He Clings to Me Every Night

Chapter 181 - 181 Alienation

Chapter 181: Chapter 181 Alienation

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Daniel Marshall spent a sleepless night at the entrance of the N&N Hotel.

Perhaps due to the effect of alcohol, Olivia Jenkins slept peacefully in the presidential suite all night, hugging her pillow.

After breakfast, Olivia walked out of the N&N Hotel and saw Daniel.

Despite his lack of sleep, Daniel’s eyes sparkled like obsidian and still glowed with an unyielding edge.

Underneath his seemingly calm gaze, he stared at Olivia with the sharpness of a hawk.

“I need to talk to you.”

Olivia agreed silently and walked to the side of the hotel entrance.

Olivia had noted Simon Howard’s hostility towards her, but she didn’t care and had no intention of dealing with it.

His strikingly handsome face with its well-defined features betrayed no emotion, leaving people guessing his thoughts.

Daniel took out his mobile phone, swiped it a few times, and showed a photo to Olivia.

Olivia saw it clearly. The woman in the photo was sweetly smiling, leaning against Daniel in a black feather gown from the Black Wedding Dress collection. Daniel held her around the waist affectionately.

Just from this photo, one could gauge their closeness and hint at a certain kind of relationship.

The woman looked remarkably like the sweet and gentle woman with long straight hair whom Olivia had seen in the hospital.

But hadn’t Daniel said that she was dead?

Then who was the woman she had seen who looked so similar?

Benjamin Davis’s sister?

Somewhat baffled, Olivia’s mind went blank, and her reaction was slightly delayed.

Daniel looked at Olivia and calmly said, “Her name is Charmy Bennett. She was my fiancée. She died in a car accident five years ago. The black feather gown from the Black Wedding Dress collection was tailor-made for her by a famous designer. There is her name, CHARMY, on it.”

Olivia was stunned, silent.

Her almond-shape eyes slightly drooping, she did not look at Daniel.

Daniel’s complex gaze still lingered on Olivia. Even though he knew the truth was cruel, he decided to tell her everything.

Even if he didn’t disclose it, others would tell her everything. It was better that she heard it from him.

“If Charmy hadn’t died, I would have been married and had children with her by now, and you wouldn’t be a part of my life. This is my past, a part of my life, and a wound that they’re desperate to uncover.”

Olivia didn’t say a word, but her heart jolted with a start.

It turned out that Daniel didn’t dislike the idea of having children. He just never planned on having children with her.

A flicker of emotion passed through Daniel’s deep eyes as he carefully observed Olivia.

“Charmy has a sister of your age. If you meet someone who looks similar, that must be her sister, Jay Bennett. After Charmy’s death, I took care of her family. Over the years, I have considered her family as my own. Everyone close to me knows this. Benjamin Johnson had feelings for Charmy too. His feud with me began due to Charmy’s death.”

“I thought my past was over and not worth mentioning, so I never thought of telling you. When I was with Charmy, I didn’t know you. In that sense, neither of you owes the other anything, and you have every right to be unaware of each other. However, some people refuse to let Charmy be the past and are trying every means to inform you.”

With a slight flutter of her long eyelashes, Olivia slowly looked up at Daniel and said, “Thank you for your honesty. Now that someone else has brought it up, I know how to respond and what to do. Don’t worry, I’m aware of my limits, I’ve understood everything clearly.”

Olivia appeared too calm, prompting Daniel to narrow his profound eyes in contemplation..

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