Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 2935 - 2935: 11 Stars: Astronomical Parliament!

Chapter 2935 - 2935: 11 Stars: Astronomical Parliament!

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Silver Corona had evolved from Sovereign/Creation to High

Sovereign/lmmortal. It had even evolved all the way to Immortal IV. This meant that the effect of nurturing Red Thorn and Silver Corona through the mice was much stronger than using dimensional lifeforms.

Among the tooth mice Lin Yuan had brought back, there was a mouse king, who would undoubtedly accelerate the growth of Red Thorn and Silver Corona.

Silver Corona was now a genuine twelve-winged fairy. Silver Corona’s abilities and exclusive skills became extremely powerful as its bloodline improved.

Silver Corona had reached High Sovereign and obtained the Hidden Lotus Bud Realm skill, which allowed Silver Corona to freely control the size of the sea of flowers without having to reduce its size due to space restrictions.

With the main flower nurturing the bud realm, each bud realm would essentially become an independent spatial world. In this independent spatial world, the sea of flowers could grow freely. This was equivalent to folding the sea of flowers. Every bud realm could be considered as Silver Corona’s way of dividing the battlefield.

As Silver Corona’s bloodline grade continued to increase, it could still form a forbidden area in the Sky Beyond the Clouds. Once a foreign lifeform entered this forbidden area, it would be relatively more powerful.

Silver Corona could teleport these foreign lifeforms to different bud realms and make these powerful individuals lose the chance to help each other. If Silver Corona couldn’t defeat the opponent in the bud realm, it could also teleport its unit in the sea of flowers to the bud realms to assist in the fight. This not only greatly increased Silver Corona’s combat ability but also its functionality.

Silver Corona’s Immortal Breed exclusive skill, Indestructible Spots, allowed It to ensure that its spots would not be damaged in battles. Although it required a large number of spots to fight, it could not produce spots on its own.

Even if some of Silver Corona’s abilities and exclusive skills could greatly increase spots in battle, this was also because Silver Corona had previously accumulated the spots through the jade-textured coral jades. Silver Corona itself did not possess such an ability. Now that it possessed Indestructible Spots, Silver Corona no longer had to worry about the consumption of spots in battle.

Silver Corona had accumulated an abundance of spots and was in a state of excess. It would continue to accumulate spots in the future. Then, it could deposit those surplus spots into the bud realm. Whether the attack came from inside or outside the bud realm, the spots entering could increase the stability of the bud realm and even repair it.

Silver Corona had yet to reach World Emperor/Divine Kingdom. Once it did, it would be able to truly demonstrate its capabilities.

Previously, Lin Yuan had thought that nurturing Silver Corona and Red Thorn was an extremely difficult task, but he no longer thought so. Given the speed at which Red Thorn and Silver Corona’s strength were enhancing, adding a certain amount of mice kings would further accelerate their evolution.

Lin Yuan only needed to pay attention to these mice and not let their reproduction speed exceed the limits of Red Thorn and Silver Corona’s devouring abilities.

While Lin Yuan observed Silver Corona, Wen Yu and Liu Jie also watched it. Wen Yu did not have fairy-type feys, so she was not sensitive to Silver Corona’s bloodline. Since every one of Lin Yuan’s feys was evolving optimally, Wen Yu didn’t find Silver Corona’s six wings particularly remarkable.

Unlike Wen Yu, Liu Jie was very concerned about Silver Corona’s bloodline. Liu Jie’s Insect Queen had already reached World Emperor/Divine Kingdom, and its current bloodline was only at the level of 12 -wings, which was equivalent to Silver Corona’s bloodline. While its bloodline was slightly more advanced than Silver Corona’s, it was still far from 14-wings.

Even Liu Jie, who had stepped into the Divine Kingdom level, could not guarantee that Elegance would have a chance to evolve its bloodline.

Silver Corona was currently at the Immortal level. One step further and it would become Eternal/Spirit Fire. When it reached the Divine Kingdom level, Silver Corona might be able to raise its bloodline to 14-wings if opportunity arose. In terms of bloodline potential, Silver Corona far surpassed Elegance.

However, the strength of a fey, even if it was a fairy fey, could not be judged solely by its bloodline. Very few feys could compare to Elegance’s abilities, especially when it could control insect-species carcinoma feys and transform them into fairies. Because Liu Jie knew his value, he never indulged in self-pity like he did when Elegance was still Myth Breed.

At present, Liu Jie had become more confident. “Lin Yuan, I’ll spread the news of the competition now. As the leader of the white-clothed followers, I’m also a part of Sky City’s Combat Sequence. I want to participate in the competition too!”

Neither Wen Yu nor Lin Yuan was surprised by Liu Jie’s request. Liu Jie was a very strong-willed person. When faced with doubt, he wanted to prove himself. There was no doubt about this.

From a leader’s point of view, Liu Jie indeed needed to do this. Liu Jie had no chance to show off his strength in Sky City, especially after growing up. This made it inevitable for the white-clothed followers to doubt Liu Jie after their strength increased to the World Emperor/Divine Kingdom.

In the face of such doubts, Liu Jie could only use his strength to prove himself. As long as he could prove himself, he would immediately win the respect of the white-clothed followers and Reserve Sequence members.

Wen Yu told Lin Yuan everything she needed to say and was about to leave when Lin Yuan stopped her, “Wen Yu, don’t be in a hurry to leave. I have something to tell you.”

Wen Yu hurriedly stopped in her tracks and wondered why Lin Yuan was looking for her. She would try to speculate Lin Yuan’s thoughts not because she wanted to think about how to respond to him but because, instead of simply being Sky City’s manager, it was more accurate to describe her as Lin Yuan’s subordinate.

Wen Yu had long developed a habit of thinking, especially about Lin Yuan’s words. Only then would Wen Yu be able to understand Lin Yuan’s thoughts and reach a tacit understanding with him.

However, after thinking for a long time, Wen Yu could not figure out why Lin Yuan had stopped her. At that moment, Wen Yu heard Lin Yuan say, “Wen Yu, I remember that your Astronomical Parliament had evolved to 10 Stars when you left the main world. It should be almost at 11 Stars now, right?”

Wen Yu hurriedly said, “Young Master, my sacred source lifeform, the Astronomical Parliament, has indeed evolved to 11 Stars and obtained a new function. But I’m still far from activating the Astronomical Parliament.

“Even though my Astronomical Parliament has reached 11 Stars, I still can’t contact the celestial bodies in the Sky Beyond the Clouds. I keep feeling that there’s a barrier between us. I fear that even if my Astronomical Parliament reaches 12 Stars, I still won’t be able to convene meetings among the constellations. ”

Wen Yu did not hide her current situation and thoughts from Lin Yuan. She had always been very anxious about this matter. Wen Yu’s value in Sky City was mainly demonstrated through the Astronomical Parliament. Now that there was no Astronomical Parliament, she could only be an ordinary internal affairs member.

Wen Yu and Su Yiren each had their own strengths in internal affairs. In fact, they were both talents of the same level. However, Su Yiren’s Absolute Love Poppy was useful in managing the faith country. While Su Yiren’s poppy fruits had suffered many casualties in the main world, she replenished them after coming to the Sky Beyond the Clouds. They had all reached the World Emperor/Divine kingdom. These 14 poppy fruits could help Su Yiren harvest faith in the faith country.

If it were not because Su Yiren had no intention to seize the faith power, the residents of the faith country who had been in contact with the 14 Poppy Fruits and were drawn to the Absolute Love Poppy’s function would undoubtedly provide faith power to Su Yiren.

In this aspect, Wen Yu, who could not activate the Astronomical Parliament, was weaker than Su Yiren. However, no one in Sky City would look down on Wen Yu because of this. Many of Sky City’s core members had been

Astronomical Parliament members. They knew very well that although Lin Yuan had the final say in the Astronomical Parliament, Wen Yu was the actual controller.

However, Wen Yu’s demands of herself were all self-imposed. It was precisely because she had always had such high expectations of herself that she was continuously driven to improve.

Lin Yuan replied, “Wen Yu, in the process of nurturing feys, I nurtured a fey that can help you strengthen your connection with the constellations. If you feel that your connection with the constellations is only a step away now, you might have a chance to reopen the Astronomical Parliament in the Sky Beyond the Clouds!”

Lin Yuan’s words took aback Wen Yu. Lin Yuan typically conducted himself with composure, and it was rare for him to be so certain about something. If Lin Yuan could say that, he could basically guarantee that the Astronomical

Parliament would be reconvened.

There were two reasons why Lin Yuan was so certain. Firstly, 12 Stars was not the peak of sacred source lifeforms. His master, the Moon Empress’ sacred source lifeform, Forage Moon, had already broken through the 12 Stars limit.

When a sacred source lifeform broke through to the 12 Stars, it would form its own sacred rune. With each breakthrough, another sacred rune would appear. Although there would be no additional functions, the more sacred runes there were, the stronger the functions obtained would be.

Furthermore, the Star Vastness Peony’s amplification on the Astronomical Parliament would increase as its strength continued to improve, and there was still a lot of room for improvement. With possible improvements in both aspects, Lin Yuan was very confident in reopening the Astronomical Parliament.

Just as Wen Yu was pleasantly surprised, Lin Yuan said, “Wen Yu, why don’t you summon the sacred source lifeform Astronomical Parliament for me to take a look? We can give it a try now. I can also take a look at the Astronomical Parliament’s new function after its evolution!”

When she heard Lin Yuan’s words, Wen Yu closed her eyes, and a surge of spiritual energy surged out of her body. It carried a mysterious feeling as if it could connect to the stars in the sky.

The huge cat’s eye on Wen Yu’s forehead was like an intelligent eye that contained the wisdom of the galaxy. Dazzling starlight flickered in the cat’s eyes. Lin Yuan could clearly sense that Wen Yu’s spiritual energy was condensing into the cat’s eyes and trying to connect with the stars.

Lin Yuan used Morbius’ True Data to investigate the Astronomical Parliament.

[Sacred Source Name]: Astronomical Parliament

[Sacred Source Species]: Source genus/Sacred Source species

[Sacred Source Star Grade]: 11 Stars

[Sacred Source Type]: Mystic Realm


[Star Spirit Seat]: When the astronomical parliamentary meeting is taking place, the members seated on the 12 zodiac constellation seats can exchange resources with the members seated on the north-south constellation seat with the willpowers and laws

[Constellation Charge]: During the session of the parliament, the power of the stars can be utilized to replenish the energy of the convener, prolonging the duration of the session and maintaining stability during its proceedings.

[Constellation Passage]: Expends a huge amount of star energy to open up a passage that connects to the Astronomical Parliament members. Astronomical Parliament members can teleport through this passage under the consumption of their willpower and laws.

[Star Spirit Blessing]: The constellation related to one’s position will bestow blessings upon the parliament members. It will use the power of the stars to provide them with certain opportunities to aid in their growth.

As 11 Stars sacred source lifeform, the Astronomical Parliament possessed four abilities. Wen Yu had always been very satisfied with the abilities of her Astronomical Parliament. In her opinion, each of its abilities was extremely powerful.

Unfortunately, the Astronomical Parliament could not be convened and Wen Yu’s sacred source lifeform was simply ineffective without the parliamentary meeting.

Upon seeing Wen Yu’s Astronomical Parliament’s abilities, Lin Yuan nodded. Every ability of the sacred source lifeform had increased the Astronomical Parliament’s strategic significance.

Among these newly acquired abilities, Constellation Charge could prolong the Astronomical Parliament’s time, which was extremely necessary. Several times before, after the Astronomical Parliament meeting ended, Wen Yu would be extremely exhausted and fall into coma for two to three days. Constellation Charge could effectively prevent such a situation.

Lin Yuan valued the Constellation Passage more than the Star Spirit Blessing.

Constellation Passage could directly open a passage connected to the Astronomical Parliament members regardless of the cost. This passage was equivalent to a teleportation door. It would allow Lin Yuan to use the

Astronomical Parliament members as a springboard to develop in other areas.

When the Astronomical Parliament members encountered an unsolvable danger, they could also use the Constellation Passage to teleport Lin Yuan or others over.

Wen Yu was waiting with a serious expression. Lin Yuan was going to support her in her attempt to reconvene the Astronomical Parliament.

At present, Lin Yuan also summoned the Star Vastness Peony. No one knew that this attempt would cause a huge storm in the four universes of the Sky Beyond the Clouds..

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