Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let’s Farm

Chapter 135 - 135 Little Angel Dami

Chapter 135: Chapter 135 Little Angel Dami

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What a pity you don’t live in my house?

Upon hearing Qiao Dami’s words, Qiao Xiaomai pinched his little cheek with an expressionless face, saying: “Just focus on eating your sunflower seeds.”

“Oh!” replied Qiao Dami, resuming his eating, but that didn’t stop him from talking. “Sis, now we have so many fields, let’s grow some sunflower seeds too!”

Before Qiao Xiaomai could answer, he turned his little face to look at the broad back of Tong Sanlang. “Brother Tong, you probably don’t know yet? My sister sold the recipe for tofu and bean curd and traded it for lots of farmland. From now on, we can have white flour every day!”

Eating white bread and noodles and cakes every day, how lovely!

Upon hearing his words, without looking back, and with no surprise crossing his handsome face, Tong Sanlang simply replied with a “That’s nice.”

“Isn’t it? Now, we have lots of land at home. Sis, let’s grow some sunflower seeds. They’re salty, but can you make them sweet?” Qiao Dami, being young, didn’t speak with a clear train of thought. He babbled on and quickly turned the conversation to goat milk.

“Sis, the milk buns were really delicious this morning, can you make them again?”

Qiao Xiaomai twitched the corner of her mouth and forced out a less than brilliant smile. After being here for so long and having the former owner’s memories of more than ten years, she hadn’t realized that the little fellow in front of her was a chatterbox.

“Sunflower seeds can be sweetened. We can check if there are seeds for sale in town later.” Sunflower seeds had just been introduced to Daqi in recent years; she was unsure if they were available in Bailu town.

She hadn’t decided what to plant on those three terraces yet. If she could plant a large field of sunflowers, that would be nice.

“What about the milk buns?” Qiao Dami asked, lifting his small face.

“We can’t buy goat milk.” There certainly wouldn’t be a place selling only cow milk or goat milk in town. If you wanted to drink it, you had to raise cows or goats yourself.

“If Dami wants to drink it, you can take some from my house.” Tong Sanlang spoke up.

“No need.” Qiao Xiaomai quickly refused.

“It’s not for free, you can exchange something for it, like bean sprouts or something.”

“Alright, alright!” Qiao Dami agreed first before Qiao Xiaomai could reply; he enjoyed visiting the Tong family and wanted them to try his family’s food. “Brother Tong, your idea is great!”

Tong Sanlang chuckled but remained silent.

Qiao Xiaomai”…”

She covertly rolled her eyes, “1 might as well get a sheep.”

“I know where to buy cows and sheep. Miss Qiao, if you’re interested 1 can take you there.” Tong Sanlang replied casually, hearing her speak this way.

“Just tell me the place and next time I’ll go with my father. Today we’ll only buy pork tripe.”

“That works.” Tong Sanlang shared the location.

Qiao Xiaomai made a note of it and earnestly expressed her gratitude.

“Wow, sis, are we going to buy cows and sheep for our house?” Qiao Dami asked, his large eyes gleaming.

“Of course.” Xiaomai nodded.

Now, her family was the wealthiest in Anping Village. As a small landlord who owned over three hundred acres of farmland, she definitely needed more than the current donkey to match her landowner status.

Besides, when the wheat is ready for harvest, there would definitely be a need for a bull.

Qiao Dami was eager to imagine good days ahead with a house that was stocked with cows, donkeys, and fields. The smile on his little face grew wider.

“By the way, sis, can we buy some grass paper when we go to town later?” He suddenly remembered. This morning while he was using the toilet, he found that there were only a few pieces of grass paper left, which was unacceptable.

After using grass paper, no one would want to use a toiletry stick again..

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