Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Could It Be Him?!

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Soon, Chu Feng got closer and closer to the gray mist.

He could see more clearly now.

Those who were fleeing for their lives could be divided into two distinct teams.

At the very front was Captain Tortoise Field Ishiro, who had fled the fastest.

He was also surrounded by soldiers from the Great Harmony Country.

The few remaining researchers from the Great Harmony Country had been simply abandoned by them, because they were physically weak and could not run fast.

When fleeing for their lives, the soldiers of the Great Harmony Country did not care about them.

Things were different on the other side.

All the members of the Hua Xia expedition team had gathered together and formed a tight circle.

The researchers were inside, and the fully armed soldiers were outside.

Everyone walked in unison.

No one had been abandoned.

When the gray mist approached, the soldiers took out highly explosive grenades, incendiary bombs and other firearms, and hurled them at the gray mist.

The gray mist seemed to be more afraid of explosions and flames, because they would damage the painstakingly coalesced gray mist.

Thus, the Hua Xia expedition team managed to hold out.

However, the number of highly explosive grenades and incendiary bombs in the hands of the soldiers were limited.

Once these firearms were used up, they would face certain death as they would not be able to outrun the Grade B Ingesting Nightmare Beasts with their speed.

At this moment, one of the soldiers from the Hua Xia team gave a bitter laugh.

He looked suddenly at his companions beside him and grinned.

“Save me a highly explosive grenade. I think I’ve been contaminated by the gray mist. I’m hallucinating. I’m afraid I can’t hold out any longer.”

A smile appeared on the soldier’s determined face.

At this moment, he seemed to have seen his parents, wife and children on Earth.

Unfortunately, he would never be able to return.

He could only use his incapacitated body to fight for a chance of survival for his companions.

“Brother Liu Ming! No! Hang in there!”

In the team, Lin Xiaoling started crying uncontrollably.

As they fled all the way, in order to protect them, none of these Hua Xia soldiers had deserted them.

They would obey Captain Wei’s orders even unto death.

Even if they were to die, they would want to die in front of the researchers!

The soldier named Liu Ming showed a row of white teeth and two dimples when he smiled.

“Xiaoling, if you can escape and return to Earth this time, please help to convey to my parents and wife that I, Liu Ming, have let them down.”


Lin Xiaoling was bawling her eyes out.

“You guys, don’t bother about us. We are not physically fit. We will only drag all of you down. Split up and flee! All of you will be able to escape!”

From the side, the other researchers also looked at these young soldiers with pain in their hearts.

Who were not the precious children of their parents?

They were human too.

And they were in general, only in their twenties or thirties.

And these were the best years of life.

“Xiaoling is right. There’s no need for everyone to die here. Leave while you can. Leave the incendiary bombs and grenades with us. All of you have been the ones protecting us all the way. Let’s switch this time. It’s only fair,” a tall researcher said casually.

On the other side, Tortoise Field Ishiro, who was fleeing for his life, sneered in disdain when he heard this.

“Foolish Hua Xia people. They’re still talking about moral obligations at a time like this. However, it’s also good that they are stalling for time for us. It can be considered as making use of wastes.”

As Tortoise Field Ishiro was talking, all of a sudden, he sensed the flash of a figure ahead of him.

It was too fast, and he could only see a blurry silhouette.

“What was that?”

Tortoise Field Ishiro had been stunned for a moment but did not think too much about it. Escape was more important.

The figure was none other than Chu Feng.

At this moment, the gray mist had almost caught up with the Hua Xia expedition team.

Liu Ming had ignored advice and was resolutely holding a highly explosive grenade.

He was getting ready to charge into the gray mist and detonate it.

Lin Xiaoling and the others felt as if their hearts were being sliced by a knife, but they were helpless.

At this moment, everyone could feel a gust of wind blowing.

In an instant, a figure had rushed in front of soldier Liu Ming.

With lightning speed, he snatched the highly explosive grenade, which already had its safety pin pulled off, from Liu Ming’s hands, and immediately hurled it far away.


The grenade exploded.

“You… What are you doing?! This is one of the few grenades we have!”

Liu Ming was furious.

His sanity was close to foggy and he did not have the strength to return to the team to get another grenade.

In other words, his sacrifice would be in vain.

He was reluctant!

“Cut the crap, I’ll save you!

“With me around, there’s no need for you guys to be human bombs.”

Before Liu Ming could reply, Chu Feng extended his hand directly and placed it on Liu Ming’s forehead.

The Destruction Bloodline surged.

A surging devouring energy emerged from Chu Feng’s palm.

If Chu Feng was willing, he could suck Liu Ming dry in an instant.

But this time, he was saving someone.

He could only painstakingly absorb the gray mist, which had already seeped into Liu Ming’s mind, little by little into his body.

The gray mist that had entered Chu Feng’s body was unable to even cause a ripple.

It was instantly transformed by the Destruction Bloodline into the smallest energy units.

Soon, Liu Ming’s sanity began to slowly recover.

Behind him, the Hua Xia crowd not far away was shocked by what they had seen.

“Oh my god! Liu Ming seems to have recovered!”

“This is too unbelievable!”

“Who is this figure? He looks like a human!”

The scene had really exceeded the cognitive limits of ordinary earthlings.

“Hmm… This back view looks so familiar.”

Lin Xiaoling rubbed her eyes.

She could feel a sense of familiarity from that back view.

But before she could think further, the gray mist suddenly churned violently.

It was as if it had become angry.

Unlimited amount of mist came rushing toward Chu Feng.

Clearly, it blamed Chu Feng for meddling.

Lin Xiaoling was shocked.

“Whoever you are… Run! The gray mist is terrifying!”

However, that person seemed to have not heard her.

In the gray mist, a cold smile slowly appeared across Chu Feng’s face.

Facing the surging gray mist, not only did he not dodge, he even extended both his arms.

He had activated the Destruction Bloodline to its maximum.

A force of attraction like that of a black hole suddenly erupted.

The gray mist seemed to have sensed danger and it wanted to flee.

However, it realized that it could not escape!

No matter how much mist there was, Chu Feng did not refuse any.

He absorbed them all!

“Since you’re already here, why are you in such a hurry to leave?”

Chu Feng smiled lightly.

It so happened that he was short of energy to temper his body.

This scene made everyone in the Hua Xia expedition team behind him speechless.

Lin Xiaoling covered her small mouth tightly.

She stared at Chu Feng’s back in disbelief.

The gray mist that had forced them into a dead end could not even escape from this person!

Furthermore, that person’s voice was somewhat familiar…

Unconsciously, a figure had appeared in Lin Xiaoling’s mind.

Could it be him?!

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