Forgotten Juliet

Chapter 200:

* * *

Moments later, Juliet found herself standing in a dark room.

Where is this?

Since it was pitch dark all around, Juliet briefly suspected that the butterflies might have sent her to a wrong place.

But it was dark because it was night. Juliet realized she was in a large room with curtains drawn.

She didn’t know where it was, but she had finally escaped the horrible underground.

‘It’s disappointingly simple…’

Thinking it strange, Juliet recalled the words the butterflies emphasized before sending her here.

-To break the curse, you must find the soft water.

-Next is the crown!

-Throw the purple crown into the lake!

-That’s how we can send the snake far away.

-But hurry! If not…!

Juliet still didn’t understand what ‘soft water’ meant.

But according to the butterflies’ repeated explanations, it seemed to refer to the Mirror Lake near the northern Duke’s castle.

And the artifact that serves as both a vessel and a shackle for the snake.

The butterflies repeatedly said that she needed to take the Dahlia, the Duke’s heirloom and a gem-embedded crown, to the lake.

In order to either free the evil spirit or banish it to another dimension, she first had to destroy the artifact, and only the ‘soft water’ could destroy the artifact.

-Got it? Remember the order well!

-The crown first, and then the lake!

Wouldn’t it be easier to understand if they just said to throw the crown into the lake from the beginning?

Juliet muttered to herself and frowned.

But why the rush?

Due to the butterflies urging her to hurry, Juliet also felt rushed.

Could it be dangerous if she doesn’t find and deal with the tiara quickly? If she doesn’t get rid of it quickly, would the snake regain its strength?

While walking with her hand on the wall, Juliet paused.

‘This place…’

As she got used to the darkness, Juliet became certain where the butterflies had sent her.

‘Isn’t this my room?’

Precisely, it was the northern castle.

The bedroom where Juliet stayed.

It seems the butterflies sent Juliet to where the gem-embedded crown was.

Though they lacked eloquence, they were efficient in getting things done. Juliet admired it inwardly as she quickly began to search for the tiara.

It had been a while and it was dark, so she fumbled around but finally found the cupboard.

Ever since Lennox told her the tiara’s name was ‘Dahlia’, it had been in Juliet’s luggage.

‘It should be around here.’

The Duke’s servants had a rule for organizing things.

If Juliet hadn’t had an accident and her luggage had arrived at the Duke’s castle safely, the meticulous maids would surely have placed the jewelry in the second compartment of the cupboard.

And Juliet’s guess was right.

It was there.

As she opened the velvet box that came to her hand, a tiara with dense purple gems revealed itself.

Even in the dark, the purple gem crown emitted a magnificent glow.

‘So now, take this to the lake.’

Just throw it in, and it’s all over.

The tiresome curse, the persistent ordeal with the snake.

In haste, Juliet gripped the crown, ready to dash towards the lake right away, but she paused.

‘It’s strange.’

Juliet finally realized what the vague discomfort she had felt earlier was.

Even if it was midnight, was the castle supposed to be this quiet?

At least she should have seen a patrolling guard, or the presence of servants, or a small light from a lamp set for the night.

But now, not only the bedroom where Juliet stood, but the whole castle was deathly quiet.

It felt as though everyone was locked out, there were no signs of people.

Where did everyone go?

‘And this smell…’

The faint smell, like tranquilizers or herbs being burned, bothered her.

Was it her imagination, or was the atmosphere a bit eerie? Why were all the curtains drawn?

It wasn’t dark without reason.

With a belated wave of anxiety, Juliet holding the box with the crown, headed towards the window.


Approaching the large window next to the bed, Juliet opened the curtain.

But just her luck, the full moon was completely hidden behind clouds so it didn’t make much difference.

Still, once the clouds moved it would be better. Satisfied to some extent, Juliet turned to inspect the room again but froze on the spot.

Even in the darkness, a glinting blade touched her neck.

“Seems like you’re desperate to die.”

The face of the man aiming a dagger was half-covered in shadows, but his red eyes and cool gaze were clearly visible.

“Or did my words not make sense?”

There wasn’t even a trace of amusement, much less laughter, in the man’s steady tone. Juliet was momentarily frightened by his cold manner.

Arguing, crying, yelling, and struggling for many years, Juliet thought they had seen each other at their worst.

But Lennox had never threatened her like this before.

She knew in her head that he hadn’t recognized her yet because she was hidden in the shadows.

But before she knew it, Juliet stumbled backward, being caught by him.

The expression and tone she had never seen before. Lennox stared at her with a cold, dry gaze.

The man’s hand approached silently and lightly gripped her throat.

“So, who’s the rat that paid you off this time?”

From the looks of it, he thought she was a petty thief or an intruder.

Juliet held her breath and just blinked.

The moonlight illuminating the bedroom was very faint, just enough to identify objects.

With a small stretch of moonlight between them, they were in a standoff.

All Juliet, hiding in the shadow of the window, could see was the edge of the man’s wrist marked with countless scars.

“I surely warned you.”

As the owner of the cold voice harshly pulled at Juliet’s neck, she was dragged helplessly under the moonlight.

“If you smuggle a girl in one more time…”

At that moment, the clouds covering the moon cleared.


And then Juliet met the fiercely shining red eyes in the darkness, face-to-face.


The man, who had been consistently ferocious, noticeably faltered.

She still didn’t know what to say, but it was only then that Juliet slowly came back to reality.

‘I must have really come back, me.’

With the recollection of past hardships, a mixture of pride and sorrow surged within her.

I’m back.

Somehow, she felt if she let her guard down, she would cry.

The last image Juliet remembered of Lennox Carlyle was of him kneeling amidst a hellish landscape, as shown by the snake.

Just recalling that scene for a moment stirred complex emotions within her.


She wanted to say something, but her voice wouldn’t come out.

Whether it was the throbbing of her own heart or his, she couldn’t tell; it echoed loudly.

Whether she was terrified from having her life threatened so suddenly, or startled by the unexpected reunion, even Juliet was a bit confused.

Somehow, seeing him from this angle after a long time brought that thought.

‘Has he become a bit haggard…?’

The disheveled black hair above his forehead, the noble bridge of his nose, and the somewhat deepened eyes. His defined jawline remained as handsome as ever, but despite the randomly thrown on gown, he seemed languid and decadent.

But anyway. Juliet’s heart was pounding, her mind was blank, and she didn’t know what to say first.

‘You didn’t kill me.’

Juliet had so much she wanted to say to him.

Now that the snake can no longer spread its wings. No, before that, she had to deal with this intruder-

As Juliet was sorting out her thoughts, she smiled broadly and said the first thing that came to mind.

“Hello, Lennox.”

‘I changed it.’

It was something she had accomplished. Locking away the snake forever, finding a way to break the curse.

Juliet wanted to brag to him a lot.

But tragically, the man with red eyes still gripped her throat, seemingly without a moment to spare to respond to her greeting.

Ten seconds, which felt like ten years, passed, and the shock in the man’s red eyes gradually subsided.

“Why are you-“


The dagger fell from his hand to the floor.

But Lennox didn’t care about that and quickly grabbed both of Juliet’s shoulders.

With a hurried movement, he sat Juliet down gently on the soft bedding.

Kneeling in front of Juliet, the man, whose eyes never left hers, looked like he had seen a ghost.

He kept his gaze fixed on Juliet, gritting his teeth, then bit his lip.

After glaring at Juliet for a while, Lennox Carlyle muttered to himself as if to reassure himself.

“…It’s just a dream again, anyway.”


Juliet didn’t understand his mumbling.

Before she could ask, the sentimental greeting of her lover, in the unexpected reunion, was this:

“Get lost.”


Unable to imagine such a cold welcome, Juliet was taken aback.

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