Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years

Chapter 657 Did He Really Think My Soul Was That Easy To Read?

"Aren't you afraid of me?" Borak always felt something was off but couldn't pinpoint it. The tiny Nature Deity before him seemed odd in a way he couldn't explain.

Suddenly, it dawned on him...

This tiny Nature Deity wasn't afraid of him?

His casual tone and calm demeanor made Borak somewhat uneasy.

Relying on his martial prowess and status to instill fear and terror in others was a source of joy for Borak, but he couldn't sense any fear in William.

Didn't that girl just now look terrified?

In any case, William's attitude was making him uncomfortable!

William knew that showing fear now would seem a bit over the top, so he said expressionlessly, "I have a natural poker face. Actually, I'm so scared right now, I feel like peeing. Do you believe me?"

"Is that so?" Borak burst into laughter, "Interesting! Very interesting! Go ahead and pee, I'll go deal with that girl."

"You go about your business; don't mind me." William said, then went off to pee on his own.

The whole process was surprisingly amiable and friendly, without the slightest conflict.

Alice was hiding inside an alchemy furnace, secretly observing the situation outside.

She noticed that William and that monster were getting along famously, the Shapeshifters' lord laughing joyously.

William actually went off to pee...


How could someone do that?

Alice was frantically panicking inside the alchemy furnace, while Borak no longer paid attention to William and slowly approached the furnace.

Borak had thought this would be a grueling task, but he hadn't expected to stumble upon treasures.

The ancient Dark Artifact in Loki's possession, the bronze mask he had just acquired, and now this alchemy furnace – all items that would cause a frenzy anywhere, had all come into his possession.

Could it be that heaven was favoring him, wanting him to use this opportunity to break through his current level of strength?

"A minor Nature Deity like you, you don't think you'll be fine just hiding in there, do you?" Borak said as he transformed back to his original appearance, his body growing three times larger, with massive claws grabbing the alchemy furnace, attempting to forcibly pry open its lid.

Alice quickly covered the entire alchemy furnace with Eternal Starfire.

Wasn't this how she attacked those Nature Deity elites last time?

"Hiss~" Borak got scalded, much like an ordinary person touching a metal kettle full of boiling water, the kind that doesn't insulate heat.

"Eternal Starfire? You actually possess the power of a sacred aura?" Borak's eyes widened in shock, yet he didn't let go. The entire alchemy furnace was enveloped in flames in his palm.

He scrutinized the furnace in his grip, his pupils shrinking, "What kind of miraculous power is this?"

Alice had absorbed the essence from within William, so the Eternal Starfire mixed with a trace of William's power, making it appear different.

But now Alice was truly scared,this monster wasn't afraid of her Eternal Starfire at all.

After all, the difference in their strength levels was just too great. No matter how many treasures Alice possessed, she couldn't avoid being utterly suppressed by this force.

The power of a sacred aura? This minor Nature Deity possesses the power of a sacred aura?

Borak suddenly remembered Odin's mention of the power of a sacred aura at the Ultimate Force Alliance conference and couldn't help but laugh out loud for a few moments before stopping abruptly, loudly proclaiming, "Since you won't come out, I'll just swallow you whole!"

With that, he swallowed the alchemy furnace in one gulp.

The matter of the power of a sacred aura, once discovered, shouldn't be recklessly disclosed. Odin had promised at the Ultimate Force Alliance conference that the first hint of the power of a sacred aura would go to Forseti of the Heart of Asgard.

Now that he had found it, if he were to release Alice and Odin found out, it would be difficult to justify.

Better to claim it as his own first!

The alchemy furnace made from Golden Magic Sand naturally couldn't be handed over either!

Having already experienced Alice's Eternal Starfire, which couldn't cause him any real harm, swallowing it to absorb the power of the sacred aura, along with the furnace, was no big deal.

He could just spit out the furnace afterward.

Now, the task at hand was to ensure that no other superpower discovers the existence of this strand of the power of a sacred aura within him.

Alice was swallowed whole by Borak. William shook off the last few drops of urine, pulled up his pants, and turned back to look at Borak, who had consumed both the alchemy furnace and a person.

This was simply disrespecting food.

And so unrefined!

"Young man, now tell me, where did you find this mask?" Borak, still not having shrunk back to his normal size, looked down slightly at William.

William slightly lifted his eyelids and said, "Tell you, so you can eat me too? Do I look stupid?"

"Ha ha ha ha! You really are clever!" Borak laughed loudly, "But do you think staying silent will do? I can easily probe your memories!"

After saying this, he actually cast a soul-reading spell on William.

"Stop!" William shouted.

But it was already too late.

Borak had cast the soul-reading spell, attempting to forcibly search William's memories.


"Ah!!" The moment Borak cast the soul-reading spell on William, he felt his soul suffer an unprecedented blow, so much so that even the four ice barriers sealing Loki could not be maintained.

Loki seized the chance to escape, picking up the Little Broken Stick and smashing it towards Borak's head.

At this moment, Borak was dizzy and disoriented, barely able to move his limbs, let alone fend off Loki's attack.

In an instant, he was struck down to the ground by the stick.

All the Shapeshifters under Borak were stunned.

What happened?

Wasn't that person powerless just a moment ago?

Why did the four ice barriers shatter all at once, and he managed to take down Borak?

No, that can't be right!

It must be fake!

It must be Lord Borak being bored and wanting to toy with Loki again.

A rhino-like monster, standing not far away, kept explaining to a crocodile-like monster beside him, "Our leader, Lord Borak, really knows how to have fun!"

The crocodile-like monster nodded repeatedly, "Lord Borak must have wanted that person to scratch him with the stick."

"Ha ha ha ha! That person couldn't possibly think he really took down our great Lord Borak, right?"

"Look at Lord Borak's acting skills, truly unparalleled!"

"Yes, yes! I almost believed it myself!"

A group of Shapeshifters laughed and formed a circle, watching Borak get thrashed by Loki.

"This person really has some strength, to actually make Lord Borak bleed from the head!"

"Lord Borak probably hasn't been injured in years. Maybe he wanted to experience what being injured feels like."

"Ah! This must be the loneliness that comes with being the strongest. We'll probably never understand it in our lifetimes."


The Shapeshifters at the gates of Shire had been spitting for days, bored out of their minds, so they were thrilled to see such an exciting performance and even started cheering.

Above the city gates, a group of demon soldiers were also enjoying the spectacle.

"Am I seeing things? I saw that Borak was hit by a stranger!"

"Borak's subordinates are laughing? Could it be they have some serious issue with their brains?"

"It's probably just these Shapeshifters being bored and messing around! Seriously messed up! They've been blocking the city gate for so many days without fighting, what exactly do they want to do?"


Watching Borak, beaten bloody by Loki and unable to move, William sighed inwardly.

This guy must be seriously sick,he had been warned not to do it, yet he insisted on using a soul-reading spell to read my memories.

Did he really think my soul was that easy to read?

Now, look what happened, he's caused himself to have a mental breakdown.

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