Dual Cultivation God Returns

Chapter 447 Familiar Faces

Wu Long and the group arrived in the Eversnowing Valley three days after. Although they traveled a lot slower than Wu Long and his women would alone, it was still much faster than most people as they used a movement formation and a better movement technique called the Five-Colored Steps.

Wu Long always made sure to control what level of techniques he gave out to the people around, and differentiate between levels of trust and reliability.

His women of course always got the best techniques that fit their current level of comprehension and cultivation bases, with the rest receiving less valuable skills and techniques in proportion to their relation to him.

As they arrived they were greeted by the Sect Protectors of the Frozen Garden Palace, and escorted inside the sect much like last time.

However, unlike the rather quiet and secluded atmosphere the sect had before, what they saw was a sect bustling with people, wearing robes of various sects.

Much like they were invited by the Frozen Garden Palace, other Five Great Sects invited their guests as well, creating a somewhat festive atmosphere with many outsiders gathering and walking the alleyways of the sect.

But the mood was a little tense since almost everyone viewed others as competition, and since the ones who were invited to this event were the younger generation's most prominent representatives of each sect the mere presence in each other's eyes was a challenge to the others.

Wu Long ignored the gazes that instantly were attracted to him, mostly from the elders of the various sects who were accompanying and guiding their disciples here, keeping them at bay.

Their gazes then moved to join the ones from their disciples whose eyes were glued to Hua Ziyan in the Prime Disciple robes from the start.

"Is it them?"

"Yeah, that's them"

"Heh, they didn't even send a single elder with them, how arrogant and rude"

"Hahaha, what did you expect from such a vulgar sect?"

"And here we are sending out Grand Elders for this event. Do they think it is a casual gathering or something?"

"Maybe they don't have Elders anymore? Didn't you hear about the internal conflict in their sect?"

"Oh my! That must be it, haha"

"So they lost all their Sect Protectors as well? They just sent out the disciples on their own..."

"Hah! I would just withdraw from participating to avoid shaming myself in their place..."


Murmurs could be heard from all around as people were discussing the newcomers.

Though Wu Long had a dreadful reputation, it was a situation in which they felt safe discussing his sect because of the circumstances.

There was also a light disassociation between him and the Yin Yang Unity Palace, which was generally considered a small and weak sect, thus it did not seem to an outsider that he would have much attachment to it. Most thought he joined to satiate his carnal desires and did not have a sense of belonging to it otherwise.

As this was somewhat an official gathering to which only elite sects were invited, every participating sect sent out a grand procession including at least one Grand Elder, a few Inner Court Elders and a dozen of Outer Court Elders, convoyed by a small army of Sect Protectors, which was why the Frozen Garden Palace was so lively despite there only being an average of 15-17 participants in the actual event from each sect.

This tendency created a tacit agreement over the years that made it hard to participate if the sect did not have enough standing, even if it was invited. There were even sects of lower standing the Sect Master of which arrived in person to match the Grand Elders of the more powerful sects.

Participation in of itself was already a show of status but most of the people gathered here went even further, throwing dust in the eyes of others, portraying their sect as more grand and powerful. Inflating their public image was an important part of this event, after all.

And since it was hard to compete with the Five Great Sects, most set their eyes on the other invited sects to compete with.

Seeing their elders openly discussing the newcomers, though in low voices but which would not be a problem for cultivators to hear, their disciples grinned as their mouths opened to discuss them as well.

"Haha, shabby as that sect is, their women are sure top notch"

"Yeah, I wouldn't mind having one or two of them keep me company"

"Look at those curves, it is a shame to let them be wasted on those flimsy guys who would fall over from being pushed a little"

"Are you sure you want them anywhere near you? Those slu-..."

As the murmurs were getting a bit out of hand they suddenly stopped, turning into a deathly silence that was deafening in contrast to the previous noise, as a beautiful young woman with dark blue hair collected into a complicated hairstyle and turquoise eyes that looked colder than ice walked out into the main plaza.

"Prime Disciple of the Frozen Garden Palace greets the esteemed guests of the Yin Yang Unity Palace"

She cupped her hands under the astonished gazes of the surrounding people.

'Heh, she's sharp'

Wu Long's lips curled up as he looked at her, unsure of how she noticed a change in his intentions.

She prevented a few heads from saying farewells to the necks holding them by appearing and thus impeding them from speaking further, since the moment their comments could have even a slight implication toward Hua Ziyan would have been the moment their fates were sealed.

He would've of course not do it publicly here as ruining the event would have been disrespectful to the Sect Master of the Frozen Garden Palace who invited them. And the latter has done nothing to warrant such a blatant insult.

But there were many ways to make people quietly disappear, not to mention that the ones whose tongues seemed too loose were of the younger generation who would be going into the Winter Forest with him.

A moment later Grand Elder Wen who met them in the past visit also arrived, cupping her hands to the group as well which caused the spectators to almost gasp.

The Grand Elder of the hosting Frozen Garden Palace greeting a delegation was a treatment and show of respect usually only reserved for the other members of the Five Great Sects, Xue Bing coming out to greet them first was something even the other Five Great Sects did not have the honor of.

"My apologies for not greeting you earlier, I have been caught up on my way"

Wen Mei spoke visibly agitated from hurrying over.

Xue Bing's eyes that looked straight into Wu Long's were full of thoughts as he cupped his hands as well, followed by Hua Ziyan and the other disciples.

"Greetings Prime Disciple Xue, Grand Elder Wen, allow us to express gratitude for the warm welcome"

"Please follow me, the Sect Master awaits you in the Main Hall"

Grand Elder Wen smiled, dropping words that sent a wave of emotions through the crowd as even the Sect Master of the Frozen Garden Palace seemed to take notice of the group.

As they nodded and followed the two women, Wu Long's sharp senses picked up the voices of a few wiser elders who were silent earlier cautioning their disciples with the words "See that young man in front? Never cross him, the sect will not back you against him and no amount of luck will save you if you get on his bad side".

While they passed through the passageways of the sect, they experienced a familiar feeling of being watched with curious gazes, now not only by the disciples of the Frozen Garden Palace, but by people clad in different robes as well.

Arriving in the Main Hall, Wu Long noticed a few familiar faces on the sides of the room as it seemed that there was a meeting of guests who arrived a little earlier than Wu Long and his group.

"Greetings, Sect Master Qiu"

Wu Long cupped his hands and greeted the host of the event first, while Qiu Yilao he addressed raised her eyebrow.

"Greetings, friends from the Yin Yang Unity Palace..."

"Haha, please excuse our Palace Master for not appearing in person, but for the duration of this event I have received the Sect Master token so I can represent her in official capacity"

As he noticed a light surprise on Qiu Yilao's face as well as frowns of other Grand Elders, he lightly laughed with understanding, producing a palm-sized jade token with the Sect Insignia and the words Palace Master inscribed on it.

Seeing the token, the Sect Master of the Frozen Garden Palace and the Grand Elders visibly relaxed, as they were given the bare minimum respect to not be considered shamed in their own halls.

"It has been a while, Elder Jue"

He then turned to the familiar face of an elder from the Profound Music Palace standing next to a Grand Elder of his sect, who slightly awkwardly smiled back with a nod while another familiar face which was not far from him and was pale from the moment Wu Long showed up twitched from his gaze being even remotely close to him.

'Hmm, well isn't this a sight to behold... Grand Elder Fu from the mighty Cloud Piercing Sect seems afraid...'

Qiu Yilao's eyes narrowed at the sight of the usually arrogant and pompous man suddenly becoming quiet and trying to blend in with the people around.

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