Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

Chapter 1101 Don't Do Something Stupid

1101 Don't Do Something Stupid

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Mu Lei looked in the distance, silently waiting. He wore black martial clothes with short sleeves, showing his muscular arm. He looked at his wife, and they nodded to each other. Tong Ruobing pointed at him, and tattoos or talisman runes manifested on his arms. They had a plan, and it was time to implement it.

With all these talisman buffs, he was in peak shape for the battle. So, he activated his [Awakening], which was one of the more subtle ones, as ten stars appeared on his pupil.

When the formation activated, the Insurgents and Eternal powerhouses rushed into the fourth layer. A lightning dragon materialized around Mu Lei's fists, and he rushed forward.

He bypassed a few pseudo Eternals and genuine Eternals, heading directly for the Immortal Sovereigns. He exploded a demonic Immortal Sovereign before rushing to another and punching through her heart.


A palm attack hit Mu Lei on his back, but he tanked it with his flesh and the defensive talisman.

[Purple-Gold Divine Punishment Thunder]

The sky above the void changed as lightning bolts descended from the heavens to kill as many Immortal Sovereigns and pseudo-Eternals as possible. People resisted, and the other Eternals rushed toward him, but Mu Lei and Tong Ruobing ignored them and continued evading and targeting the weaker members.

After the lightning bolts stopped, the vibration of thunder followed, killing more people by either exploding their bodies or directly targeting their souls. After all, thunder is the nemesis of everything evil and Yin in nature.

[Gravity Pull]

Mu Lei's Star Beast Body is enough, thus achieving its own gravity rotation and pull. So, he released all its power, pulling countless people toward him. They tried to resist, but the pulling force was truly terrifying.

[Lightning Dominion]

Mu Lei controlled the electrical impulses in these people's bodies and exploded them from the inside. As for the people whose bodies were entirely conceptual, it did not matter as they once contained "lightning" and were thus susceptible to this technique.

[Weight Crushing Fist]

He appeared before a young female Immortal Sovereign and punched her. He converted the nearly incalculable weight of his body into a crushing force, turning her into meat paste. Mu Lei used a second punch to destroy the array surrounding him before rushing to another target.

An Eternal with strength near his (peak 5-fold) rushed to annihilate Mu Lei, but he activated a talisman on his body and teleported from the attack, reaching another target.

He raised his palm to point at the enemy, releasing a terrifying force that exploded them into a blood mist. Before he could move, chains captured Mu Lei's legs and arms, sealing all his movement.

The years spent in the Dream World to increase his battle experience activated, and he realized his gluteus maximus muscles were still working, so he farted. However, this was not just a normal fart, but a fart backed by an infinite amount of mass from Mu Lei's true body.

This technique's terrifying force and unexpectedness caused devastating damage; the chains broke apart, and the people closest to them turned into disintegrated particles. Mu Lei took advantage of the surprise and chaos to kill a few more people.

He blew his breath, generating a powerful tornado that dispersed the surrounding chaotic space-time energy. He raised his palm to force out one of the muscles from his body before using it as a whip to kill people.

Tong Ruobing suddenly appeared behind him, and they stood back to back. They looked around, already surrounded.

"How many did you kill?" she asked.

"17. You?"


Together, they killed 38 Eternal Class powerhouses, and that's not counting the countless Insurgents who died in the aftermath of their rampage. Mu Lei frowned. This number might have looked impressive, given who they were killing, but it was nothing compared to the enemy's sheer number advantage.

"They're about to destroy the formation, meaning the real battle is about to start. How about we leave them with a gift?" Mu Lei said, and Tong Ruobing nodded, understanding what she meant.

"What? Can't let go of your precious baby?"

Tong Ruobing complained, "I just feel it was wasteful to use it in this battle, given how long it took me to make it."

"You should have enough resources for another one after this battle, but I can't do anything about the time issue," replied Mu Lei.

"Enough chitchats. Let's do this." Tong Ruobing reinforced the buff he gave him, ensuring his strength remained the same as hers and did not drop to lower 5-fold. Then, she pointed to his forehead to place a white talisman inside his Sea of Consciousness.

Mu Lei's body started to grow to a colossal size. He was so large that the gravity he released started pulling the nearest Great Thousand World, billions of light years away.

"Stopped him," yelled an Eternal Emperor with gray eyes as if he were blind. However, it was too late. "Explode," roared Mu Lei. His enormous body detonated, releasing a maelstrom of energy, killing an incalculable number of individuals on both sides-despite his controlling the power to rush toward the enemy.

Tong Ruobing's Nirvana Rune, which she has been researching since she heard of Longevity Resources, activated, and Mu Lei revived himself, perfectly intact albeit a little paler and weaker than before.

"It's your turn," he said, and Tong Ruobing prepared for her gift.

"Don't do anything stupid," suddenly said a voice in her mind.

"Wang Wei? Why are you stopping me?"

"There will be severe consequences if you use the corrupted blood from the Abyss Gap."

"Consequences? But I've calculated it a million times and took all kinds of precautions," she rebutted.

"You're messing with forces beyond your comprehension," said Wang Wei. "I'm starting to regret letting you keep that blood; don't make me take it back."

"Fine," said Tong Ruobing. "But now that you're here, can you do something? The situation is not looking too good for us."

"No, it's not time for me to show up yet. Not enough people have died, and not everyone has taken the bait."

"Not enough people dead? Is this your objective? Counter the Balance Mechanisms by creating this war to kill as many powerhouses as possible?" asked Tong Ruobing, putting a few pieces together.

"No comment," replied Wang Wei. Although he understood the Balance Mechanism's necessity and was okay with playing the game, he could still show his dissatisfaction with being restricted in other ways.

"Anyway, I have blessed you with great luck and fortune, so there is little chance that something will happen to you."

"But if True Heavenly Dao notices your action and is angered, it could intervene, and your protection will mean shit," rebutted Tong Ruobing.

"Haven't people told you before that you don't have to show your intelligence? You should not say certain things out loud even if you know it."

"What the fuck does that even mean?"

"Forget it; your actions just reminded me of a bastard," replied Wang Wei. "As I was about to say, consider this battle a preparatory training for the hell you'll suffer once you ascend and the real war begins."

"This is not a valid excuse for your inaction and putting so many lives at risk," swiftly said Tong Ruobing, but no one answered. "Hello, are you there?" Still no answer.

"Damn that bastard."

"What happened?" asked Mu Lei.

"It's Wang Wei," she said through Divine Sense, and explaining the entire situation.

"I told you I had a bad feeling about this plan," replied Mu Lei. "That blood is dangerous, and you should not mess with it. At least wait until we're more powerful to explore.

"So, you're on his side?"

Mu Lei's lips twitched, "Of course not. As always, you're always correct."

Tong Ruobing gave him an annoyed look before exhaling deeply. "Maybe you're right; I've been too obsessed." Her competitive nature got the best of her as she thought the drop of blood was the key to surpassing Wang Wei. Now, she realized she may have been on a precipice of a horrifying calamity.

"I'm glad you can understand," nodded Mu Lei. Many people think his wife is headstrong, cruel, and an opportunist who will do anything for profit and benefit, but he knows that she tends to take things too far, and most of the time, it's not out of malice, especially regarding any form of competition or race.

After the little gift, the enemy suffered tremendously, but their forces outnumbered the Myriad Emperor World's allied forces. However, the real battle was about to start, as countless Emperors showed up, including Yu Yan and a few from the Myriad Emperor World, Wrath, Ji Lanfang, Shi Qian, and Xi Shangyan. The Demon Suppressing Emperor and the others took their positions in the Martial Hegemony World.

Everyone was surrounded by three to five Eternal Powerhouses, who glared at each other while releasing their aura. Ji Lanfang seemed calm compared to everyone, holding a sword in one hand and drinking from a gourd in another.

He first saluted his friend's wife with a nod before waving his sword to Wang Tian in the distance.

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