Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: The Bug in Opening the Mystery Chest!

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The Hua Xia University of Martial Arts had been a world-renowned institution of higher learning in his previous life, the outpost of humanity against the Abyss.

It had nurtured a large number of top experts for humanity, War Emperor Lin Yi, Kun Lun Fairy Liu Xian’er, Martial King Chu Feng…

There was also the super king in his previous life who walked in the shadows, the Sword Wielder’s Shadow.

This was a super expert who was not inferior to Lin Yi.

He was ranked among the top ten experts in his previous life.

It was rumored that the path of Shadow’s rise had been extremely bumpy, and that there was some animosity between him and Lin Yi.

Chu Feng did not know exactly what had happened.

Calculating the time, in his previous life, the Hua Xia University of Martial Arts had probably been established a week before the arrival of the first Abyssal Demonic Tide.

In other words, there were still almost two weeks left.

These two weeks were also the period that cultivators of spiritual energy proliferated in this world.

A large number of humans had returned from the Abyss with at least some gains.

There were many who had become Grade D cultivators.

At that time, one would have to be at least a Grade D cultivator to be assured of a place in the Hua Xia University of Martial Arts.

Of course, Chu Feng naturally did not have to think about these things.

Two weeks later, who would know how powerful Chu Feng would become?

Seeing that Chu Feng was a bit distracted, Chu Tian Lai tapped Chu Feng’s shoulder.

“Hey, I’m talking business with you. What are you thinking about, kid?”

Chu Feng raised his head and chuckled. He did not say anything.

Chu Tianlai could not do anything to his son, so he could only continue helplessly,

“The appraisal method used by the Hua Xia University of Martial Arts is unusual. One must possess a trace of spiritual energy to be eligible to enroll.

“That’s why I have specially obtained a spiritual fruit through my former old comrade by pulling a few strings.”

As Chu Tianlai spoke, he carefully took out a gold-silk wooden box, and handed it to Chu Feng.

“I heard from Old Wei that this is called the Gray Lightning Fruit. An ordinary person can produce spiritual energy just by eating one.”

Chu Feng looked at the Gray Lightning Fruit before him with a strange expression.

“Dad, which old comrade did you.... get this from?”

“Oh, I don’t think you’ve seen him before. He’s your Uncle Wei, Wei Xingguo. He’s my good buddy from back then.

“Your dad, I, had been lucky. On my trip to the capital, Old Wei had just returned from the underground world. We had a drink together.

“Oh yes, your Uncle Wei is a really impressive person. He has real power in the military and is also the leader of the Hua Xia Expedition Team. They have managed to obtain a lot of good stuff from their trip to the underground world this time.

“He had some quota on hand. I had a hard time getting it out of that old boy’s hands.”

Chu Feng’s expression became even more astonished

Wei Xingguo? Captain Wei?

Isn’t this the group of people he had saved in the Abyss?

Gosh, this world is really too small.

As for the Gray Lightning Fruits, he still had a dozen of them.

If his father had not mentioned it, he would have completely forgotten about them.

To him, they were really useless.

Chu Tianlai did not notice Chu Feng’s expression as he spoke with pride,

“I have also discussed with your Uncle Wei. I’ll send you to his place for special training in the next few days, so you could get a good score when the University of Martial Arts opens.

“How about this? Your mother and I will pack up the things at home and prepare to move. You can go to the capital tomorrow to look for your Uncle Wei.”

Chu Feng was speechless.

Me? I go to Captain Wei for special training?

Won’t Captain Wei be frightened to death by me?

Chu Feng could imagine Captain Wei’s expression if he were to see his old comrade’s son.

“Hey, kid, did you hear me?”

Chu Tianlai cast an unfriendly glance at Chu Feng.

“This is an opportunity that I, your old man, have worked hard to get. You should cherish it, do you understand!?”

Chu Feng grinned and coughed lightly.

“Ahem, got it.”

Chu Feng had made up his mind.

I’ll take advantage of this opportunity to get into the Abyss tomorrow.

Find Captain Wei for special training?

What a joke.

Who should be giving the special training?

In the worst case, he would go and see Captain Wei when the University of Martial Arts was about to open.

He spent some more time with his parents again.

Chu Feng was able to tell that his parents had been exhausted from the long journey.

He quickly asked the two old folks to return to their room to rest.

He also hurried back to his room and locked the door.

The urgent matter at hand was to retrieve the fragment of the special legendary-grade item.

That way…

With that, Chu Feng would be able to carry out some of his plans.

He opened the [Miscellaneous Items Golden Ranking List] and flipped to the last page of the gold gilded book.

He looked at the seven types of neatly-arranged treasure chests.

Chu Feng carefully recalled the method used by a trivial character from his previous life.

It would have been two years after the abyssal invasion.

The top echelons had already become Grade S experts.

Grade A+ experts were born one after another.

Humanity had almost entered the era of martial artists.

There was a middle-aged Grade C martial artist who was originally addicted to gambling.

After becoming a martial artist, he also did not have much ambition.

He had his eye on the mystery treasure chests.

The excitement of the unknown from opening the treasure chests suited him the most.

He scrimped and saved, carried out many simple missions, and diligently saved more than 30,000 points.

He could not afford to open the Dark Gold Treasure Chest (100,000 points), nor could he afford to open the Gold Treasure Chest (10,000 points).

Although the Silver Treasure Chest was cheap, it still required 1,000 points.

He only had enough points to open 30 times.

This was not satisfying!

Therefore, he had set his sights on the Bronze Treasure Chest (100 points)!

At least he could open it many times.

To him, the most important thing was to enjoy the process of opening the mystery chests.

It did not matter what could pop out.

At that time, everyone’s grades had increased.

The ability to earn points was also much stronger.

Who would still open a Bronze Treasure Chest?

Even those who would open the Silver Treasure Chests were few.

After all, the items from the Bronze and Silver treasure chests were too rubbish.

They were only for the Grade D and Grade C martial artists to use.

But that guy did not care.

He opened the Bronze treasure chests like crazy.

It was not until he had reached the 300th one, and when his points were almost all gone that an accident happened…

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