First Demonic Dragon

Chapter 516 Sibling Dynamics!

In the middle of the battlefield, Mira was having the time of her life, and Gabbrielle was being a responsible young sister.

The second princess was like a tornado of ice and blood as she ripped through the bodies of Greek soldiers like they were made from tissue paper.

Ever the acrobatic warrior, Mira performed a somersault into the air and hurled her icy daggers into the skulls of two warriors who'd made the mistake of coming near her.

"This is so much fun!!"

"Yes, yes, fun indeed... On an unrelated note, do you know of a synonym for the word 'supreme'?"


"...Well yes, but no."

Mira hurtled out of the air like a little comet and landed directly into a horde of enemy soldiers.

Upon making contact with the ground, she generated several pillars of ice that impaled her enemies from the rooter to the tooter.

Just like her mother had taught her! (Audrina)

"Uhh.. How about predominant?"

Gabbrielle tapped her pencil on her jaw for a moment like she was mulling over the thought.

"I think that will do just fine. Thank you, Mira."

The young ice dragon used both of her hands and tail to snap the necks of three different men at once.

"Not my name!"

"..I will not be using that pet name."

"Use it!"

"...Thank you, Num-Nums."

"Hehehe, you're welcome!"

Mira stabbed one soldier in the neck then unhinged her jaw impossibly wide so that she could bite off the top half of his skull.

She spit out the brain before it could ruin her precious tastebuds but ate most everything else.

Since she had a free moment, she looked over Gabbrielle's shoulder to check on her, and found her in the same position as before.

Only with much more company.

A group of around forty men were surrounding Gabbrielle in a tight clump.

They seemed to be frozen in place, but in reality they were moving as fast as they could, just not getting anywhere.

Gabbrielle was standing in the center of the encirclement, her nose in a notebook as she wrote down ideas for her next : 'Ballad of Exclusion & Ecstasy'.

"Hey, are you going to deal with those guys yet??" Mira called.

Gabbrielle finally looked up from her work and did a quick headcount of the men she had trapped.

"Ah... I guess it's time."

Gabbrielle made a subtle twisting motion with her hand and a silver power encircled her fingertips.

Suddenly, the greek soldiers who were standing around trapped started to age rapidly.

If they looked twenty at first, with every second they went by they started to look decades older.

Finally, a bunch of 90 year old geriatrics were standing around in greek armor; trembling with every gust of wind.

One by one, they all started to fall over dead.

When there were no more flies in her trap, Gabbrielle started walking again as she wrote in her book; waiting for more enemies to attack her so that she could do it all over again.

"That seems lazy!" Mira frowned as he hoisted an adult man above her head and literally ripped him in half. "You aren't working for your kills!"

"Sounds like someone is just jealous she can't use time magic." Gabbrielle shrugged.

"…T-Two things can be true at once!"

Gabbrielle admittedly cracked a smile at this, and Mira only seemed to get even more frustrated.

"Hmph! I'll just ask dad to teach me when he gets back!"

"Sure, sure, you can do that. Just wondering though, who do you think teaches him everything he knows about magic?"

"GAH!" Frustrated, Mira screamed out randomly and stomped her foot hard on the ground.

Cracks been to form in the sand from where her feet had struck, and they spread out until they had covered a large portion of the battlefield.

One by one, the cracks started to widen until literal trenches as wide as the Grand Canyon started to open up in the terrain.

One by one, greek soldiers started dropping like flies into the dark dangerous depths while any dragons who were unprepared merely sprouted their wings and flew up.

However, Mira was disappointed by the fact that she suddenly had a lot less lambs to abus- I mean, play with.


Gabbrielle floated up to her sister and gave her a consolatory pat on the shoulders- ignoring the extreme amount of blood on her body.

"Maybe you should work on trying to master destruction magic first before you set your sights on others."

"You're probably right..."

Gabbrielle gave her sister a final pat on the head and then the two of them went off searching for more enemies.

Among the two of them, none would be able to tell which was supposed to be the eldest.


Apophis took his time approaching Anubis.

He didn't make any big jumps, fly, or even break into a brisk jog.

Instead, he simply walked through the battlefield as though he knew that nothing could hurt him.

Any greeks that came within arms length of him simply fell over dead, with no one being able to tell exactly what had happened to them.

During his walk, Apophis never broke eye contact with the jackal-headed god for even a moment.

The two of them simply stared at each other with no small amount of curiosity and mental gymnastics.

It was clear that the first to look away would be admitting that they were unconfident in their ability going forward.

Apophis finally climbed the staircase to the temple and came to stand face to face with the death god.

"You did not run from me. Brave."

"I should like to say the same. Especially since you have seen the nice new injury your friend is sporting."

Anubis scoffed. "As always, your pension for carnage repulses me, Apep-"

"That is not my name." Apophis spat.

The young prince unfurled his curved sword and pointed it at the overly large god.

"I'm not going to waste my breath again. Return my sister to her family and you alone will keep your life."

Anubis shook his head like he had heard something silly.

"This silly farce of his has gone on too far. The Destroyer doesn't care about raising the primordial beasts, he wants the power that is inside of them!"

"Lying worm!"

Apophis reacted poorly to the words of Anubis and finally rushed him at a breakneck speed.

The serpent spit acid as if he was hoping to inflict the same or worse pain on Anubis as before, but the jackal seemed to be expecting that.

He quickly sidestepped the attack that promised certain death and lashed out with the scepter in his hand.

The two of them were equally quick, and their weapons clashed against each other at exactly the same time.

Anubis didn't seem to expect Apophis to be weak since he was comparing him to the one he knew, but he was still rather surprised by just how much power was in his body.

The two of them engaged in a heated back and forth contest that seemed to have no end in sight.

Anubis finally swept his staff under Apophis' legs to knock him off his feet, and then slammed the butt end into his midsection to slam him into the ground.

While cursing himself internally for his blunder, Apophis quickly made up for it by wrapping his tail around the jackal's leg and hurling him across the room.

However, Anubis used his hand to perform a backflip off the ground and right himself instantly.

Apophis finally got up from the ground and prepared to rush him again when something strange happened.

"You are angry."

Anubis was almost completely flabbergasted.

Sitting in between Apophis and Anubis was a creature that was around the same size as a large Rottweiler.

It was a strange thing, with the hind quarters of a hippopotamus, the forequarters of a lion, and the head of a crocodile- the three largest man eating beasts in Egypt.

The creature sat on it's hind legs staring at Apophis with great interest and no small amount of suspicion.

The serpent quickly cross referenced the images Gabbrielle had shown him with the real thing and lost his hostile demeanor entirely.

He slithered up to the strange creature with wide open eyes like a kid on Christmas.

"Woah… look at your chunky little back legs! You're even funnier looking than in the pictures!"

Ammit didn't seem to find his sense of humor funny at all.

Her body shimmered with light and suddenly she was very different from her previous self.

Instead of looking like an animal mishmash, she now appeared to be mostly crocodile.

Standing at over seven and a half feet tall, she was a woman wearing a long black dress with missing sleeves and a chain mail breastplate.

Her arms were adorned with golden bands inscribed with Egyptian symbols and paraphernalia.

She bore the head of a muddled green crocodile with huge jaws and face paint along her snout, and long black braids dangled from the back of her head.

With one finger, she pointed down and sent Apophis face first into the black stone floor.

"Am I so amusing now?" She asked in irritation.

"Urgh, no…. You really take after dad though… he doesn't know how to take a joke either…"

Ammit squatted down next to Apophis' body and grabbed him by the horn so that she could look him in the eye.

"I wish to know about this man you call… 'Dad'."

"Ammit, you cannot-" Anubis began.

With a single flick of her finger, Ammit struck the death god hard with an invisible wave of power.

He hit the staircase that led to Osiris' domain back first, and his body went limp as he lost consciousness.

"Woof…" Apophis was starting to feel like maybe he shouldn't have started off his first meeting with his sister by making fun of her legs.

'I guess the 'primordial' part of primordial beast wasn't just for the hell of it…'

Finally, Ammit turned her head back to Apophis and brought her massive jaws dangerously close to his face.

"Now…inform me properly. Who are you speaking of?"

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