Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation

Chapter 392

Chapter 392

The Invasion of the Demonic Sect.

Upon hearing the urgent news from the young Taoist, a great sense of anxiousness rose among those in the hall.

Seol-Hwi, who was also a bit surprised at first, regained his composure in an instant.

An all-out war then.

The Wudang, who kept watchful eyes on the surroundings outside the mountain, had first-class disciples.

The Myung disciples.

They possessed the right amount of strength.

It was not like the strength of the Hye disciples. Therefore, the fact that they were surprised by what they saw and ran meant that the strength they faced was too much for this Taoist to consider a normal invasion.

And this indicated that he prioritized informing them rather than drawing his sword.

They are stationed in front of the gate? So does this mean that the troops havent reached the top yet?



The sect leader also pointed it out.

He did not know the intentions of the Demonic Sect, but he felt a bit ominous at that moment.

Considering the nature of the Demonic Sect and how they wielded their swords

The fact that they did not immediately attack suggested they wanted to talk before a full-scale invasion.

Well, theres no way the sect leader would intervene that quickly.

Seol-Hwi nodded.

Even though the Wudang Sect was under the influence of the absolute, the distance between Wudang and the Ten Thousand Mountains was vast.

There was a considerable distance.

Seol-Hwi had just attained the rank of Supreme Master.

Even if he perceived Jin Mu as a threat, it was impossible for the Heavenly Demon to swiftly reach Mount Hua at that moment.

Moreover, upon reflection, the present was the past that once existed within the system.

The struggle for succession. The point where clashes between the four disciples of the Heavenly Demon were occurring.

In his previous life, he had slain the First Disciple and his followers, but he could not bring himself to do such a thing now.

According to the recently obtained information, it was unclear who among the Heavenly Demons disciples was currently in charge. In this scenario, it did not appear likely that the Heavenly Demon would intervene directly.

He must be preoccupied with the disciples conflict within the sect.

Inform all the Taoists in Wudang that this is an emergency. And send the True Valor Seven Warriors to ascertain their reasons for being here.

I understand.


The Taoist monk who received the order hurried out the door, followed by several other Taoist monks from the hall.

Demonic Sect

Jin Mu, who had just attained the rank of Supreme Master and was in a state of ecstasy, was ablaze with fighting spirit. The warriors in the hall were grouped in pairs and trios, seeking potential allies.

Seol-Hwi, who had observed this, stepped out of the hall.

My role ends now

He had unraveled the secrets of Taiji from Wudang and had advanced in his growth.

He encountered Jin Mu and helped him break free from his constraints. The tragic fate of the 53 Taoists, as recorded in history, would not come to pass, as the customs of Wudang had evolved significantly.

That concluded matters for now.

He hesitated to delve further.

In a truly unfortunate turn of events, the sect leader might come to Wudang and annihilate everyone.

Such a scenario is possible

In Seol-Hwis view, the likelihood of this occurrence was slim.

Much has changed, and even if the sect leader were to appear, Jin Mu did not seem easily vanquished.

Having now attained the rank of Supreme Master, he had achieved a profound level of enlightenment through his dedication.

In just a few months, he would undoubtedly reach a level comparable to that of the Demonic Sects sect leader.

At that point, regardless of the might of the Demonic Sect, subduing Wudang easily seemed impossible. It felt a bit perilous now but if he kept getting involved and attached, it seemed like he would become more entangled with Wudangs affairs. And Seol-Hwi did not desire that.

Swish! Swish.

Seol-Hwi exited the grand hall and descended the mountain swiftly. Wudang Mountain was enveloped in mist, a sight he found captivating.


How many times had he narrowly escaped death in this lifetime?

Despite that, the idea of being able to live again after death seemed far-fetched.

But he sensed it now.

Now all that remains is personal training.

He had achieved his objective to a large extent, doing all he could, so what remained was essentially a final step: evaluating the skills of others.

One could attain enlightenment through personal effort and understanding, not just through the systems level and now that he had reached that point, it was crucial to strengthen his bodys foundation to withstand both the Profound Demon and the Profound Master simultaneously.

And vice versa. Once he mastered both sides, what would his body be capable of? Could it reach that level?

Moreover, he needed to contemplate the chaos that would ensue. The Earth Demon was the ultimate entity there, utilizing the universes energy. How could Seol-Hwi attain such a state?

A level never before attained. Even if it was by chance, this one opportunity could be seized, and with thorough comprehension, he could harness that power whenever needed.

Next time I have the opportunity I hope to meet you again.

With a slightly trembling chest, Seol-Hwi gazed at Wudang.

He departed.

Shhh! Wheik!

None of the Wudang Taoists caught sight of him. His strength had soared to incredible heights, enabling him to employ techniques akin to those of a deity, allowing him to tread upon the air.

Seol-Hwis new abode was now Mount Mong.

A place he had visited with his master in the past during his life at the Qingcheng Sect.

It was characterized by thick fog and numerous clouds, so the entire mountain was enveloped in rain and clouds throughout the year, and the name Mount Mong was derived from this, signifying Covered Mountain, due to its appearance.

The terrain also revealed oddly shaped rocks and ancient trees, giving it a Feng Shui-like feel.

It was a place where you could sense the energy of nature without the need for study.

Seol-Hwi first surveyed the area, identified a suitable spot, and commenced his training.

First, lets precisely assess my current level.

He was eager to determine his growth level within the Justice faction, with the system not providing any corrections.

In the case of the Profound Demon, it was categorized into four stages: Beginner, Mid, Peak, and Demon God.

And among these, Demon God was the state believed to be attained by beings surpassing the Profound Demon.

So, how does this apply to Profound Master?

Due to the actions of the absolute, there was not much information available regarding growth within the Justice faction.

Ultimately, Seol-Hwi had to figure it out on his own.

However, he felt he could estimate it to some extent. The aura could be sensed right now, the Peak God level where Sa Yu-kang resided.

It had to be there.


It was too early to be certain, but he had a vague intuition. Apart from sensing the harmonious flow of all things, he possessed the ability to manipulate space to some degree.

This was due to an experience he had some time ago.

A forest overlooking the mountainside.

A nearly invisible place, hundreds of miles away, was within reach.

He swung his arm, and dozens of birds took flight.

They scattered, causing the trees below to tremble as if they might snap at any moment.

This was the energy of nature.

Upon this realization, his strength felt within grasp. The potential for his growth seemed incredibly vast.

Is this achievable?

Just to be sure, he attempted to delve deeper with his energy.

And, as expected, he realized he could not control the entire flow of nature. He could see that it did not reach the level of what a Demon God could do.

Then what was it?

Perhaps all the Taoists call this level that of saints?

The problem is that even with this much, I cannot defeat him.

If he could not win even after this level of growth, he would have to rise higher, but now that felt impossible.

In the end, all that remained was the combination of Profound Demon and Profound Master.

But now, another problem arose.

The coexistence of the two martial arts was possible thanks to the help of the ON and OFF options in the system.

Was it even possible to fully implement it with Seol-Hwis own skills?

If I have to do it, I have to maintain the spirit of Taiji and use the laws of the Demonic Sect

It was something he had to try and find out. But there was a huge risk involved in mixing both sides.

If he failed, he could immediately die because of the clash of energy, and he could also fall into Deviation.

So, Seol-Hwi first worked on mental training. An explosive reaction occurred when the two energies mixed. To withstand that, firstly he had to grow the dantian to hold it.

Time passed like an arrow.

He spent every day training, eating, meditating, and doing simple workouts.

Because he avoided eating anything cooked with flame, he rarely consumed meat, so his body was thin.

But the energy circulating within his body was turning purer than before.

And one day.

Seol-Hwi made up his mind. He felt it was the right time.

Wouldnt it be alright to try it now?

An attempt that has never been made before in the history of Murim.

The harmony of Profound Master and Profound Demon.

In theory, it seemed possible. Use the Taiji method of cultivation to find the core. After accepting the demonic qi, one continued to rise to the level and become rid of it.

However, whether one could maintain composure when climbing to that stage or not was the key and it could not be figured out until he clashed into it.

Well, if you fail, you can always try the next life.

Unlike other warriors, it was not that risky for Seol-Hwi. He had many lives remaining.

If he continued trying to succeed, he would definitely get the answer. And that was how he felt.

Slowly, Seol-Hwi began to fall into meditation.


But at some point, his eyes opened without him realizing it. It was because of a presence nearby.

A person? In this place?

A place which no one had visited except for animals for nearly a year. In that place, a human showed up?

This made him curious for some reason. Because it was a process that required a high level of concentration, Seol-Hwi stopped what he was doing and began to move to the place where the presence was felt.

Meeting a stranger.

The first thing he noticed was the beautifully dressed sight. Although the face was not visible due to the bamboo hat, it was easy to guess her to be a woman based on her choice of clothes.


As Seol-Hwi approached, the voice came.

Judging by her voice, she was not a young woman but one who was old.

Hello, you are?

At the question of Seol-Hwi, the woman knelt down and washed her hands in the stream as she said,

I am one who moves aimlessly along the road and water. Amitabha.

Was she a female monk, a Bhikkhuni?

There was subtle disapproval in that.

Seol-Hwi stared at her in silence at the unique attire of hers and her speaking style.


The Bhikkhuni stood up, wiping the water off her hand.

I just came to confirm. Because the essence of nature, which flows and circulates endlessly, suddenly began to flow in an artificial direction. I wonder who touched it, and it was you.


Seol-Hwi felt it from her words.

A skilled warrior.

It was not known how great her skills were, but he could feel an infinite flow of qi, along with the way she spoke, and the way her body moved.

Heavenly being.

It was said that the clothes worn by the women of heaven were so well done that even the stitching marks would be tough to find.

The reason why Seol-Hwi thought of it was simple. A warrior who reached that high had everything infused with martial arts, from a wave of hand to a step.

In other words, there was everything about candid feel from the simple movements which made him realize it.

Where did you come from?

Ah, I didnt introduce myself.

The woman took off her bamboo hat, and this made Seol-Hwi frown.


As he expected, she had no hair, and she looked a bit older. But her eyes were shining bright, like a soft lamp.

Called as an ally of the Emei Sect. I stayed at the Puhu Temple which is close by.

Emei Sect

Seol-Hwi said the most unexpected name.

But if he thought about it, it felt normal. Mount Mong was close to Emei Sect. It was not known if he was a fugitive, but a warrior could consider this to be a next-door distance.

And Seol-Hwi thought she had the strength close to a sect leader, so maybe she was better.

How much of a place did the Emei Sect occupy in the Nine Great Sects?

It was not known.

Yes. I am a person taking refuge in Buddhism. Then do I get to ask a question?

No matter what kind of ties the Emei Sect had with others, it was several times more powerful than the Wudang Sect.


How did the noble man come here? And what training was done

The woman who calmly made eye contact continued to speak.

Have you stepped into Profound Master?

A person who ascended to that state recognized those of the same state.

It was not known if this woman had been of the same level, but one thing was certain. This meant that the Bhikkhuni in front of him had comparable abilities.

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