Epic of Caterpillar

Chapter 2195 Satan Steps In!




As Insecta kept expanding her entire hive body everywhere, composed of countless monsters fused together into a giant, sentient swarm, the true body of Stan started breaching through the Demonic Gates he had opened himself. It seemed that somehow, my ability to wipe out over half his army with ease were not being ignored, and he seemed genuinely and royally pissed.


With a furious roar, the voice of Satan reverberated across the entire battlefield within the depths of Hell's Greed Layer. Satan's Layer was right above the Greed Layer, so it was very easy for him to breach through the Dimensional Boundaries and dig his way down here.

The cracks he makes into the Dimensional Boundaries end up becoming the Demonic Gates, gates between dimensions that connect to different types of Hell. The Demonic Towers are Demonic Gates in a way, being able to connect to all Layers of Hell and summon Demons from them.

His giant, red-skinned hands, each one of over a hundred meters big, pierced through two different Demonic Gates, beginning to slowly tear apart the wounds on the Dimensional Boundaries even further, attempting to merge the Demonic Gates into a much larger crack in space.

"That bastard of Satan! Is he planning on coming here?!" Mammon panicked. He was by my side, now transformed into his giant axe form.

There were two Mammons here, one of them was the Ego I had created using his Vessel, and the other was his true body, which was behind the entire part, using his powers to stop the Wrath Barbarians from stepping any further.

Despite being so cute and small, he was a force to be reckoned with, using his almighty powers as the Ruler of the Layer, he easily crushed the Barbarians with his bare hands, his Demonic Aura surging like a sea of liquid gold metal, splattering the ants below him like insects.

However, his range wasn't that huge, and he was using half his powers to protect the rest of the Layer, which was big as several Genesis together. Therefore, this whole battlefield was in fact a bubble where he was containing the invasion from expanding any further.

"I won't tolerate your insolence anymore, KIREINA! I've had enough of you! You dared destroy my army before, and you even insulted my warriors, massacred them, and turned them into your undead slaves! And now, you dare do the same in a war that doesn't even has anything to do with you?!" Satan kept raging. "I will come with my true body here; I don't care anymore! I will show you…! I WILL SHOW YOU WHO YOU'VE BEEN MESSING WITH THIS ENTIRE TIME!"

Crack, crack…. CRACK!

The gates kept opening further and further, fusing by the dozen until a gigantic red gate was left behind, his entire body finally could fit through, at least over a kilometer big, he was a magnificently enormous titan.

His body was covered on bulky and enormous muscles, bright red skin, all matter of scars and tattoos spread through each inch of his body, with six- no, five arms, as I had cut and eaten one before. His head was divided into three faces, and each of his hands was holding a gigantic demonic weapon of the highest quality, refined out of the Bones of the strongest Demonic Beasts within his Realm.

"I've come, Mammon!" He laughed, stepping forward and setting everything ablaze. The flames of Wrath spread further, easily burning through every one of Mammon's demonic beasts and burning them into ashes. "You're nothing but a weakling, but you dared go against me! Now, you'll die and I'll take away everything you have! GAHAHAHAHA!"

"You damned barbarian, you're just the same as your stupid subjects, aren't you?!" Mammon roared furiously; a sea of gold came from behind him. The enormous oceans of molten demonic gold where the souls of the damned were tortured surged from behind. "Do you think I'll let you rampage through my Domain, you fool?! Drown in the Demonic Gold!"


The Demonic Gold Sea clashed against Satan's entire body, as it quickly began to stop his Wrathful Flames from spreading any further. However, Satan smiled, as he used all his weapons at once to break through the gold with ease, and then unleash a barrage of long-ranged weapon attacks, waves after waves of demonic flame slashes impact Mammon's barrier.


"HAHAHAH! Your attack was useless, Mammon! You are too weak, as always, too pathetic!" Laughed Satan. "While you spent your time accumulating wealth and finding amusements to pass the time, there was not a single day I didn't train and continued cultivating my Demonic Power! Although we are both Archdemons, I have already reached a Realm above yours!"

"What?! Don't speak with such nonsense, bastard! I am the Ruler of this Realm, and I command the Pillars of Laws themselves!" Mammon roared, his Aura fluctuating and fusing with the Layer of Greed. 

Gigantic golden portals opened around Satan, as more of his demonic gold came. Apparently, the very riches and wealth he accumulated were also his power. Using all of this gold to fight back, he constantly spent his endless wealth, the power that an Archdemon of Greed possessed. The reason why he kept accumulating wealth was because that was what made him stronger, instead of Satan, where he had to fight to get stronger.

"Drown on my endless wealth, the root of my strength!" Mammon laughed, the golden portals kept pouring gold over Satan, constantly trying to stop his movements. 

"T-This is nothing…! Even with all of this…! I am much more powerful, much stronger!" Laughed Satan, continuously fighting the gold. I noticed Mammon was already gritting his teeth, growing more tired than Satan was.

Satan's giant weapons crushed the gold that attempted to trap his body and paralyze him, burning it until only ashes were left behind.

"Hahahah! HAHAHAHA!" He kept laughing, as he continued stepping forwards, his army of Demons coming right behind him, even Giants and Beast variants of the Wrath Demons were also joining him. "This will be an historic day! The day the Layer of Greed falls and become part of the Layer of Wrath! GAHAHAH-"

"You're seriously forgetting I am here?" I sighed, as a giant sword of cosmic essence and thousands of monsters making my Swarm pierced through Satan's chest.


"W-Wha… WHAT?!"

As blood gushed out of his wound and into his mouth, his eyes filled with disbelief were directed towards me, and my new form. An insectoid and aberrant shape, no longer as beautiful and sexy as before.

My long, insectoid body wasn't small at all either, as I was easily able to match Shub-Niggurath's size, a Galaxy-Realm entity or even beyond that Realm, I can't properly recall.

Nonetheless, it resulted in that my body… was at least twice as tall as him.

"W-What is that form?!" He looked up to me in utter horror.

"You've fallen completely on the palm of my hands, foolish barbarian." I laughed, my insectoid claws rushing towards him, two of them shaped into giant, sharp scythes.

He quickly stepped back as he blocked my incoming attacks with four of his five weapons, an explosion of cosmic, demonic, chaotic, and void energies erupting.





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