ye Chen's whereabouts.

He would crush Ye Chen first.

"Just wait, I will finish you off, after that, the city will be destroyed in my hands," Liu Kang said in a voice full of anger.

"What is he doing?" Long Luxie asked Ye Chen why Liu Kang did this.

"He changed his strategy" Ye Chen said that Liu Kang seemed to have changed his strategy.

"Changing? What will he do next? Maybe he will look for us?" Long Luxie said to Ye Chen.

"We have hindered his plan, what do you think? Isn't it natural that he is looking for us?" Ye Chen said to Long Luxie

"You are right, that is a very natural" Long Luxie agreed, she immediately realized that it was a very natural thing to do.

"Now you understand, right, he will come soon, you can hide," Ye Chen said to Long Luxie.

Ye Chen told Long Luxie to hide.

"Ye Chen, that person is strong, what are you going to do, you won't be able to win" Long Luxie said to Ye Chen.

Long Luxie took Ye Chen to hide, as long as they hid, Liu Kang wouldn't be able to find them.

"I thank you for your attention, but I will face it" Ye Chen said to Long Luxie.

Ye Chen was happy with the attention given by Long Luxie, Long Luxie was caring and worried about Ye Chen, and that alone made Ye Chen happy.

"let's quickly hide," Ye Chen said to Long Luxie.

Ye Chen told Long Luxie to hide, it seemed Liu Kang had started moving to find Ye Chen's location.

"I understand." Long Luxie could only obey what Ye Chen said.

Ye Chen was quite stubborn, Long Luxie couldn't pull Ye Chen by force.

Long Luxie could only let Ye Chen do everything alone.

Liu Kang finally arrived, he discovered Ye Chen's whereabouts.

"So you are here," Liu Kang said to Ye Chen, he finally found Ye Chen's whereabouts.

"How?, isn't that nice?" Ye Chen said to Liu Kang.

Ye Chen was sure that Liu Kang enjoyed what Ye Chen gave him.

"damn, you have made me lose face, I will destroy you" Liu Kang said to Ye Chen.

Liu Kang was angry, he wanted to destroy Ye Chen right now.

"hahahaha, I don't think that will happen," Ye Chen said to Liu Kang, Ye Chen told him that it wouldn't happen.

"Crack . . ." from below appeared trees, they surrounded this place very quickly.

"You will soon be destroyed," Liu Kang said to Ye Chen, he told him that Ye Chen would soon be destroyed into several pieces.

"Dragons with plant elements, are very rare, even though you can make the world much more lively, but instead, you commit crimes like this," Ye Chen said to Liu Kang.

"shut up, you don't know anything about me, you don't know how someone suffers," Liu Kang said to Ye Chen.

"I'm not you, how could I know about this, don't joke with me," Ye Chen said to Liu Kang.

Ye Chen is not Liu Kang, so why should Ye Chen feel the pain of Liu Kang?

Liu Kang's face darkened, and he was humiliated by Ye Chen.

"I have lost everything I have, I am doing this to get everything I have," Liu Kang said to Ye Chen.

Liu Kang did this to get what was his.

"You should know why you are like that, with the way you lead, you will lose everything," Ye Chen said to Liu Kang.

"You won't be any different from them, you don't know about me," Liu Kang said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was the same as everyone, he didn't know Liu Kang's wishes.

"desire, it's just selfishness that you have," Ye Chen said to Liu Kang.

That was a personal desire, he wanted to rule and do everything as he pleased, he forgot that his people had the power to destroy him.

"Because of this, I want power, with absolute power, I will rule this world," Liu Kang said to Ye Chen.

He would rule this world, this new power would be put to good use, he could create his powerful army, and it would be enough to destroy this world.

The problem now is one, Ye Chen has an artifact that can repel the monsters created by Liu Kang, and Liu Kang must destroy the tool.

"hand over the tool you used," Liu Kang said to Ye Chen.

"I don't want to give it to you" Ye Chen refused to give it to Liu Kang.

"If you refuse it, you will die here," Liu Kang said to Ye Chen.

"Just try if you can," Ye Chen told Liu Kang to try.

"dead" Liu Kang immediately used the trees around him to attack Ye Chen, the trees turned pointy and sharp.

It was like a spear that wanted to stab Ye Chen.

"So this is the strength you have, not bad," Ye Chen said to Liu Kang.

"Talking a lot, die right now" Liu Kang laughed, he enjoyed this.

Ye Chen stretched out one hand, he destroyed all the trees using just his bare hands.

"Bang. . . !" all the trees were destroyed, Ye Chen used his bare hands to destroy all the trees around him.

"What?" Liu Kang was shocked when he saw what Ye Chen was doing, Ye Chen destroyed all the trees using his bare hands.

"This tree has such terrible poison, if it is burned, it will make people poisoned, a technique that is powerful enough to fight stupid people," Ye Chen said to Liu Kang.

"So you know" Liu Kang didn't expect Ye Chen would know, how did Ye Chen know that the plant he made was poisonous?

"I learned this a long time ago, of course, I won't be fooled," Ye Chen said to Liu Kang.

"You are smarter than those people," Liu Kang said to Ye Chen.

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