Hell's Handbook

Chapter 354

Chapter 354

The messy drawings on the bronze door clearly made up one large drawing. Su Jin tried piecing them together and realized that it probably wasnt too difficult to put it together.

This is a jigsaw puzzle, right? said Durand. Noticing this wasnt something mindblowing, really. Anyone who took a close enough look would realize it.

Natasha nodded slightly, then said to the group, This bronze door is our entrance to the Grave of the Gods. We just need to piece the puzzle correctly and well be able to open the door.

That shouldnt be too hard. If we work together, well get it pieced together in no time, said Oscar.

But Natasha shook her head. Everyone watched puzzledly as she transformed herself into a dragon, then lunged at the door to grab it. But instead of grabbing hold of the door, her entire body went right through it.

She reverted to human form and said, See that? You can see the door, but you cant touch it. We cant use our hands to put this puzzle together.

Su Jin smiled faintly and said, Thats why you wanted a psychokinetic owner, right?

Natasha smiled and nodded, I thought of many methods, and the most likely method is to get someone who can use psychokinesis or some sort of telekinesis. Its been hard to find a high ranking telekinesis owner, instead, weve got two insanely high ranking owners you and Xu Ran. So, well have to trouble you, Mr. Su.

Su Jin didnt refuse, of course. He stood before the door, stared at the various pieces that made up the door, then closed his eyes as he started to mentally piece the jumbled pieces together.

Half a minute later, Su Jin suddenly opened his eyes. The silvery glint in his eyes flickered, and the pieces on the door began to move.

Su Jin already had the final picture in mind, so the pieces kept moving and eventually formed the correct picture after a minute. The pieces formed a drawing of a huge war between thousands of gods, and at the same time, it began to slowly creak open.

Everyone, weve got to tread carefully from now on! Natashas eyes lit up as she entered first, followed by Su Jin and the rest.

The five of them looked shocked after they entered. They were surrounded by clouds and were stepping on irregularly shaped rocks, as though they were on the peak of some mountain. Creatures flew freely among the clouds and let out loud, angry roars.

Look over there! Oscar suddenly pointed at something in the distance, which turned out to be a gigantic building in the clouds. Compared to that building, the five of them looked like they had come from Lilliput. They werent even as big as just one tile of that building.

Lets go over and take a look, said Durand.

Just as everyone nodded and got ready to head over, Natashas expression shifted and Shen Wu noticed it. He asked, Natasha, whats wrong?

Natasha nodded slightly and said with a sad smile, The option to exit the Challenge has disappeared.

For Challenges launched by guiding objects, owners could choose to exit the Challenge if they found themselves in a situation they could not handle and they would be brought back to the real world safely. That was the biggest difference between an ordinary Challenge and a Challenge linked to a guiding object.

Su Jin paused to think, then said, Theres nothing strange about that. Opening the bronze door was the same as starting a new Challenge, so the option that came with the guiding object disappeared. If we complete this Challenge, I dont think wed appear back in Hells Bar but in our own Hell Domains.

The rest nodded in agreement. Shen Wu scoffed and said, Its not like we werent prepared for something like that, right? Theres no need to look so shocked.

While that is true, having the exit option removed does make one feel less secure, said Natasha as she sighed and shook her head.

Durand paused for a moment, then suddenly retrieved something from his Handbook. He gave them out to each of them and said, I got this from a Challenge, its a Death Substitute puppet. If youre in a situation where youd definitely die, smash this and you will be spared once. Im giving you guys one each, dont use it unless absolutely necessary.

Everyone was surprised that Durand was giving them something so precious. Each one of these was a chance to live! But that was also how seriously Durand was treating this Challenge.

Since youve been so generous, I cant be too stingy either. Everyone gets one too, Oscar took out a few wooden boxes with one purplish gold pill in each box.

This is a Nine Rotation Return Pill that can restore your energy and Spirit Power to its maximum level instantly after swallowing it. But you can only take one at a time and you have to wait a long time to take another one. The item Oscar was giving them was also very precious. This was almost as good as giving them a second chance to live too.

Shen Wu pulled out a few crystals and gave them out as he said, These are teleportation crystals, but unlike ordinary ones, you can make a marking in any place you like, so if youre in danger and you activate these crystals, itll bring you to the place you marked out previously.

Since everyones giving away such precious items, itll look bad if I didnt give you guys stuff despite being the person who started this whole thing, Natasha laughed before giving each person some soft armor. She explained, These are armor made from real dragon scales, and even though they arent officially given any grading, theyre as tough as an Earth Level Spirit Power armor.

The items that the four of them had given away were real treasures that others would have fought tooth and nail to get their hands on. But now, they were giving them away in order to maximize their chances of getting through this Challenge.

Everyone now turned to look at Su Jin, making him scratch his head awkwardly. He smiled bitterly and said, Im not some big boss like you guys are, so I dont have anything really valuable I guess you guys can have one of these!

What Su Jin offered them was the Super Oxygenated Chewing Gum, which was something he had gotten from the Lucky Draw Bags the last time. This was also the only thing he had extra to give away. He didnt have anything else on hand.

Everyone was a little lost for words. Compared to what the rest had offered, this item looked like a joke. But Shen Wu was the first to take one piece, even as he grumbled, Im not the sort to turn down something free.

Su Jin awkwardly gave out the rest of the gum. He didnt expect this extremely dangerous Challenge to include a segment where everyone could flaunt their wealth. Of course he was going to look bad.

Thankfully, the rest werent bothered by this. They put on the armor, then started making their way toward the gigantic building. Each of them had their own method of getting there.

A pair of dragon wings grew from Natashas back, so she used those to fly. Durand summoned a flying board, while Oscar also grew a pair of shadow wings. Shen Wu was the most showy. A long piece of ice grew beneath his feet as he walked, connecting the place where he started to where he was now, as though he was building an ice bridge across the mountaintop.

Things were even simpler for Su Jin. His psychokinesis could help him fly. In short, travelling among clouds was no problem for these five.

They maintained the same speed and did not leave too much of a distance between each other. This was a Heaven Level Challenge after all and they really had no idea what dangers could lie ahead.

But just when they were about halfway there, Natasha suddenly trembled and looked around fearfully, as though something terrible was about to happen. Durand immediately asked, Natasha, did you discover something?

I dont know but I sensed a frightening power coming toward me, somethings trying to kill me! Natashas hair was standing on end and her pupils had constricted, which showed that she really wasnt joking.

Just then, Su Jins psychokinesis detected a huge thing coming for them. He warned the rest, Watch out, something huge is approaching from the seven o clock direction!

Everyone turned to look in that direction, but they couldnt see or sense anything. Just when they were about to ask, Su Jin suddenly shouted, Its coming!

The clouds suddenly spun violently, as though something was flying upward from under the clouds. A resounding angry roar hit their eardrums at the same time.

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