From Nun to Real Heiress: Expert at Turning the Tables

Chapter 180 - 180: 087 Reincarnation (one more update) 2

Chapter 180: 087 Reincarnation (one more update) 2

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“So that’s how it is.” She glanced at the hospital room environment.

“It must be very expensive here per day.” Are nuns this wealthy now?

“You don’t need to worry about the expenses. Since you’re awake, focus on your recovery, and Junior and I will wait for you to come back.”

“Senior, I… my mind is completely blank, and I can’t remember anything. Can you tell me more, please?”

“No rush, we still have plenty of time. Take it slow.”


At this moment, Ming Xin’s stomach growled, and she looked at Ming Jing somewhat awkwardly.

Ming Jing asked someone to bring food.

The hospital bed was high-tech. The caretaker pressed a button on the bed, and a table automatically rose in front of Ming Xin.

The caretaker placed the meal tray on the table. All three meals were carefully prepared by a top nutritionist here. Since Ming Xin had just woken up, her stomach couldn’t tolerate anything too stimulating, so she could only eat some liquid food for now.

There was a tender, aromatic crucian carp and vegetable porridge, a plate of refreshing appetizers, and a mousse cake.

Ming Xin unconsciously picked up the spoon with her left hand, stirred the porridge in the bowl skillfully, and then brought it to her mouth bit by bit.

Ming Jing watched this scene, squinting her eyes slightly.

After eating, Ming Xin wanted to go out for a stroll, but seeing the scorching sun outside, she decided against it.

She turned on the TV, channel-surfing.

“In the latest news update from our station, famous actress Liang Yanran was found dead in her home at midnight this morning. Her family discovered a suicide note while sorting through her belongings, and after professional appraisal, it was confirmed that it was written by Liang Yanran herself. The police have currently ruled out homicide. Liang Yanran made her debut 12 years ago and has starred in many film and television projects. Now let us look back on….”

As the anchor calmly reported, a 60-inch TV screen displayed a picture of a woman. The woman in the picture had phoenix eyes and a pointed chin. Her innate beauty and air of superiority made her look like a queen overlooking the world.

Ming Xin stared blankly until a man’s figure appeared on the screen.

“Two years ago, at the height of Liang Yanran’s career, it was revealed that she was in a relationship with the widely acclaimed acting legend Xue An. The couple admitted their relationship and gave mutual understanding and support in their professional lives. Upon hearing of Liang Yanran’s suicide, Xue An, who was filming in Hong Kong City, immediately dropped everything and rushed back, but the once-envied golden couple are now separated by heaven and earth. In the face of reporters’ interviews, Xue An couldn’t help but shed tears at the scene…”

In the picture, Xue An told the camera how deep his love for Liang Yanran was and how guilty he felt for her suicide.

No wonder he was a universally acclaimed acting legend in the entertainment circle; such flawless acting was breathtaking.

The remorseful cries were heart-wrenching and tear-jerking to those who heard them.

An affectionate man always gains the sympathy and pity of the public.

Ming Xin’s hand, gripping the remote control, gradually tightened, with her slender wrist’s tendons bulging, shocking to the eye.

“Senior.” The gentle voice of a young girl came from beside her ear.

Ming Xin suddenly came back to her senses, and the hint of darkness in her eyes instantly dissipated, leaving them as innocent and clear as water.

She smiled: “What’s wrong?”

Ming Jing glanced at the TV: “You seem to be very interested in this news?”

“I just feel it’s a pity, a young and beautiful life just left like that.” Ming Xin sighed, looking somewhat disheartened.

“Senior is kind-hearted. In our Buddha’s teachings, it is said that birth, aging, sickness, and death are the natural laws. There are no eternal, unchanging lives. If one does not achieve liberation, they can only be reincarnated forever in the cycle of samsara.”

The young girl’s pitch-black eyes stared calmly, seemingly looking through everything.

Ming Xin’s scalp tingled, and cold sweat broke out on her back.

“You’re right, but is there really reincarnation in this world?”

“The so-called ‘different people do evil, different people suffer retribution.’ One reaps what one sows, and all sentient beings are like this. The causes created in past lives bear fruits in this life. As cause and effect follow one another, so life and death are endless.”

The young girl’s ethereal voice echoed quietly in the hospital room, and her pitch-black eyes seemed like two bottomless dark pools. They revealed no emotions but saw through the world’s worries and joys.

At this moment, her soul felt as if it was stripped naked before these eyes, with nowhere to hide.

Just as she was almost unable to breathe, the young girl lowered her gaze, and that suffocating feeling disappeared.

“Senior, you should take a good rest. I’ll come to see you again tomorrow.” With those words, she left..

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