Dual Cultivation God Returns

Chapter 391 Peaceful Morning

"He said what?!?!"

Lian Zhiqiu raised her voice as she stood up from her desk in her office while receiving a report from Elder Hai about Wu Long's latest plans regarding the new arrangements.


"I heard what you said, I can still hear"

As the old man was about to repeat his report or at least summarize it she waived her hand while rolling her eyes and turning to the circular window that took most of the wall behind her desk with nervous steps.

She was holding a piece of paper in her hand that was a report she was reading at the time she received Elder Hai's oral report, waving it around in frustration as she completely forgot its existence.

"I have to keep the troublemakers at bay and fawn over the Imperial Heirs, while everyone who helped me do that so far would be going away. And I can't even move because I have to operate the Grand Formation"

She muttered as her eyes revealed a dangerous glint when she half-turned to Elder Hai again.

"So he's dumping all the troublesome stuff onto me while he's going to be off living the life with women in both arms and under his ass if he wants to? Am I interpreting his words right?"

Her full of dissatisfaction voice resounded even outside the doors of the office, causing her trusted subordinates who passed by from time to time to shudder and hasten their steps to be as far away from her in this kind of mood.


"Aaah~ don't answer it, you're just going to make me even more mad"

She shook her head not giving him room to even insert a word. Elder Hai sighed with a rather tranquil face and a wry smile indicating that this was not the first time he ever experienced this kind of behavior.

"And as always, I receive a notification telling me: 'here's what's going to happen, good luck with that', with a ribbon delivered a day after everything's been put into motion at best and a year after he went away at worst"

She rolled her eyes again, folding her arms as her foot on a high heel was tapping on the floor.

"And when he meets me or talks with me it is always the polite Palace Master this, Palace Master that... Palace Master my ass!!! At this rate I'll have to change title to Palace Servant!!!"

She grumbled and then exploded into another rant in a fit of rage.

"The audacity of that damn... arrogant... bossy... insufferably handsome... devilishly confident... inexplicably but appealingly strong and... bewitchingly mysterious yet witty and charmi-..."

"... em... Palace Master... you're not listing insults..."

As she finally crumbled the report she held in her hand and raised her clenched trembling fists in seemingly rage while listing Wu Long's 'faults', Elder Hai quite dumbfoundedly interjected, earning a sharp gaze as Lian Zhiqiu froze for a moment.


The door to the office opened as Elder Hai ran out covering his head while books, calligraphy brushes, ink bottles, scrolls and other small office supplies flew out in pursuit.

"You think you're so smart?!?! Huh?! Where are you running?!"


Wu Long half-sat half-lay on the numerous pillows, his hands behind his head as he watched the naked beauty sit up in bed with a blissful smile on his face and tranquil look in his eyes.

Hua Ziyan who was cuddled in his embrace until just a few moments ago and pampered with sweet loving words and tender kisses brushed her hair as she sat half-turned to him, tilting her head so that all her long hair could be brushed on one side.

Her heart was full of warm and fuzzy feeling as a smile adorned her face, her whole figure almost glowing in the bright rays of the morning sun.

"Have you thought of something you want yet?"

Wu Long asked tentatively as he wanted to pamper her with something she really wanted as much as what she gave away, but she shook her head.

"Not yet. I will tell you when I think about it"

She chuckled as her cheeks became slightly rosy and her joyful and yet bashful smile made cute dimples that tickled Wu Long's desire a little, but he held it in as he already indulged in her embrace a little too much. She would never refuse so he had to restrain himself from even jokingly implying a continuation.

"Hmm, how is your new technique? Making good progress?"

He asked lightly and she nodded.

"I want to show you a bit later, if you have time"

"Of course, Ziyan. There is going to be a real fight soon, so increasing your strength now is equally important"

He nodded, releasing his right hand from behind his head and tracing her cheek with a tender motion.

"Is Mingyu going to breakthrough and achieve her Dao Intent?"

Hua Ziyan asked this time, and Wu Long's gaze went up to the ceiling as he showed a pondering expression.

"Hmm, not sure yet. It could be, but I have no way of knowing at this time"

"I wish we could do something to help"

Hua Ziyan sighed as she continued to brush her hair.

"Me too, but her path is not so simple, and even if we wanted to none of us can help her in it. The only thing we can do is support and trust her"

He sighed as well as it was a little frustrating for him as well, since this was one of the things he had no sway over whatsoever. Even if he could help her by letting her experience the different Intents, he considered it only a fuel for thought, and could not help her in the actual process.

"Mm, I'll do just that"

She brightly smiled at him as she finished up brushing her hair which were no longer disheveled from the extensive activity in this very bed as he turned his gaze back to her. This smile instantly made his mind clearer, soothing his frustration.

'Hmm, what a peaceful morning'

A happy thought went through his mind as he watched this beauty's smile, at the same moment as Elder Hai was evading scrolls and writing tools.

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