I Became the Strongest With The Failure Frame【Abnormal State Skill】As I Devastated Everything

Chapter 375: Pigimaru

Chapter 375: Pigimaru

<Author's Notes>

There's no problem reading this chapter by itself, but the meaning of the "alone" that is brought up in this chapter may be better understood if you read the SS included at the end of Volume 2 of the manga. (T/N: Can't see this SS in the translated manga chapters or in the raws. This was probably included in the tankobon.)

The Goddess Subjugation Army is now heading towards Alion's Royal Capital, Enoh.

I'm currently lying on my back inside our carriage, resting.

It was because Seras told me to rest.

[Even though you behave as if you haven't accumulated any fatigue, you seem tired. Please rest for a while.]

I had accumulated fatigue.

I realized it this time after being prompted by Seras.

Putting every strategy into my mind for the decisive battle

Sometimes breaking them down and rebuilding them

Sometimes asking for directions, looking for others' opinions- I had been running around.

With a wry smile on her lips, this is what Seras said.

"You're too good at acting. It may not be impossible for others not to notice. You're not always in the same place after all. Perhaps They think that you are taking a proper rest. However even though I'm not always by your side, I could tell. No"

She gave me a fleeting yet warm smile.

"I think it's because I've always been by your side."

Lastly, Seras said this.

"Perhaps there are also others who have noticed it, yet deliberately haven't said it. However I will say this. If someone had to be self-indulgent here, then I believe it should be me who says this. Please- Take some rest, Touka-dono."


Resting like this, I realized that I was more tired than I imagined.


She might have been watching me even more than I realize.

No- freeweb(n)ovel

[She's watching over me huh.]

I'm currently not wearing my Fly King mask and the imposing overcoat.

With my arm as a pillow, I gazed at the inner side of the carriage canopy.

[If she hadn't been here with me, I wonder how things would have turned out?]

I turn my gaze to the side.

Having the same question in mind

[Speaking of how things would turn out without them]

I could say the same thing for this guy.



My first companion in this world.

Once again, I rest my arm on the back of my head and gaze at the inner side of the carriage canopy.



[I've said this many times before, but I'm glad you're my partner.]


[Hey, do you remember that time?]


[The first time we met When you became my companion]

[Back then, if you hadn't come with me I wonder how things would have turned out in my journey?]

Reflecting on this journey of revenge

In those situations With those circumstances

If Pigimaru hadn't been there

How would I have overcome them?

There are so many moments where I can't help but think that.

A single small Slime.

My first companion after getting out of the Disposal Ruins.

[You've always lent me your strength. To the point that you had been too selfless.]


[I sometimes wonder. How can I repay you]


Pigimaru turns red and makes a denying cry.

"There's nothing for you to repay!"

This may just be how I felt.

But somehow, I could feel such intentions being conveyed to me.

[Well, even though I did help you at the beginning Why have you gone this far for me-]


Pigimaru chirps and bounces closer.

Then, stopping next to my face, as if to snuggle up, he presses against my cheek.


[Piii ni.]

Because we're companions



[Piniiii Pinyuii Pinii Pigigiii Pigiii Pinyunyu]

I've always been alone, but for the first time, I made a friend

You helped me I want to help you We're companions after all

It's only natural to help one's precious comrade

I was really happy to have such a wonderful companion

To hear that this tiny Slime can be your partner

[Pinyuii Piyuu.. Piyuyuu.. Piiii, ..]

There were times when I felt nervous

But because I was always with everyone, I have never felt scared

Even greater than those are the enjoyable moments Everyone traveling together

I was happy That's why

[Piyuuu, Pigii.]

I love you




This might be just my imagination but

I felt like I heard Pigimaru's voice.

No In the first place

I've somehow become able to understand the intent of monsters.

Perhaps it's because I've had those "interactions" with the Golden-eyed monsters in the Disposal Ruins under extreme conditions

Therefore, I could somewhat see the reason behind me being able to grasp the intent of monsters.

Or perhaps, it's due to some strange chemical reaction caused by the <Wisdom> stat.

I confirmed Pigimaru's intents by asking for affirmative or negative responses.

Hence my ability to understand Pigimaru's intent is something I "can" do.

Yes, that had been something "I've been able to do" until now.

However His cries just now

The intent behind those cries felt strangely clear.

For me to dismiss that as a hallucination Those words are rather-


All those things don't matter right now

Closing my eyes, I smiled.

[I see.]

With those few words

[I feel the same way, Pigimaru.]

I gently brushed Pigimaru's body with my hand.

[Pii. Pigiii]

[You are]


[greatest partner.]

[Pigii Piyuuuu]

Until I fell asleep, as if he himself was dozing off- Pigimaru peacefully cuddled up to me.

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