Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 2884  Al-Abalem! II

Chapter 2884  Al-Abalem! II

Every pore on the robust Physiology of the Dikastes of Extremity felt calm and peaceful as they stepped into this domain.

|Even minutes feel like eons when away from our Archaeos Vitalis Pylos…come, we must meet with the Existential Engineers.|

In this new space filled with hazy and serene white mist, Cavalier Reylyra seemingly bathed in its intent with contentment while speaking out and delving deeper in.

With the mist ever so gradually clearing, they rose above a white cloudy layer that seemed to stretch out in all directions.

In the surroundings, scintillating and extremely pure tendrils of Vitalis flowed serenely as every few miles, there seemed to be points of convergence of Vitalis Hyperversal Authority.

Where these points stood, one could see solidified Planalith Krystallos floating like fruits and radiating vibrant light.

There were hundreds of such points of convergence stretching out all around this region, with clusters of dozens of Planalith Krystallos around each one as the concentration of this authority alone was immense!

The earth continued to show a cluster of endless clouds as the skies…were even more unique!

The skies seemed to be burning with serene white flames that stretched out for light years, but in the far distance, these flames formed a curvature that folded inwards- creating the phenomenon and appearance of a massive hole in the center of the skies that white flames disappeared into from all around.

The figures of Cavalier Reylyra and the other Vitalis Dikastes of Extremity floated towards massive white gates that seemed connected from the cloudy earth below and all the way up to the flaming skies above, a sliver of such gates open as the bodies of 9 Dikastes of Extremity were standing powerfully in front of such a gateway!

With nods of recognition, Cavalier Reylyra and the others passed through as before them…lay utmost brilliance.

The Archaeos Vitalis Pylos.

A home.

A grand construct that the Dikastes of Extremity considered a home, but it was more than just that!

This was the domain where the Legacy of Al-Abalem was housed.

Where Basileus of Al-Abalem stood strong!

Past the massive gateway, an intense white light covered everything as the eyes of any entities below the Ninth Gradation of Extremity may not be able to even observe anything, but one could distinctly observe the outline of circular floating structures that looked like buildings the size of Cosmos.

They floated with immensity and majesty as they held great variation in size, with the figures following Cavalier Reylyra going towards one of the more massive circular structures light years into the Archaeos Vitalis Pylos.

With its exterior solid and shining with a milky white crystalline light, one could see the top of this structure radiating a beam of white light towards the flaming skies, with this building being open like a half moon as within it…the Titanic figure of two Entities that looked similar to the Dikastes of Extremity were facing each other!

They looked similar, but they were at least ten times larger and their bodies were wingless!

Their upper bodies were humanoid in nature as they still held a serpentine eye on the chest and head, with their lower being transitioning into tendrils of white Vitalis Extremity Authority that seemed to stretch down and connect to the structure and white clouds below.

Above their heads, tendrils of white light constantly surged out as they contributed to the massive white pillar of light shooting to the skies at the top of the structure they were in!

These…were Existential Engineers.

Between the two titanic Existential Engineers inside the circular structure, a singularity of blazing white light constantly spun with an exotic light as they seemed to be in the middle of something, but nobody unqualified would even begin to understand what they were doing!

Cavalier Reylyra and the other Dikastes arrived as she waved her hands to collect all the bundles of contained Foreign Existential Extremity Authorities while descending into the building when all of a sudden…her eyes and the eyes of the oncoming Dikastes managed to see under the hazy white brilliance all around, there were two figures much smaller in size than the Existential Engineers or even Dikastes of Extremity- and they were currently talking amongst each other while gazing at the circling singularity between the two massive Existential Engineers.

The moment that Cavalier Reylyra and the others saw these two beings, their bodies instantly sank to their knees right where they stood as with utter respect and reverence, they voiced out at the same time.

|We greet Basileus Anaine! We greet Basileus Urirr!|

Their wings bent down respectfully.

Their serpentine eyes gazed down in reverence!

Ahead of them, two entities turned towards their direction as they…were pristine in nature.

They seemed fully humanoid and far from the Physiologies of the Dikastes of Extremity, one being a male and the other being a female as silver white hair was adorned on their heads.

Each of them emanated tremendous beauty and honor, and no aura could be felt from their bodies as one would never be able to ascertain what Gradation of Extremity they were in!

This was because…they exceeded all established Gradations.

Unlike the Dikastes of Extremity who only held a single serpentine eye on their head, these two entities held a nose and a mouth with two bright eyes- the pupils within being the only similarity as they were serpentine in nature.

A smile slowly formed on the woman referred to as Basileus Anaine as she waved her hands towards the Dikastes of Extremity while looking curiously towards the bundle of Foreign Existential Extremity Authorities within her grasp.

|These are the sources of the Problem you all are handling below?|

As her intent weaved, Cavalier Reylyra and the other sank down even more while she replied!

|Yes, Basileus Anaine. Forgive our incompetence to resolve it quickly. We were bringing it to Engineer Xonial and Engineer Vathayu for more clarity on its standing and extent of authority.|

|Oh?| Basileus Anaine smiled at such words as she beckoned with her hands.

|Let me take a look at the Existential Extremity Authorities that have risen in our little Arboretum.|


Existential Extremity Authorities meant to be observed and quantified by Existential Engineers.

At this moment in time, they fell into the hands of an Entity far, far above such beings in authority!

Into the hands of a Basileus of Al-Abalem!

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