I Don’t Want To Reincarnate

Chapter 200 - 200: The threshold of 10 million Yuan for love

Chapter 200: The threshold of 10 million Yuan for love

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“As expected, I’m not cut out to be a scumbag.”

Wang Zibo was both glad and sad. Chen hansheng could give him anything other than a complete relationship.Other than his passion, he could not give anything else.

Wang Zibo sighed, patted Chen hansheng’s back seat and asked, “”Where are we now?”

Chen hansheng raised his head and looked at the blue sign on the highway. “We’re already in Huaian. There’s still about an hour left.”

“Lend me your phone. I’ll call my mom and tell her I’m almost home.” Wang Zibo said.

Xiao rongyu, who was watching from the side, also took out her phone and called old Xiao to report her schedule.

Boys usually did not like to nag. Wang Zibo only said two sentences, ” mom, it’s me, Wang Zibo. This is Chen hansheng’s phone, ” and ” we’ll be home in an hour. Please tell dad.

Xiao rongyu’s call had just connected.

“Dad,” he said.

Little Yu ‘er called out sweetly before starting to chat.

At first, Chen hansheng did not pay much attention to it, until Xiaoyu looked at

Chen hansheng and stuttered, ‘”‘Xiao, Xiao Chen drove me back.”

There was still some distance between the driver and the passenger seat, but Chen hansheng could hear old Xiao’s angry voice over the phone. “Why are you with him again? it’s not like Jianye doesn’t have a bus to Hong Kong. If I had known, I would have picked you up no matter how busy I was.”

Even Wang Zibo, who was sitting in the back seat, could vaguely hear a little. The warm atmosphere in the car disappeared in an instant. It was as if a fairy tale was about to be destroyed. Xiaoyu was so sad that she only wanted to cry.

After that, Xiao rongyu only advised old Xiao not to come over, and they soon returned to Harbor City.

After hanging up the phone, little Yu ‘er silently looked at the highway in front of her being run over by the wheels bit by bit. Wang Zibo did not know how to comfort her. He leaned forward and wanted to say something, but he was worried that he would overreach himself.

Only Chen hansheng was the calmest, and he could guess the girl’s thoughts the best.

Port city was located to the North, and the temperature was a little lower than that of jianmo. The sun was not as hot as it was. Chen hansheng took off his sunglasses and threw them in front of him. I haven’t called home yet. Empress Liang doesn’t even know that I’m going back to Harbor City. Perhaps she’s gone out with old Chen on the weekend. Little Yu ‘er, why don’t I go to your house for a meal? ”

Xiaoyu, who was in a daze, was shocked. Old Xiao’s attitude was very obvious just now, and Chen hansheng still dared to go home for dinner.

“What, I’m not allowed to go?” Chen hansheng asked with a smile.

“But …” She said.

Xiaoyu’s face was filled with worry.

Chen hansheng controlled the steering wheel with one hand and held Xiao rongyu’s hand with the other. His hand was bigger than Xiao rongyu’s, so he could hold her soft little hand tightly.

“Running away is not a solution.”

Chen hansheng patted the back of Xiaoyu’s hand. “I have to face it anyway. The main thing is that if you forgive me, I won’t be afraid of anything.”

“Xiao Chen …”

Xiao Yu ‘er was in a bad mood after making the call. One side was her father who loved her dearly, and the other side was a lover who had made a mistake. She felt that this was really a difficult problem to reconcile. She did not expect Chen hansheng to take the initiative to stand up for her.

However, there was an advantage to this. Xiaoyu did not have to be stuck in the middle. Chen hansheng was basically transferring the pressure on Xiaoyu to himself.

I thought it would be like on TV. This relationship would go underground and proceed without the parents ‘knowledge.

Tears finally fell from Xiao Yu ‘er’s eyes. However, she did not feel too sad. Instead, she felt a sense of relief that she could rely on.

Chen hansheng pulled out two tissues and gently helped the little fish wipe her tears. “Would you be happy to go underground?”

Xiao rongyu pouted and didn’t speak.

Any girl who fell in love would hope for their parents ‘blessings in the end. This was especially so for the proud little Yu’ er. She felt that her love should be bright and sunny and there was no need to hide it from her parents.

“Since you’re not willing, I can’t let you suffer even a little bit.”

Chen hansheng blinked at Xiao rongyu, ” call old Xiao and tell him to make a few more bowls of rice for lunch. I’m going to your house.

“You’re annoying.”

Wang Zibo was watching from behind and he was full of admiration. He was also thinking from ‘my’ perspective. If ‘I’ was in such a situation, what would be my first reaction?

He didn’t want to lie to himself. If the girl’s father was very angry, his first reaction would definitely be to go home and then contact his girlfriend through his phone to find out about their family’s current situation.

However, when a girlfriend comes home, she will definitely be blamed by her parents. Under sadness, pain, and great pressure, it is normal to quarrel, and maybe even break up.

Who would say something so manly like Chen hansheng, ” running away is not a solution. We have to face it anyway. I’ll go to your house.

Wang Zibo felt that any girl would like a boy who dared to take responsibility. He felt so safe.

Xiao rongyu gave old Xiao a call and told him that Chen hansheng would be coming home for lunch.

“Back to our house?” Xiao Hongwei thought he had heard wrong.


Xiao rongyu nodded.

Old Xiao was so shocked that he couldn’t even say a word. How could a young man be so thick-skinned?

“Did Chen hansheng drink?”

“No, he’s driving.”

“What if I don’t welcome you?”

Chen hansheng said that if you’re not welcome, he won’t get off at the highway junction ahead. He’ll take your daughter to the capital to see Tiananmen.

Xiao Hongwei had no choice but to agree. After he put down the phone, he became angrier and angrier. He slammed the table and said, “Little brat, you have some balls.”

Lu Yuqing walked out of the kitchen. who were you talking to on the phone just now? you were so loud. When will Xiaoyu be back? let me get the chicken soup to cool it down first.

“At most 20 minutes.”

“Get an extra bowl of chicken soup. Chen hansheng will also come for lunch,” Xiao Hongwei said impatiently.

“Han Sheng?”

Lu Yuqing still did not know about Chen hansheng and his daughter. He had always thought that they were just high school classmates. Now, he finally began to suspect. old Xiao, tell me the truth. Is Xiao Yu ‘er in love with Chen hansheng? ”

Xiao Hongwei stared at Lu Yuqing and said after a moment of silence, “”lf you’re really in love, what do you mean?”

“Of course I don’t agree.”

Lu Yuqing’s eyebrows were raised. She no longer had the image of an aloof female officer and turned into an ordinary mother. I’m not saying that hansheng isn’t good, but Xiaoyu’s University is 985 University. She might even go abroad in the future. Hansheng is only a second-tier University. The two platforms are different.

Xiao Hongwei took out a cigarette and lit it up. what if I tell you that Chen hansheng started his own business in University and bought a car? what would you think if Xiao Yu came back in his car? ” he asked.

Lu Yuqing was stunned for a moment, but he immediately shook his head. this might just be good luck. Xiao Yu ‘er’s ideal boyfriend should be a highly educated scientific researcher or a cadre in the system. If he wants to do business today, who knows tomorrow? I will not agree to it unless he can take out 10 million and transfer it to Xiao Yu’ er’s account.

Xiao Hongwei glared at his wife, 10 million? we don’t have that much. Besides, can our daughter be measured with money in your eyes? ‘

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