Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures

Chapter 860: The Dinner

Chapter 860: The Dinner

Thank you, Evan! Mundungus gasped, and did not get up for a long time.

Youre welcome

Because he was in a hurry, Evan had kicked his foot very hard just now, and he didnt get over for a while.

In fact, in addition to magic, Evan had been insisting on physical exercise and had achieved good results.

He didnt want to fail because of lack of energy when fighting Dark wizards.


We were just trying to save a bit of time! said Fred, hurrying forward and wrenching the bread knife out of the table Sorry, Mundungus, you know, I didnt mean it. I didnt get it right

Mundungus did not answer him, and got to his feet, swearing.

In addition to him, Crookshanks also expressed dissatisfaction. He had given an angry hiss, left Evans lap and shot off under the dresser, from whence his large yellow eyes glowed in the darkness, gazing at Fred and George.

Boys, Mr. Weasley said, lifting the stew back into the middle of the table, your mothers right, youre supposed to show a sense of responsibility now youve come of age

none of your brothers caused this sort of trouble! Mrs. Weasley raged at the twins, slamming a fresh flagon of butterbeer onto the table and spilling almost as much again. Bill didnt feel the need to Apparate every few feet! Charlie didnt Charm everything he met! Percy

She stopped dead, catching her breath with a frightened look at her husband, whose expression was suddenly wooden.

Evan noticed that Mrs. Weasleys eyes turned red in an instant, and tears swirled in them.

We were wrong, Mum. Lets eat now, said Fred quickly.

Yeah, well pay more attention in the future. Im starving. This stew looks wonderful. George followed.

The two of them ladled stew onto the plates and passed them across the table. This seemed to make Mrs. Weasley feel better, but no one spoke for a few minutes.

There was only the chink of plates and cutlery and the scraping of chairs as everyone settled down to their food.

Master Evan, Master Harry, Miss Hermione, try the food that Old Kreacher has prepared for you.

Kreacher cut off the delicious pies and chicken and the delicious pudding.

It was much better than stew, but it was only for Evan, Harry and Hermione. Hed prepared it for the three of them alone.

This house-elf never cooks for us Ron muttered, watching Kreacher disappear.

Hes the elf of the Blacks, and were not qualified to ask him to do anything, said Mr. Weasley. Sirius is not here, he is half the owner of this house. Besides, Kreacher is not doing nothing. Didnt he help you clean up your room?

Yeah, he suddenly appeared in the room at three oclock in the morning and scared me a lot, said Ron. If this can be called tidying up no one wants to wake up and find an elf prowling around the room, I think

He didnt stop until Harry gave him some of his pudding.

It was true that Kreacher did it too deliberately, but no one could change his mind, not even Evan.

Anyway, he was too much better than before. At least he was no longer disruptive and communicated smoothly.

As the dinner progressed, the atmosphere around the table gradually relaxed, and everyone began to talk about other topics.

Mrs. Weasley talked about something trapped in the writing desk in the drawing room, and it kept rattling and shaking.

Mr. Weasley thought it could just be a Boggart, but to be on the safe side, they were going to wait for Mad-Eye Moody tomorrow and ask him to have a look at it.

This house was too old. The Black family history wasnt exactly that of upright wizards. And there were various things hidden in the house.

Even if Kreacher had cleaned it up, there were still many things that he couldnt take care of.

Then, Mrs Weasley told Fred and George not to touch the obviously dangerous Dark magical items. The twins were recently trying to sneak something back to their room for research.

At the other side of the table, Evan was still asking Mundungus about the underground world. He was very interested in the dark fringe society of the wizarding world, an area he hadnt known before.

As an internationally renowned city, the dark side of London was far beyond ordinary peoples imagination, and the scale was much larger than Evan had expected.

It was one of the worlds largest communication centers for magical items and a gathering place for wizards.

These were not just words, but a fact reflected in all aspects, what could be seen and what could not be seen.

Not only Voldemort and the Death Eaters, but also many Dark wizards and Dark creatures gathered here, but it was just unknown.

These people came from various countries and could be ordered to do anything as long as they were given enough Gold-Galleons.

Light and darkness had always coexisted. Like the wizarding world on the ground, the wizarding world underground was also rich and colorful.

Across the table, Tonks was entertaining Hermione and Ginny by transforming her nose between mouthfuls. Screwing up her eyes each time with the same pained expression she had worn back in Harrys bedroom, her nose swelled to a beaklike protuberance like Snapes, shrank to something resembling a button mushroom, and then sprouted a great deal of hair from each nostril.

This entertainment show was quickly welcomed by Hermione and Ginny, who started requesting their favorite noses.

Do a pig snout, Tonks, Fred shouted.

Tonks obliged, and the appearance instantly filled the room with laughter.

It was really convenient to be a Metamorphmagus. She could change into various forms at will. This was an extremely powerful magical ability.

Without using the Polyjuice Potion, Tonks could take the form of anyone else.

But this kind of deformation was not complete. It only changed the appearance, not all aspects of the body.

It was OK to disguise or muddle through for a while, but a long term camouflage didnt work.

Not to mention the difficulty of learning Metamorphmagus, this skill seemed to be innate, and few people had acquired it.

Therefore, the Polyjuice Potion was still very useful.

These recent adventures had also shown the effect of magical potions, which could be used as a beneficial supplement to spells. Evan was preparing to brew some Polyjuice Potion, and even store some fully configured Polyjuice Potion for emergencies. He could change at any time to others, such as Harry, Hermione, Sirius, etc.

Perhaps, a few sets of corresponding clothes should also be prepared

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