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Chapter 869

Chapter 869

“Get lost.”

Helenia shuddered as terror washed over her body for a brief moment. She realized that Minhyuk’s growth would be much greater than expected.

‘Perhaps he will be able to surpass him truly.’

Yes, Helenia thought there was a chance that the man in front of her could surpass the one that had sealed her. The situation should have made her even more angry. However, there was no anger on her face. There was even a tiny smile tugging at her lips. Either way, there was no point in her getting angry anymore. After all, she could no longer use force.

[Helenia’s descension is over!]


As she slowly started disappearing, Helenia said, “You actually did it. Very well, I shall keep my word.”

Helenia had promised Minhyuk that she would reward him if he could stop her attacks. The man before her showed he had a powerhouse’s bravery and talent.

“But you know...” Helenia’s expression turned cold as she leaned closer to Minhyuk and whispered, “The next time we meet, I will kill you.”


Finally, Helenia’s body turned into light and disappeared entirely from everyone’s sight. Minhyuk felt complicated as he watched her disappear. There was no sense of victory nor frustration of losing. All that remained was the helplessness and sadness.

Minhyuk, who slowly landed on the ground, looked around and realized he was not the only one feeling the same. Both humans and elves were panicking after witnessing the overwhelming power of Helenia. The worst part? They all knew that Helenia would descend sooner or later. As if to announce that fact, the notifications rang in their ears.

[You can now proceed with the Episode: One of the Eight Pillars, Immortal Sorceress Helenia.]

[Various tombs of Immortal Sorceress Helenia will appear worldwide one month later.]

[The fragments hidden inside Helenia’s Tombs can release Helenia’s sealed powers.]

[Please prevent Helenia’s Seal from being released with Helenia's Fragments.]

[Helenia will completely awaken a year from now!]

A year in Athenae was equivalent to four months in reality. On that day, they would have to face Helenia once again. Knowing this, the people’s teeth clattered from fear. The elves and humans were all overcome with helplessness and fear.

It was true that Minhyuk had blocked Helenia’s attack. However, it was just that. Blocking. Nothing more, nothing less. There was a high chance that half of the continents in Athenae would be devastated once Helenia had descended with her entire power. Perhaps even the Luvien Empire would have difficulty stopping her by then.

Just when Minhyuk looked bitter and was about to look around, the two Great Spirits that had assimilated with him left his body. And the same was true for Viel. The symbols representing the Four Great Spirits appeared before him: the blazing flames, blowing winds, crackling lightning, and tough, sturdy boulders.

[The Four Great Spirits have acknowledged and recognized you!]

[You have acquired the Title: The Warrior Acknowledged by the Four Great Spirits!]

[The Sudden Quest: Protect the People from Helenia has been completed!]

The Four Great Spirits appeared and stood before Minhyuk, their eyes staring intently at him. The elves, particularly Elven King Argon, admired the scene.

‘Are you telling me that the Great Spirits have shown interest in a single human being?’

The Great Spirits were the gods that ruled over the Land of Spirits. They were absolute beings that lent their power to all of the elves. Then, they spoke.

[The Four Great Spirits say it was their honor to fight with you!]

[The Great Spirit of Fire praises you for having a will that burns like blazing flames!]

[Your Fire Attribute Resistance has increased by 20%, and all your stats have increased by 0.4%!]

[The Great Spirit of Wind praises you for your sharp and cutting drive.]

[Your Wind Attribute Resistance has increased by 20%, and all your stats have increased by 0.4%!]

[The Great Spirit of Lightning praises you for your tenacity.]

[Your Lightning Attribute Resistance has increased by 20%, and all your stats have increased by 0.4%!]

[The Great Spirit of Earth praises you for remaining steadfast and sturdy as a rock.]

[Your Earth Attribute Resistance has increased by 20%, and all your stats have increased by 0.4%!]

[You have significantly contributed to saving the elves and the humans!]

[The Great Spirits are discussing your rewards!]

[The Great Spirit of Fire suggests giving you the Fire Judge’s Armor!]

[The reward does not fit. You need to offer a higher reward!]

[The Great Spirit of Wind suggests giving you the Great Spirit of Wind’s Boots!]

[The reward does not fit. You need to offer a higher reward!]

[The Great Spirit of Lightning suggests giving you the Ring that Strikes Lightning!]

[The reward does not fit. You need to offer...]

[The Great Spirit of Earth suggests giving you the Pickaxe that Can Make Any Land Fertile!]

[The reward does not fit. You need to offer...]

Elven King Argon could not hide the surprise in his face. The elves were also in a buzz.

The items that the Great Spirits had presented to Minhyuk were all items that could only be seen in myths in the Land of the Elves. However, even though they suggested handing over such things, it was still considered an insufficient reward for Minhyuk.

‘He saved us.’

Argon had only thought of stopping the overwhelmingly strong dark elves and had never expected Helenia to descend on this battlefield. That was why he had summoned all the elves, reaching almost ten million in numbers, and came here. If all of these elves, whose reproductive abilities lagged far behind the human race, died, then it could only mean one thing for their race: extinction.

It had to be known that the elves and the spirits were in a relationship with mutual gains. The Spirit World could only be maintained with nature’s mana that the elves had gathered from Earth. To put it simply, Minhyuk saved the elves, the humans, and the spirits. He was a hero.

‘Perhaps those mythical items truly aren’t enough.’

Argon finally realized why. Of course, the same was true for the elves. Because of that, their gaze on Minhyuk, their hero, also changed.

Blazing flames shot up from the Great Spirit of Fire at that moment.


[The Great Spirit of Fire Ifrit says he can protect you for one year!]

[Great Spirit of Fire Ifrit. Level 799.]

The flames that burned and covered the entire body of the Great Spirit of Fire Ifrit were so intense that anyone who saw it would know it could burn anything and everything in its path.

Perhaps it was because all of the tension in his body had escaped that Minhyuk whispered some unimaginable words to himself: “If I put samgyeopsal on his back, then it will probably get cooked in five seconds, no?”

If one put samgyeopsal on a shovel and put it inside a furnace, it would be cooked in five seconds. For some reason, Minhyuk thought it would be the same if he placed it on Ifrit’s back. Minhyuk, who thought about that, felt it would be amazing.

[The Great Spirit of Fire Ifrit looks at you in confusion.]

[The Great Spirit of Fire Ifrit thinks he has misheard it.]

Then, the Great Spirit of Wind stepped forward.

[The Great Spirit of Wind Elysia says she can protect you for one year!]

[Great Spirit of Wind Elysia. Level 776.]

“The Great Spirit of Wind... You’ll be instrumental when lighting up a furnace.”

The more Minhyuk thought about food, the more his helplessness and despair disappeared from his mind. As for the elves and humans around him, they were all blinking at him in confusion.

[The Great Spirit of Wind Elysia is taken aback.]

At that moment, another Great Spirit stepped forward.

[The Great Spirit of Lightning Lec says he can protect you for one year!]

[Great Spirit of Lightning Lec. Level 801.]

The human kings, emperors, coalition army, elves, and surviving dark elves looked at the Great Spirit of Lightning and wondered what Minhyuk would say next. It should be impossible to associate lightning with food. However, Minhyuk was in a class of his own.

“There’s a saying about beans being cooked with lightning. I think you can be used for making popcorn.”

[The Great Spirit of Lightning’s eyes popped out of its socket.]

The symbol of the Great Spirit of Lightning shook and trembled violently. Finally, the last Great Spirit appeared.

[The Great Spirit of Earth Rend says he can protect you for one year!]

[Great Spirit of Earth Rend. Level 797.]

The Great Spirit of Earth waited in anticipation. Could this human associate him with food?

Minhyuk rubbed his chin in thought. “If you’re the Great Spirit of Earth, then you can probably make vegetables, watermelons, and other fruits grow right away, right? Oh. If that’s the case, I can make bibimbap with the crops you have grown, no?”

[The Great Spirit of Earth stumbles back!]

Minhyuk's words and how he related them all to food and eating were said half genuinely and half in jest.

Of course, the Great Spirits were fully aware of this, too.

“Ha- Hahahahahaha!”

“The Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor truly relates everything to food!”

“Wow. How can he come up with ideas like that?”

“My god. For some reason, I want to grill some samgyeopsal on the Great Spirit of Fire Ifrit’s back. It will probably be very delicious.”

“And there’s also the Great Spirit of Wind; she must greatly help light up a furnace.”

Argon also laughed with them. The Great Spirits did not grow angry at Minhyuk’s words because he allowed these people, who had fallen into despair, helplessness, and terror, to laugh again.

[Great Spirit of Fire Ifrit’s favor has increased.]

[Great Spirit of Wind Elysia’s favor has increased.]

[Great Spirit of Lightning Lec’s favor has increased.]

[Great Spirit of Earth Rend’s favor has increased.]

The fact that Minhyuk understood the people’s feelings and allowed them to overcome such a slump despite having a hard time himself made the Great Spirits view him favorably. This allowed them to see why this human named Minhyuk could have a friendly relationship with the elves. This man was as pure and clean as the elves.

The Four Great Spirits stared at Minhyuk.

[Only one of the Four Great Spirits can fulfill and sign a contract with you!]

When the things they could offer were deemed unsuitable as a reward, the Four Great Spirits immediately offered themselves up. Besides, after watching his actions, they thought staying with this man for a year would be an enjoyable experience.

However, unexpectedly, Minhyuk said, “I refuse.”

The Great Spirits’ eyes grew wide when they heard his words. The Great Spirit of Fire’s flames burned stronger, while the wind surrounding the Great Spirit of Wind turned misty as if she were shedding tears. The Great Spirit of Earth looked down at the ground with a sigh, while the Great Spirit of Lightning looked slightly angry.

There were many reasons why Minhyuk had chosen to refuse the Four Great Spirits’ offer.

‘They are different from ordinary gods.’

In the first place, their race was different. Also, there was a high chance that the Beyond the Heavens Empire would be mired in confusion if Minhyuk signed a contract with one of them and brought them back.

Recruiting a strong being unconditionally like this was not necessarily a good thing. Their intentions were pure, and he even welcomed them. However, if they really went through with this, then a rift might just develop between the spirits and the Beyond the Heavens Empire.

Also, would these arrogant and prideful Great Spirits really listen to Minhyuk’s orders and commands just because they viewed him favorably? It was very risky to have them by his side unless it was a lord-vassal relationship.

[The Great Spirits are left in chaos and confusion!]

Then, the Great Spirits began to discuss amongst themselves the rewards they would give Minhyuk. However, their discussion would continue slowly.

Then, at that moment, a series of notifications rang in Minhyuk’s ears.

[The Spirit of Life has shown an interest in you.]

[The Spirit of Life is a spirit that is as pure and innocent as a child.]

[The Spirit of Life has the power to make life sprout.]

[The Spirit of Life says he can protect you for one year!]

Minhyuk realized that he was the only one who heard the notifications after he saw that the Great Spirits were still busy discussing amongst themselves.

‘A spirit that is as pure and innocent as a child?’

If that were the case, this spirit might not be as strong, noble, and prestigious as the Four Great Spirits. From what he heard, Minhyuk could surmise that the Spirit of Life was unique among the spirits. After pondering briefly, Minhyuk made his decision.


[You have chosen your reward!]

[You have selected to spend a year together with the Spirit of Life as your reward!]

[The Spirit of Life descends upon the earth!]

A sphere of light slowly fell from the sky. When the light finally landed in Minhyuk’s hands, it gradually disappeared, revealing a yawning wolf pup.

‘Cute.’ Just when the thought crossed Minhyuk’s mind, something completely unexpected happened.

The Great Spirits’ eyes grew wide from shock when they saw the descent of the Spirit of Life. However, they all quickly regained their composure and knelt to show courtesy.


Everyone looked at the scene in shock.

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