Getting a Sugar Mommy in Cultivation World!!

Chapter 53: Killing The Viper! Unexpected Visitors!

Chapter 53: Killing The Viper! Unexpected Visitors!

As he walked deeper inside the cave Noah noticed that it was quite spacious and high, It was an understatement to call it a cave. There was ice covering all over the surface of the walls and the ceiling. A chilling breeze blew across the cave as Noah scanned the entire area with his eyes.

While scanning thro the area his eyes stumbled on something massive!!

He caught the sight of a huge viper in the middle of the cave coiling around something as if protecting it.

The sheer size of the viper was so large that it could fully cover the entire area of the place they used to live in the Long Family just by its length.

Noah could clearly see its scale shining in the dimly lit cave, they were like mirrors with some foggy impurities inside of them. Xin Yan walked to one side so Noah could fight without holding back.

Since Noah wanted to test his strength, there was no point in sneak attacking the beast. He was already adept in controlling Qi because of his mastery over magical energy from his previous life.

His strong soul also helped him a lot!

To wake the beast Noah just flared his qi and made his presence known to it. Just as he expected the beast snapped its eyes open and turned to look in Noah's direction.


Noah looked at the viper in his crystal reptile-like eyes. A pair of green and blackish eyes without much impurities were looking at him with hostility and Anger.

Without thinking of anything the beast charged straight ahead as it moved using its snake-like moments. Noah smirked seeing his reckless charge.

'A beast is still a beast at the end, especially these low level ones.'

Noah knew the beasts that are below Rank 3 are incapable of having thoughts and intelligence. Only after they reach cultivation equivalent to the core formation realm will they be able to have a clear sense of rationality and thinking..

In this realm they will gain the ability of having thoughts at a small level, only after they go through the tribulation to advance to Rank 4 do they have a Human like thinking and mind. Unlike humans who have to go through tribulation in every major realm after the Qi condensation realm, A beast starts going through tribulation after Rank 3.

Noah did not delay any longer and charged at the Freezing Fang Viper. The viper only hissed even louder in anger seeing his prey coming straight at him.


After coming closer to the beast Noah used the recent sword technique he learned. This sword technique is called the Dawn Break. It used the fire elemental Qi along with the Yang qi which fuels the fire making it more effective against the enemies.

These types of Cultivation techniques are usually ranked based on their grade. The grades determine the strength of the technique, They are divided in yellow, earth, heaven , Immortal grade.

They are further divided into initial, middle, late and peak stages.

Dawn Break Is a heaven grade technique he got from Elysia. This was a technique created by a lone cultivator who was very talented but died at the hands of his enemy who colluded with his disciple.

At the initial stage of the technique Noah could wrap his word in fire Qi, after reaching some mastery with the technique he could fuse fire with Yang qi. But now, Noah had long mastered this technique and he realized why it was called the Dawn Break.

When Noah swung his sword, a crescent arc launched at the viper. The Viper felt the hot aura approaching him and used its tail to block the attack. When the attack collided with the viper, it exploded.

After the explosion died down, Noah saw the beast blocking his head with the tail which only had scratch marks on it and some of the scales were a little damaged.

"Wow, Those scales are quite strong." Noah did not hide his amazement and exclaimed out loud. The viper did not wait to hear any praise and swiped his tail at him.

Noah flipped, dodging the tail by hair's breadth. He could feel the concerned eyes of Xin Yan on him. 'Let's not worry her any longer and end this.'

Noah created some distance and dispersed his QI and closed his eyes. The mindless beast did not stop his charges and launched at the boy. Pretty soon it was in front of him and Xin Yan clenched her fist ready to interfere at any time. The beast opened its mouth to bite Noah.

But something happened!!

Noah, who had been standing with his eyes closed, disappeared from the sight of the beast.

"Cut!" a cold voice echoed in the silent cave as Noah appeared on the beast's head and slashed his sword. Xin yan was a little surprised but she heaved a sigh of relief seeing he was safe.

The sword glowed with mysterious light and an energy different from Qi. It was..

"Sword Intent!!!"

The Sword glowed, a white light covered the sword and an illusionary sword the size similar to the width of the viper's body extended from the sword.

*woosh* *thud* *Boom*

When Noah swung his sword downwards it separated the head of the beast from its beast effortlessly. When the body of the beast hit the surface of the land, dust and crystals of frozen ice flew in the air because of the sudden impact. On the ground laid the severed head of the beast along with the rest of its body a little far away from Noah.

Looking at the severed head of the beast Noah turned his head to look in the direction the voice he just heard came from previously.

What he saw caused him to raise his eyebrows. Even though he had placed noise canceling and sensing seals on the cave, someone still entered this cave which only meant one thing.

'They were looking for this cave specifically.'

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