Eternal Thief

Chapter 1016 Unstoppable Pair

Ace's eyes flashed when he heard about Zack's aspiration, "If he wanted to ascend, then this means he needed an ascension altar, right? If I'm not wrong, the imperial family should've used the Ascension Temple to ascend or at least something related to it. So, this could only mean that Principal Zack knew about the location of this temple or at least some clues about it. Did you try probing it?"

Eva nodded before gloomily saying, "I indeed did since I also thought the same. But he didn't tell me anything about it. All he told me was that he needed the imperial family when the time came. But he also said that in the future, if I ever reached this point, he'll make arrangements for me, and also, he'll bring me along to see him ascend since it is beneficial for my future cultivation path."

"This…" Ace mused before his eyes brightened, "Didn't this mean that all we need to do is to make Principal Zack take that step, and then you can follow him, and then you might be able to get the location of the ascension temple?"

"It should be the case." Eva nodded as she knew what Ace was thinking, "But it won't be easy, especially now that he wanted to train me until I obtain the power to protect myself. Evie's persona is only at the peak of the soul realm, and he won't be satisfied until I reach at least the early stage of the law comprehension realm.

"If I show too fast of progress, then he might get suspicious of me, so this approach might take us a few decades, even centuries if we don't want to draw everyone's attention."

Ace frowned as he knew Eva was stating the facts. Even though they were in a very optimal situation, this was also their shackle. He didn't have time if Ace really wanted to go with this plan.

Eva suddenly said, "That's why I have another plan that won't require us to waste so much time, or you don't have to take a huge risk."

"Oh, do tell?" Ace was astounded.

Eva suddenly pulled a mysterious smile as she said, "Didn't I tell you after that marriage incident? Although the emperor seemed to have given up, it wasn't the case at all. The very next day, the idiot prince suddenly comes here in the sham of completing his studies, but everyone knows that he's here to win Evie's heart, and since he's been discreet about it, Principal Zack can't do anything.

"Furthermore, you might not know this, but the second prince also has the spot of the Vice Principal Jenna. Jenna has a very special identity that only the ten imperial teachers know about. She's actually the wife of the Mortal Emperor, the Mortal Empress, which also made her the imperial children's mother!"

Ace was surprised by this revelation since he didn't expect the empire's Empress to serve as the school's Vice Principal. This was really a huge matter.

Ace suddenly thought of something as he asked, "Could she be here to keep an eye on Zack and diminish his authority over the school?"

Eva smiled coldly, "Indeed, as I've told you, Principal Zack is the strongest person in the entire Sky Heart Mortal Empire, and he's not someone the Imperial Family could control. He could even start a coup and change the entire imperial bloodline, so how could they allow him to raise his authority and influence?

"That's why the empress was instated as a vice principal to stop this sort of matter from occurring. But Principal Zack didn't have such ambition; in his eyes, they were just clowns performing a show.

"But he also warned that I should stay clear of Jenna as she's very scheming and actually the true political mind of the imperial palace. Since Evie has extreme talent, Jenna naturally won't allow her to turn into second Zack, and since she's also a woman, it's given them even more confidence to deal with her.

"Simply put, as long as the prince can capture Evie's heart, what can he do even if Principal Zack won't agree? His lifespan is coming to an end, and even if he doesn't ascend, he won't be here for too long. So, it was a perfect strategy, and they had ample time on their side.

"If Principal Zack hadn't taken me as his disciple and silently left, then it was all well and good, but now that I'm his successor and also someone with peerless talent, they won't sit still.

"But what I didn't understand is the Crown Prince swaggering his way here with his fiancé and he wasn't just sitting idly as well, I have already received many gifts from him." Eva sneered in disdain as she wasn't a fool.

A cold glint flashed past his eyes as he had already expected this much, those guys were fighting over Riana's favor all these years especially the second prince despite knowing her marriage arrangement with his brother.

Although the second prince was very careful, the Crown prince wasn't a fool, so he sent Abner to keep an eye on Riana. But he also turned out to be a second prince spy.

Now the crown prince also gets the chance to get back at him, how could he miss it?

Furthermore, Evie's talent was even more astounding than Riana's; she had already achieved something impossible that even their founding emperor couldn't, so she was even more important.

"What is your plan?" Ace asked again, as he had already guessed in his heart.

Eva smiled evilly, "I was supposed to stay on the tenth floor of the tower where Principal Zack lived, but Jenna still somehow managed to convince him to keep me here until I reached the peak of soul manifestation.

"And now that those two idiots are pasturing me endlessly so, all I can do is remain in seclusion. But what if, I've played those two fools into revealing the information of the ascension temple?

"In five weeks, the imperial family's secret realm, the Sky Abyss, will be opened, and all the children of the imperial family and the most talented talents of the empire could enter; I'm also invited, and even Principal Zack has told me that the secret realm is filled with opportunities so he told me to go.

"Furthermore, the soul art I've told you about also originated from the Sky Abyss Secret Realm. Principal Zack acquired it when he entered the Sky Abyss in the past, which is the cause of his rise.

"Only those below the age of 150 can enter the Sky Abyss, which means there would be no one to protect those brats. We can get all the information we want!" Eva stated confidently.

Ace's eyes also brightened as he knew this was a very good plan, and since everyone would be isolated from the outside, no one would know what was happening.

Just Eva was enough to handle everyone, and if he was also added to the mix, then they were unstoppable. Even in the entire Sky Heart Plains, no one can match them.

Ace's lips curled up thievishly, "You're indeed my precious wife."

Eva smiled smugly, "Hmph, as long as you understand!"

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