Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Fragments of a Legendary-Grade Item!

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When that guy was about to open the 300th Bronze treasure chest, a voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

{Human [Li Dahai] has fulfilled the hidden condition and activated the special reward. The 300th Bronze treasure chest will give out a fragment of a special legendary-grade item.}

Thereafter, this guy obtained a priceless treasure, the fragment of a special legendary-grade item, the Blazing Wings of the Sky!

Afterwards, somehow this secret was leaked.

Countless people scrambled to open the Bronze treasure chests.

However, there were people who opened up to 1,000 Bronze treasure chests without getting any treasures.

Some people refused to believe the negative outcome, and they started trying to open the Silver treasure chests and even the Gold treasure chests.

Finally, someone figured out the pattern.

The first person to open the 300th Silver treasure chest got the second fragment of the Blazing Wings of the Sky.

The first expert to open the 300th Gold treasure chest had spent 3 million points before the last fragment popped out.

In the end, this expert used all kinds of means, both overt and covert ones, to gather all the three fragments of the Blazing Wings of the Sky and synthesize the legendary-grade item, the Blazing Wings of the Sky.

In terms of might, it was not inferior to Lin Yi’s Strange Dimension Door.

However, the points spent were lower than what would have been required to open a legendary-grade treasure chest.

To open a legendary-grade treasure chest would require 10 million points, and even then, there was a hit-and-miss risk.

At that time, this was also a major matter which had stirred up the whole of humanity.

Later on, someone had wanted to try opening three hundred Dark Gold treasure chests.

However, that would be 30 million points.

Even the top ten experts might not have that number of points.

The matter was then placed on hold.

But everyone had guessed that when the 300th Dark Gold treasure chest was opened, there would also be a hidden reward.

Chu Feng did not know whether or not anyone had opened it subsequently.

Even if an expert had opened it, it might not have been announced.

In his previous life, Chu Feng would naturally not have a share in such a good thing.

But as a reborn person, in this life, no one could beat him to it.

He composed himself and focused his attention on the Bronze treasure chest.

“Open the Bronze treasure chest.”

What followed was a soft sound which only Chu Feng could hear,

{The original price was 100 points. 50% discount privilege valid; 50 points will be deducted. The Bronze treasure chest is opening…}

{Ding… Congratulations to human [Chu Feng] for obtaining the Tenacious Spider Web * 1.}

Chu Feng opened his personal panel and saw an introduction on the Tenacious Spider Web.

{A tougher spider web that can effectively restrain Grade D creatures}

“I knew it wasn’t anything good.”

Chu Feng curled his lip.

As expected, he could not have much hope for the Bronze treasure chests.

But at least it was not an empty chest.

He was still lucky.

He continued to open the treasure chests.

{Ding… Congratulations to human [Chu Feng] for obtaining the Violet Spiritual Fruit * 5.}

Chu Feng’s eyelids moved.

He knew that this was quite useful.

Five of them was enough to create a Grade D martial artist.

It would also produce quite good effects if eaten by a true Grade D martial artist.


Chu Feng began to frantically open the treasure chests.

Towards the end, he was already starting to go numb.

So far, there had been nothing good.

Most of the items were for use by Grade D martial artists.

It was already considered lucky that there were a few times where he opened up something which a Grade C martial artist could use.

To Chu Feng, they were all completely useless.

As time passed, suddenly, a voice attracted Chu Feng’s attention.

{Ding… Congratulations to human [Chu Feng] for obtaining high-grade Pet Beast Ball * 1.}


Chu Feng became slightly spirited.

His luck was pretty good.

He had not thought that such an item would pop out!

A high-grade Pet Beast Ball was worth 1,000 points.

It was considered one of the most precious items in the Bronze treasure chests.

Of course, this high-grade Pet Beast Ball was the only item of the slightest interest to Chu Feng.

It had some probability of subduing a Grade B pet beast.

It was just barely acceptable.

Chu Feng no longer cared about ordinary Grade B pet beasts.

Of course, it would be a different story if it was something as rare as the Ingesting Nightmare Beast.

He could not stop opening the treasure chests.

Finally, with Chu Feng’s ‘unrelenting effort’, the 300th Bronze treasure chest was about to be opened.

Chu Feng had also heard the voice of the Golden Ranking Lists.

{Human [Chu Feng] has fulfilled the hidden condition and activated the special reward. The 300th Bronze treasure chest will give out a fragment of a special legendary-grade item.}

It’s here!

Chu Feng braced himself.

He stared carefully at the treasure chest which was about to open.


With a crisp sound, a mechanical voice sounded in Chu Feng’s mind.

{Ding… Congratulations to human [Chu Feng] for obtaining a fragment of the special legendary-grade item [First Blazing Angel: Michael’s Wings] (1 / 3)}

This is it!

Chu Feng was overwhelmed with excitement.

This was a fragment of a legendary-grade item.

Even with his previous life included, Chu Feng had only seen treasures of this grade a few times.

Unexpectedly, he owned one in this life.

He hurriedly opened his personal information panel.

{Name: Chu Feng}

{Grade: Grade C 6%}

{Pet Beasts: None}

{Skills: Water-Element Domain Field (Major Accomplishment level, Certified), Bloodline Enhancement Nirvana}

{Items: Fragment of the Blazing Wings of the Sky (First Blazing Angel: Michael’s Wings), high-grade Pet Beast Ball, Tenacious Spider Web…}

{Points: 57,350}

{Trading area (temporarily not open)}

There were simply too many things under Chu Feng’s ‘Items’ section.

He chose to hide it and only open it when he needed it.

Chu Feng clicked to open the fragment of the Blazing Wings of the Sky.

What appeared before his eyes was an introduction on the fragment of the Blazing Wings of the Sky.

{At the end of the distant era of coexistence, a war broke out between the Angels and the Abyss. In order to resist the invasion of the Abyss, Archangel Michael self-destructed his angel body and left behind the Wings of Emerald. Through the hands of the divine craftsman Mito, it became one of the key divine items to forge the Blazing Wings of the Sky.}

The introduction roughly described the origin of this fragment.

It was also Chu Feng’s first time seeing this.

He was shocked.

It turned out that humans were not the only ones who had fought against the Abyss in history.

There were also many other groups which had started a war with the Abyss!

No wonder when he was in the Abyss in his previous life, Chu Feng had encountered many mixed-blood abyssal creatures.

For example, abyssal elves, abyssal fiends, fallen angels, etc.

Among them, there were groups which willingly became slaves of the Abyss, and there were also groups which constantly resisted and tried to restore the former glory of their tribes…

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