I Have A Sword

Chapter 494: Either You Die or I Die!

Chapter 494: Either You Die or I Die!

They had decided to gang up on Ye Guan!

Ye Guan's face turned fierce. He gripped Xuanyuan tightly, and his figure became blurry.

The faces of the Time Reversers who had fought Ye Guan before changed drastically. freeweb .co m

Ye Guan was about to unleash one of his ultimate moves!

Ye Guan drew his sword and slashed out—Heavenrend: Max Stacks, Max Space Overlap!

A kaleidoscope of sword lights erupted and converged into one, shattering the Abandoned Heaven Realm layer by layer as it flew toward the oncoming Time Reversers.

Diyi Feng's expression changed dramatically. He didn't expect that Ye Guan's sword would be so terrifying. Unfortunately, it was already too late for them to retreat. They had no choice but to confront Ye Guan's sword head-on!

Diyi Feng clenched his right hand into a fist and swung forward. The overwhelming force of the punch surged out like a torrent, colliding with Ye Guan's terrifying sword move.


The radiant sword light and the fist imprint collided, generating a powerful shockwave that sent everyone scampering off in a desperate retreat for safety.

Ye Guan was forced to retreat a few kilometers away before finally stopping. As soon as he stopped, a wave of saber light flew toward him from behind, sending chills down his spine.

Ye Guan stabilized himself before whipping around and drawing out his sword.



Ye Guan's sword light shattered, but Diyi Lou was blasted away as well. Unfortunately, Ye Guan failed to remain unscathed from the collision. In addition, hundreds of powerful auras swept toward him from behind.

It was a good thing that the white-robed old man's Abandoned Heaven Divine Array had contained many Time Reversers. Otherwise, Ye Guan would have been forced to fight even more Time Reversers.

Ye Guan showed no fear in the face of so many Time Reversers. In fact, his eyes emitted a dazzling light as he turned around and charged at them.

Ye Guan swung Xuanyuan in all directions, sending waves of powerful sword force.

A fight to the death!

Ye Guan's momentum was so strong that even Diyi Lou found it hard to resist.

Ye Guan managed to fight the group of Time Reversers toe-to-toe, and the sight irritated Diyi Feng. They had to make quick work of Ye Guan, as the Heaven Sovereign and the Earth Sovereign were still busy dealing with the woman in black.

If the Heaven Sovereign and the Earth Sovereign were somehow defeated, they would be screwed once the woman in black attacked them along with Ye Guan.

Having made up his mind, Diyi Lou took to the sky and opened his palm.

A colossal black bell flew out of his palm and expanded by over a thousand times.

Diyi Lou then chanted an ancient incantation.

The colossal bell trembled in response to Diyi Lou's incantation. The next moment, a resonant ancient tolling chimed out, making a beeline for Ye Guan.

The colossal bell was an extraordinary divine weapon known as the Death Knell.

Ye Guan felt a sense of foreboding, and his expression changed drastically upon seeing what was flying toward him. Nonetheless, he didn't retreat. He took a stance with his sword and slashed out, sending out a wave of crimson sword light.


The crimson sword light exploded, and Ye Guan was forced to retreat a few kilometers away. He had just come to a halt, but over a hundred powerful auras were already flying toward him. Clearly, the Time Reversers had no plans of giving him any time to breathe!

Ye Guan opened his left palm and clenched it. His sword domain erupted, and countless sword lights enhanced by his sword intent enveloped him. The air let loose a shrill cry as Ye Guan's sword lights tore through the air itself.


Unfortunately, Ye Guan's sword domain lasted only for a brief moment.

Ye Guan was blasted away once again. To make matters worse, the resonant ancient tolling echoed once more. Ye Guan's mind was abuzz, and he looked up to see a terrifying, inscrutable force flying toward him.

Ye Guan raised his sword horizontally in front of him.


Ye Guan flew hundreds of kilometers away after barely managing to defend himself.

He had just come to a halt when a terrifying saber light descended on him.

Ye Guan looked up, and his figure blurred as a kaleidoscope of sword lights erupted.

Space Overlap!


Diyi Lou's saber light shattered, and he flew flying tens of kilometers away.

However, Ye Guan didn't take advantage of that opportunity to attack Diyi Lou. He took to the sky and rushed toward the colossal black bell, as it posed the greatest threat to him.

Diyi Feng's eyes flashed coldly upon seeing Ye Guan's movement.

Diyi Feng's lips moved slightly, and a violent tremor ran through the colossal black bell.

A series of terrifying toiling echoed, but the toiling sounded more like the wailing of Death itself, and it seemed capable of shattering the minds of those unfortunate enough to hear it.

Ye Guan's eyes narrowed into slits, but he didn't retreat. He continued his charge at the Death Knell.

And that was when a golden light shot out of him and took to the sky...

Little Pagoda had manifested! Little Pagoda stood in front of Ye Guan and defended him against the toiling with his golden rays of light. The toiling shattered beneath Little Pagoda's attack, diffusing into the air.

The Time Reversers retreated rapidly at the sight. However, the slow Time Reversers found themselves burning, and they were reduced to mere ashes in just a few seconds.

Diyi Lou's expression turned grim. He was deeply shaken as he glared at the tiny pagoda in the distance. He hadn't expected that a tiny pagoda could actually resist the toiling of the Death Knell!

Little Pagoda suddenly said, "Young Master, let me deal with this broken thing!"

"Thank you, Master Pagoda!" Ye Guan exclaimed and turned around, transforming into a ray of sword light that charged toward Diyi Feng in the distance.

Diyi Feng glared fiercely at Ye Guan.

"All right. Let me see just how extraordinary you are!" Diyi Feng roared and charged forward. Countless fist lights erupted and enveloped Diyi Feng's fist as he threw a punch toward Ye Guan.

The countless fist lights were so powerful that they annihilated the nearby spacetime.

However, Ye Guan remained undeterred as he drew his sword and slashed out—Heavenrend: Four Space Overlaps!


A terrifying explosion detonated at the point of collision, and the two were blasted hundreds of kilometers away.

Ye Guan quickly stabilized himself, and that was when Diyi Lou appeared and slashed out with his saber. His goal was to catch Ye Guan off guard and make sure that the latter wouldn't have enough time to even catch his breath.

A colossal saber light that stretched for a few kilometers erupted at once, and the saber light carried a force that seemed capable of destroying both heaven and earth!

To make matters worse, the other Time Reversers had decided to jump into the fray.

Ye Guan's expression became even fiercer.

His fleshly body was screaming at him, and his internal organs seemed to be on the burst of exploding; overall, Ye Guan was in great pain. However, he couldn't pay attention to any of them as he took a stance with his sword and slashed out once again.


A resonant sword hum erupted as Ye Guan unleashed a myriad of sword lights.


Ye Guan's sword lights struck the oncoming Time Reversers, forcing them to retreat.

However, Ye Guan retreated the fastest as his fleshly body cracked open, spewing out blood. Upon coming to a halt, Ye Guan's face was as pale as a sheet of paper. He was severely injured.

Diyi Feng was overjoyed at the sight. He had no intention of giving Ye Guan any chance, and his figure trembled as he charged straight toward Ye Guan.

With each step, surging fist intent would rush out of him and converge on his fist. The sight resembled the collapse of millions of mountains at once. The others, including Diyi Lou, followed closely behind Diyi Feng!

They also didn't want to give Ye Guan any opportunity to survive!

Ye Guan looked up at the group of Time Reversers charging at him.

He wiped away the blood trickling down the corner of his lips, and his gaze remained as calm as a placid lake.

The sight made Diyi Feng feel uneasy. Does he still have some tricks up his sleeves? Well, it's not like I have any choices. Today, it's either you die, or I die!

"Die!" Diyi Feng roared, and his fist intent erupted.

Diyi Feng and the other Time Reversers finally got near enough to Ye Guan when a dragon roar abruptly echoed throughout the heavens and the earth. A radiant golden light then burst out of Ye Guan.

The golden light belonged to Ao Qianqian!

Ao Qianqian had suffered severe injuries, but the massive difference in the passage of time between the outside world and the world inside the tiny pagoda had allowed Ao Qianqian to recover "quickly."

Ye Guan didn't let Ao Qianqian make any moves until now, as he was waiting for an opportunity, and the opportunity was here.

Ye Guan's aura surged crazily after merging with Ao Qianqian, and his aura instantly became no weaker than Diyi Feng and the other Time Reversers.

Diyi Feng's face changed dramatically at the sight.

He wanted to retreat, but it was too late.

Ye Guan vanished and drew his sword, unleashing a sword move containing four Heavenrends with two thousand stacks each!

This was Ye Guan's true limit!

Diyi Feng's pupils constricted to needle-like points, and his heart was filled with immense shock at the terrifying sight. How come his sword is so strong?


The domineering radiant sword light annihilated Diyi Feng's fist intent and blasted him away. He had yet to land, but his fleshly body had already disintegrated in mid-air, staining the ground crimson.

It wasn't just Diyi Feng.

The Time Reversers behind him were forced to retreat, and some of the weaker Time Reversers died instantly upon making contact with the radiant sword light.

However, Ye Guan wasn't done just yet. He had performed a sword move with his maximum stack limit, but he had yet to incorporate it with Space Overlap. The faces of the Time Reversers changed drastically when Ye Guan's figure became blurry.

Ye Guan was about to unleash that ultimate move.

Ye Guan had just merged with Ao Qianqian, so none of the Time Reversers had any idea just how powerful his ultimate move had become; none of them were willing to find out. The Time Reversers dared not to fight as they scampered off into the distance.

A kaleidoscope of sword lights erupted, converging into one point before sweeping toward the Time Reversers. The Time Reversers were shocked, and they retreated frantically as if they had gone crazy.


A sword light swept toward Ye Guan, and it collided with the latter's sword.


The kaleidoscope of sword lights vanished, and Xuanyuan was sent flying away.

Ye Guan turned to look at the newcomer, and his pupils constricted.


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