Grand Ancestral Bloodlines

Chapter 1705 Suffer


The Lord Beast Fire Dragon landed, its expression furious. Scars littered its body, and it looked quite a lot like a smaller version of Pyrothos.

Originally, he hadn't planned on acting at all. Attacking a puny Omniscient Dragon was beneath him, and the human was even less interesting.

His attention had first been caught after the first time the Dragon Emperor was mentioned for no other reason than the fact he was part of Pyrothos' lineage.

While Pyrothos would sense the name the most, his descendants could do so as well. This was an ability all beasts of a certain strength level had, and it was allowed due to their great attunement with the Heavens.

Pyrothos, obviously, wouldn't pay attention to such a thing. If he had to come out every time someone mentioned the Dragon Emperor, or even killing him, even he would have to waste all his days away.

But that didn't mean that his descendants would let it go.

After Ryu called this Fire Dogs, he had crossed a bottom line that overrode the Fire Dragon's pride. While pride was a huge marker for Dragons, rage was an even greater marker for Fire Dragons. The latter could easily override the former in the right situation.

And this was most definitely the right situation.

He was just more pissed off that they had actually managed to escape.

Even a God Beast wouldn't be able to cross the line between Planes so easily, at least not without time and preparation. This purely went to show how powerful Lu'card Universe's Guard was. If it wasn't for the fact Ryu's Spatial affinity was also top notch, even hurting Lu'card would have been a pipe dream.

The Lord Beast snarled and then turned to leave. But just as he was going to, an aura of desolation crashed down on him from above, nearly flattening him into a meat paste.

"It seems the Fire Dragons think they can treat my words as air, hm?"

The voice echoed through Dragon Clan territory.

"Take this as a lesson. The next time someone above the Omniscient Realm targets my disciple, it won't be just one who dies."


The Lord Beast exploded, shards of precious flesh and blood flying in all directions.

It could be said that in the whole world, Dragon meat was the greatest of delicacies, rivaled only by other divine beasts of similar caliber. And yet, it spilled about as though it was entirely worthless.


Pyrothos suddenly appeared, stepping out the portal of swirling flames. It seemed that his flame attainments had reached such a high level that he could use it as any element he felt like. Even space wasn't a problem at all.

He looked down at his splattered descendant, seemingly not caring much. But when he looked up, sparks of rage flew in his eyes. No, it wasn't rage, it was battle lust.

He didn't give a damn about all this, all he wanted was a good fight.

Unfortunately, he only felt a gaze on him for a moment before Fading Star's aura vanished into thin air, leaving him blue-balled.

Pyrothos looked down at the battlefield and then left without a word.


Ryu, Lu'card, and Selheira appeared in a dreary swamp. Almost immediately, Ryu's pupils constricted and he slapped Lu'card's back to get him to move.

Lu'card wanted to give Ryu the side eye, but sensing the danger as well he immediately flapped his wings and vanished into the void.


The enormous maw of a blackened electric eel snapped close around where they had just been.


The trio appeared again high above the swamp, their gazes serious. That creature was a Lord Beast without a doubt.

It made sense. They had just randomly teleported into the Ninth Plane, it was only natural that there would be a great amount of danger almost immediately.

"You did this on purpose," Lu'card grumbled again. He was shocked to find that his body was actually perfectly fine.

Had Ryu healed him earlier, he wouldn't have come. But now he couldn't go back, or else that Lord Beast bastard would hunt him down. He was pretty much stuck here until he gained the strength to fight that Fire Dog off.

Lu'card shook his head. He had subconsciously called him a Fire Dog, Ryu was already influencing him.

He snarled.

"Alright big guy, that way!" Ryu pointed toward his vague sense of Mae's direction.

In the True Martial World, he had to enter the Martial God territory first, but for some reason, he could sense Mae immediately here.

"We can go our own separate ways now, I can take care of myself. As for you, well that's on you," Lu'card snorted, rolling in the air to shake Ryu off.

But to his chagrin, Ryu and Selheira stayed perfectly still.

"Don't you want a way to get out of here? Come on now," Ryu pointed again.

Lu'card grumbled again and eventually decided that Ryu was right. He did want a way out of here.

Even if he was going to train on the Ninth Plane, it couldn't be here. None of this place had anything he needed. In fact, he would be better off going to the Ethereal Plane, but because he had entered the True Nether Plane, he would need to return to the Real Plane first before he could do that.

The Real Plane was the lynchpin that held all the Planes together. It was only through it that Lu'card could access all the planes. Obviously, Ryu had thought of this as well, the bastard.

Grumbling, Lu'card shot into the distance.

This time, though, the deterrence of Selheira's necklace was worthless and the journey was far more perilous than it had been in the past.

Due to this, it would be a long while before the trio got even close to Mae's location.


A man with fiery red hair and scars across his eyes looked up.

"What is it?" One of his companions asked.

"I dunno, I just smelled the shamelessness in the region increasing."


"Let's go find the nearest betting house. Someone's going to flip the True Nether Plane upside down again. I need to at least make some money if I'm going to suffer."

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