I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 663 - 663: The “System, ” Both Wrong And Right (Part 2)

Chapter 663 - 663: The “System, ” Both Wrong And Right (Part 2)

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As long as Fang Jinyu believed in himself, he could do it!

Of course, Fang Jinyu couldn’t blindly believe in himself. Otherwise, not only would he fail, but he would also have to risk being backfired.

Therefore, when Fang Jinyu secretly peeked at the incarnation of the “Mara forms,” none of the incarnations noticed it.

“Little brother, I wonder where you cultivate?” The incarnation of the “Mara form” was surprised to see Fang Jinyu.

Fang Jinyu didn’t hide his immortal aura.

Although he was a “Mara form,” he had never seen such a cultivator who cultivated the unorthodox path to have such a powerful cultivation base. “I naturally cultivate in the place where I should cultivate.”

Fang Jinyu smiled. His tone was calm, and he looked very friendly. He didn’t look like someone ready to fight at all.

“Oh! Little brother, I wonder if you can tell me where you should cultivate.” When the “Mara form” heard Fang Jinyu’s words that contained Buddhist principles, he instantly became more interested.

It was because, after being bestowed the title of “Mara form,” they couldn’t improve their cultivation bases even if they had flipped through all the scriptures passed down by the Ten Thousand-Saint of Ancient Buddha.

Therefore, when he saw a cultivator who cultivated the unorthodox path to have such a profound cultivation base that was only inferior to his, he couldn’t help but think that he could learn from the other party’s strength to make up for his weakness.


Fang Jinyu stretched out a hand and opened his palm.

The “Mara form’s” incarnation didn’t suspect much. However, when he looked over, he realized that he had been tricked. Heaven and earth instantly changed, and a pitch-black stone temple appeared in front of him. A pool of water was in front of the temple’s entrance, and a black python was rolling back and forth.

The “Mara form’s” incarnation was familiar with the scene because it was his main body.

Everything here was formed by his laws!

However, the “Mara form’s” incarnation didn’t feel safe because he could feel that the connection between his main body and himself was gradually weakening.

After a few breaths, he could no longer sense the existence of his main body, even if it was right in front of him.

“What’s going on?”

The ‘Mara form’s” incarnation was terrified.

At this moment, a voice rang out. Fang Jinyu asked, “Fellow Daoist, you can be considered an existence who has reached this stage. Why is your temperament so ordinary?”

As the voice sounded, Fang Jinyu also appeared.

“What exactly do you want to do? Why are you suppressing my main body?” The ‘Mara form’s” incarnation hurriedly asked when he saw Fang Jinyu.

“Why can’t I sense my main body?”

The “Mara form’s” incarnation naturally didn’t believe Fang Jinyu’s words.

Fang Jinyu said truthfully, “Fellow Daoist, it’s because your main body lost to me in a contest of heart force.” After all, the person in front of him would keep his secret.

After Fang Jinyu finished his words, he didn’t explain further. He condensed two immortal symbols, “suppress” and “order.”

When the two immortal symbols landed, the strange ancient temple disappeared.

The incarnation who dressed like a scholar also disappeared.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but say, “The external force that the ‘Mara form’ relied on to achieve his cultivation path is the heart force…” When he previously suppressed the “Mara form” that could move on its own, he had thought about it but couldn’t confirm it.

After all, although Fang Jinyu’s heart force had a system, it wasn’t complete.

However, Fang Jinyu couldn’t confirm it this time.

It was because the “Mara form” reacted very quickly. He immediately used his heart force to affect Fang Jinyu. However, he didn’t expect Fang Jinyu to have the ultimate heart force. Therefore, he was instantly defeated.

“In this case, the power that Qing Fu mentioned can be compared to the tool refining technique of ‘beyond the heavens’ should be the heart force, right?” Fang Jinyu instantly understood the situation.

Thus, a wisp of Fang Jinyu’s immortal intent descended, and he turned his gaze back to the scholar puppet.

Fang Jinyu could affect the “middleman forms” fate and pry into his memories.

Fang Jinyu could also affect the “celestial forms” fate. However, he couldn’t pry into the other party’s memories. (f)ree

Let alone the “Mara forms” above the “celestial forms!”

Even the “celestial forms” didn’t have much understanding of the heart force.

They knew it but didn’t know much about it.

Therefore, the “celestial form” that Fang Jinyu had previously encountered, which was extremely good at disguising and had almost tricked him, was the one who grasped the most of the heart force among the Parallel Buddha’s Heaven’s “celestial forms.”

Therefore, Fang Jinyu could only rely on the young lady to understand this world’s heart force techniques.

When Fang Jinyu suppressed the numerous conferred “forms,” the young lady experienced great change. She recovered her appearance and directly walked on the opposite side of Murong Qiongxin.

Perhaps it was the blessing of the villain’s luck, or perhaps there was something like an extraordinary book or a script of fate in the unseen world. The young lady killed Murong Qiongxin’s relatives, causing the “female protagonist” to be in endless pain.

As for the “Mara form,” who could move on his own, the mysterious young man “Ling Ye” was coincidentally not beside Murong Qiongxin. As such, Murong Qiongxin was in a life-threatening situation.

Fang Jinyu had the scholar puppet follow the young lady because Murong Qiongxin was different from Su Yier and Lin Xianer. She didn’t have to die.

However, the scholar puppet still didn’t have the chance to attack.

The mysterious young man, “Ling Ye,” had rushed over at the right time. The moment he appeared, he attacked forcefully and saved Murong Qiongxin.

“You deserve to die!”

Seeing Murong Qiongxin, who was on the verge of death, the third disciple of the “Buddha” was naturally furious. He wanted to kill the young lady.

However, he finally realized that the curse he had placed on the young lady had lost its effect.

It made the third disciDle of the “Buddha” somewhat bewildered.

“Did you realize you can’t activate the curse that you previously put on me?” The young lady had been paying attention to “Ling Ye” the entire time. When she saw him change his expression, how could she not understand what he was trying to do?

Therefore, the young lady sneered and said, “Murong Qiongxin, don’t tell me you think that he’s human, huh? Why don’t you guess what the man beside you

“Stop talking nonsense!”

When “Ling Ye” heard it, he immediately shouted.

However, the young lady wasn’t afraid of him at all. Out of revenge, she deliberately shouted, “Let me tell you, Murong Qiongxin. He’s the real evil! He’s an evil that you can’t imagine, an evil that the evil of this world has transformed into!”

The mortals never know the matter of “Buddha” bestowing the title of “forms.” After the “forms” had problems, some “forms” would act on their own and create things like “curses” and the “Filth Removal Sect” to divert the target of resentment from all living beings and maintain the faith they needed.

The great path of the heart’s heart force was undoubtedly difficult to cultivate. However, its branch, the path of faith, wouldn’t face many problems while obtaining the power of faith.

After all, faith could be produced, whether it was respect or fear.

Therefore, the living beings in this world didn’t know that the root of all problems was the “Buddha” they usually worshipped.

It was precisely because these “forms” that represented “Buddha” needed faith that they would harvest faith unscrupulously. It was as if they were draining the pond to catch fish, which caused the world to be so chaotic.

After all, if everyone had enough food and clothing, who would still want to worship Buddha?

Even if they went to worship, they couldn’t produce faith.

“Do you know why I became like that before? Just because I saw his true body! I know you won’t believe me, so I’ll show you something!”

As the young lady spoke, she took out an item.

The mirror was the “Silence Parting Mirror.” Just by looking at the name, one could tell who it belonged to. However, nobody knew how it had fallen into the young lady’s hands..

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