I Am Doing Daily Tasks in the Wizarding World

Chapter 80

But his probing just now didn’t reveal anything unusual from Graham’s expression.

This guy was indeed a divination student, Harin thought. He believed that all the damned wizards who studied divination had also taken a course called “Expression Management”.

Turning back, Harin looked at the mirror where Lynn was. He had already moved on to the next monster lair.

He was somewhat hopeful that Lynn could secure the top spot, as it would prove his judgment.

On the other hand, the top position wasn’t easy to snatch.

If it were just the people of the ship they boarded, Harin thought Lynn getting to the top wouldn’t be difficult.

But after the Mechanist City intervened, the apprentices involved this time were not just from this ship anymore.

It had been eighteen days since they entered the maze.

Lynn looked up at the thick clouds overhead, and the road ahead led straight into the vast sea of clouds.

Surrounded by towering walls, he didn’t know where he was, but by comparing the increasingly closer clouds and the gradually dropping temperature, Lynn could roughly estimate his position on this mountain.

With the increasing number of goblin followers, the snowballing development made it more efficient to break through the monster lairs along the way.

This also allowed Lynn to fully appreciate the convenience of cultivating followers; sometimes, it was much easier than fighting alone.

In the rear, the monster lairs didn’t even require Lynn to take action personally. A group of eager goblins armed with weapons and clad in armor rushed into the monster lairs like a group of adventurers rushing to defeat a demon lord.

During the process of raiding the monster lairs, there were casualties among the goblin followers, but raiding the lairs continuously yielded new goblins and resources to cultivate them. Moreover, the closer they got to the mountain summit, the richer the rewards, so the number of goblin followers continued to grow steadily.

If it weren’t for the alchemy building he had obtained a few days ago called the “Magical Delicacy House”, Lynn probably couldn’t even afford these goblins.

The harvest and pattern along this road made Lynn vaguely perceive that the examiners seemed to be consciously training their ability to cultivate followers.

If so much resources were spent just to develop the talent of a group of apprentices in cultivating followers, it would be too extravagant.

At least Lynn didn’t think this group of wizard apprentices was worth the cost.

Unless the Wizard Continent was really rich to the point of overflowing with resources, and there was nowhere else to use them.

Combining his impression of Angley, whom he had met before, Lynn believed that wizards were clever people who wouldn’t engage in unprofitable business.

His gaze fell on the goblin followers around him.

A total of sixteen goblin wanderers clad in leather armor cautiously moved forward along the wall.

Two goblin mad hatter shamans wearing pointed hats and holding large rounded wooden staffs were protected in the middle by a group of goblin warriors.

The faces of these two goblin mad hatter shamans were full of wrinkles and swollen water blisters, their eyes were wandering, and their lips were trembling, muttering incessantly.

The goblin mad hatter shaman had a first-level magic with a casting limit of 10 times per day, which could be used on any magic they mastered, and this limit would permanently increase as they advanced.

However, the advancement of the goblin mad hatter shaman was not easy. Each advancement required a trial of manic hallucinations! If they failed the trial, the goblin mad hatter shaman would become completely insane.

Finally, there were a total of forty goblins protecting the goblin mad hatter shamans and Lynn in the middle, wielding small round bucklers in their left hands and small spears in their right.

These were the last goblin extraordinary professions Lynn had newly acquired—”Goblin Warrior.”

The transformation requirements for goblin warriors were very low, and they had strong adaptability, allowing them to subsequently transform to a large number of warrior professions. Of course, even if they transformed into a goblin warrior, they still needed a raw material called the “Goblin Warrior’s Soul” and a specific transformation ritual formation.

For Lynn, who already had a team of goblin followers, Lauren’s combat power was now somewhat insignificant. As someone with different bloodlines, he couldn’t transfer to the unique extraordinary professions of the goblin race. Now he had gone from a vanguard scout to Lynn’s personal secretary.

Although his strength had declined within the team, Lauren didn’t mind, but instead felt happy for Lynn.

“Lord emissary of the gods, there are traces of other teams on the other side of the crossroads ahead,” Redeyes hurried back to report the intelligence to Lynn respectfully.

Of the four goblin wanderers who were originally there, only Redeyes remained. The other three goblin wanderers had sacrificed themselves in the process of raiding the monster lairs.

Only Redeyes not only survived but also rapidly gained combat experience.

Now the word “temporary” in front of its title of goblin wanderer captain has been removed.

“How many?” Lynn asked.

Redeyes lowered its head, counting on its fingers to recall.

Initially, Redeyes couldn’t count, so Lynn taught it how to count, and now it could count from one to a hundred.

“Sixty-seven,” Redeyes said.

Sixty-seven goblins?

Lynn instinctively squinted his eyes; that was definitely a considerable number.

Even the goblins that underwent transformation rituals he controlled numbered only fifty-eight, including those with combat abilities similar to ordinary human soldiers, like the goblin warriors.

“There are five humans,” Redeyes continued.

Five humans? There should be entourages among them. After experiencing the practical combat training in the monster lairs of the maze for these past dozen days, these wizard apprentices should have greatly improved their combat experience.

Lynn pondered; it seemed that the other side should be a group of cooperating wizard apprentices.

So, these goblin followers should also belong to the five humans. Along the way, they explored the monster lairs.

But since Redeyes discovered them, they might also have goblin wanderers and have found traces of his own team.

In the maze, if it were any other noble wizard apprentice, there might still be a chance for peaceful resolution.

But if it were him, that was hard to say.

He had slaughtered so many noble wizard apprentices before. In front of this group of noble wizard apprentices, if there was such a thing as affinity, he would probably be in the negative.

Plus, in this lawless maze, there were no restrictions on killing.

If he showed signs of fatigue when encountering them, they would surely not hesitate to take advantage of the situation.

Suddenly, Lynn raised his head, and a black crow flew over the corner at the end of the maze.

Lynn’s eyes flickered slightly; he seemed to know who the other party was, never expecting it to be an old friend.

The team continued forward, with only one path now. Either they avoided it, or they continued forward. Contact with the other party was inevitable, unless Lynn was willing to follow them and scavenge. But Lynn believed that as long as they weren’t stupid, they would never let him lead a large group of goblins following them.

At the three-way intersection ahead, the other party had been waiting at the intersection for a long time.

Looking at Anousheh standing in the pile of goblins, as well as Andina standing on his left side, surrounded by two men and a woman, an older knight, the man who had slashed a sword on Lauren’s back, and a woman dressed as a mage.

Lynn’s gaze paused on Dempsey for a moment before finally settling on Anousheh.

“What a coincidence, meeting here,” Lynn said.

“Hahaha,” Anousheh laughed heartily.

“It was all just a misunderstanding. With the help of Lord Diasterdan, the misunderstanding has been resolved,” Anousheh said, pointing to Andina beside him. “Speaking of which, it’s quite a coincidence. Lord Diasterdan became an official wizard sixty years ago, and that lord also happens to be a direct ancestor of Andina.”


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